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Microsoft’s strategy is clear: continue betting on a figure as important as Altman.

AI and Microsoft form an indissoluble alliance

The moment Sam Altman was fired from OpenAI caught everyone by surprise. First, because it was in the middle of the weekend and, second, for the reasons why he was expelled from the company. In theory, the company’s supervisory board considered that They had been deceived by Altman. What was really surprising was that within hours Microsoft announced the signing of Sam Altman, ensuring that he was a highly valuable asset. Now, that signing is back in stand bybut Microsoft has been quite clear with the importance that Altman has for them.

A surprising new twist

At this point, the Altman question has become more of a affair that comes dangerously close to the world of gossip. However, it is still important to know where the bones of one of the most important figures in the world of Artificial Intelligence. And at first he was going to be signed by Microsoft, but there was the possibility that now will end up back in OpenAI if the board of directors resigned en bloc.

If this does not happen, both Sam Altman and the former president of OpenAI, Greg Brockman, would end up forming a team AI development special within Microsoft. Thus, they would be in a certain way the competition of the company that they themselves built and founded from scratch.

According to Business Insider, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has spoken out to make it clear that Sam Altman will always be on Microsoft’s side, regardless of where he ends up getting a job.

It’s irrelevant where Sam is, he’s working with Microsoft – Satya Nadella.

The order of events has been more or less this:

  • Sam Altman was fired from his own company for allegedly misleading investors.
  • On Monday, Microsoft announced that it was hiring Sam Altman for its company.
  • He has also hired an important former director of OpenAI so that both of them lead a new Artificial Intelligence team at Microsoft.
  • However, the soap opera continues and it is possible that the AI ​​company reinstates Sam Altman and his partner.
  • The CEO of Microsoft has no problem with this, as he ensures that wherever he is, he will continue working for Microsoft.

It is not strange to hear these words from Satya Nadella, after all, OpenAI is practically dependent on Microsoft. Their investments are massive in the AI ​​company and without it it would be impossible for them to stay afloat. It seems that Altman is the strong man who mediates between both companies and, in that sense, OpenAI would be losing a very important asset in order to keep the company afloat. We cannot forget that OpenAI is bleeding noticeably and could go bankrupt if it does not find financing.

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