Xiaomi car caught escaping from cameras at more than 200 km/h

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First images of the Xiaomi SU7, the manufacturer’s first electric car, traveling at maximum speed on the roads of China.

Rear of the Xiaomi SU7 electric car, with a sporty design and in metallic gray tones

If you think about Xiaomi, surely the first thing that comes to mind is a mobile phone, whether it is as affordable as the new Redmi Note 13R Pro that they have just presented, or one of its more premium models. However, the Beijing company has been expanding its business to other sectors for years, manufacturing everything from electric scooters to air purifiers, including feeders and smart pet fountains.

Not content with the immense variety of products they currently have, the technology company has decided to try its luck in the automotive world. Apparently, Xiaomi is putting the finishing touches on the first electric car launched by the companywhich will begin to be marketed in the Chinese market in early 2024specifically in the month of February.

Xiaomi SU7, the company’s first electric car, in full action

Its name is Xiaomi SU7, it is from sport style and its intention is to compete with Elon Musk’s famous Teslas, but at a more affordable price. We know that it will come equipped with a 220 or 275 kW electric motor, which represents a power of about 299 or 374 horsepower, reaching a speed of up to 210 km/h which will be electronically limited.

Well, you no longer need to continue fantasizing about the new Xiaomi SU7, nor try to imagine what it would look like rolling at that heart-stopping speed, because they just caught it driving at more than 200 km/h on Chinese roads. In this video from CarNews China, published on YouTube and shared by the Xiaomiadictos website, you can perfectly see him trying to escape the curious glances of the paparazzi:

With measurements of 4.96 meters long, 1.96 meters wide and 1.4 meters high, we know that there will be three models available for this car: Xiaomi SU7, Xiaomi SU7 Pro and Xiaomi SU 7 Max. The distance it can travel on a single charge has not yet been confirmed, but it is rumored that the most powerful version could enjoy a real autonomy of 700 kilometers.

Another aspect that is still up in the air, and that is undoubtedly one of the most significant, is the cost that this electric car will have. As we have said before, the Xiaomi SU7 aims to be an economical alternative to brands like Tesla, and although Xiaomi has not yet revealed the price, some leaks indicate that it could be around 40,000 euros.

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