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Windows Power Tools: 50 CoBi scripts – COMPUTER BILD

In order to make Windows more efficient, it is not necessary to intervene manually in the operating system: command line, task manager and registry editor enable far-reaching optimization and are instructive, but sometimes difficult to use. Fortunately, new “make Windows better” tools are constantly being created in the editorial department and in the home office. The article author with a fondness and euphoria for Microsoft systems has found some PC jobs for which there are no tools (or tools that are not so easy to find on the web) – and has developed corresponding applications himself in his free time, among other things. With these exclusive downloads presented below, you can manage tiresome routines more comfortably or save them altogether. The diverse helpers tune operation, safety and speed. This makes Windows and your WLAN more powerful and more convenient than they are in the factory state.

50 exclusive free scripts/tools from the editors for download

Downloads made by COMPUTER BILD

If you have copied text to the clipboard, it will be lost when you shut down. This is what happens to you when you use Windows Clipboard Backup no longer: The tool latches into the desktop and its context menu.

With two symbols or entries you save the contents of the cache. One of the links also shuts down Windows immediately. In each case, a routine restores the RAM contents at the next start-up.

Download Windows Clipboard Backup

7-Zip Encryptor with no password required

With the COMPUTER BILD 7 zip file cipher encrypt files without password prompt. The tool uses 7-Zip encryption technology in the background. If this packer is missing, an automatic system takes care of the download and installation. In the COMPUTER BILD batch tool, enter a password that you will no longer have to type in to protect your files. From now on, all you have to do is right-click on your files and select a new command in the context menu to create an encrypted copy in 7z format.

Download COMPUTER BILD 7 Zip File Encryptor

Practical tuning tools that work

Since tuning is a popular software category, we continue with six such tools: The COMPUTER BILD start-up tuner For example, it speeds up the Windows 8(.1)/10/11 startup process by ten seconds because it eliminates an autostart throttling that Microsoft creates at the factory.

Download COMPUTER BILD StartUp Tuner

Windows Cleaner frees up memory

With the COMPUTER BILD Windows Cleaner thoroughly clean up the operating system of the same name: the tuning utility usually frees up more storage space than tools à la CCleaner. Because in addition to temporary files and the contents of the recycle bin, it deletes data that other optimizers usually do not remove automatically: restore points and the hibernation file. Furthermore, the Windows Cleaner uses the CompactOS technology of Windows 10/11 to compress so-called operating system binaries.

It is not uncommon for 10 gigabytes and more memory to be retrieved in this way. After the start, you have the choice: either you carry out a 1-click optimization that cleans some important system areas, or you use the wizard mode, in which you determine in ten steps where to clean up – with even better cleaning performance.

Download COMPUTER BILD Windows Cleaner

Permanently disable WiFi throttling

With the COMPUTER BILD WiFi Booster surf faster. It increases the speed level of the WLAN chip in notebook battery mode from 2/4 to 4/4.


Download COMPUTER BILD WiFi Booster

Start once in turbo mode

At “Start Windows without autostart” the name says it all: The tool restarts Windows without autostarts. They load again on the next boot-up. Since autostart programs are usually the biggest software-based brakes, you get a noticeable speed boost with heavily loaded PCs. Technically, the script works by backing up and deleting your autostarts.

It stores the command in the registry to restore it the next time you start it up. This command is itself an autostart (a one-off, RunOnce). The tool restarts the system. The autostarts get back in place after the user logs in, but then they don’t actually run.

Download Start Windows Without Autostart

Unlock ultimate performance and more

You can also find the here COMPUTER BILD power booster (more information in the next article paragraph) and the COMPUTER BILD taskbar booster. Above all, the positive effect of the latter program is noticeable – even those who are skeptical about optimizations should notice an increase in speed.

The utility eliminates a 400-millisecond delay in showing taskbar previews that appear when you hover the mouse cursor over an open window’s program icon. The optimization affects normally open and minimized windows.

Download COMPUTER BILD Power Booster

Download COMPUTER BILD Taskbar Booster

Power booster for ultimate performance

Alternatively, you can do what the downloads do manually – but this is often cumbersome in the long run. A prime example of a relief is the power booster, which unlocks the Windows 10/11 exclusive power saving profile “Ultimate Performance”. Usually this requires the command line and cryptic code to be inserted. You can complete the procedure in no time at all using a tool. Precisely because nobody can remember the activation command, the utility helps even experienced users.

Technically, the ultimate command line power is a two-step install and enable with separate commands. The power booster doesn’t bother you with that and takes care of everything you need to do. One suggestion: Since you probably only want to install the mode once, pack the booster after use on a data partition separate from the Windows partition. Format it one day and reinstall the operating system, get the power booster back without searching for the installation code: double-click the program icon, press any key to confirm, done.

If desired, the tool – similar to some other downloads – undoes its changes. Focused on the Power Booster: It activates the “Balanced” power plan and deletes “Ultimate Performance”.

Scripts for convenience and security

You can also find office and security tools in the gallery above. For example, one to unlock the Seconds for the Windows 10/11 clock – this enriches the time display on the right in the taskbar with a permanently visible seconds display.

Download seconds for windows clock


Test battery wear and find replacement battery

A notebook battery wears out over time, even if you don’t use it at all. The Battery health check checks how fit the power storage is in your notebook model. The tool determines how much electricity it has consumed from the factory – and how large its current maximum storage capacity is. The tool compares the values ​​and gives you a percentage of battery health. If you wish, you can save the test result in a TXT file on your desktop. Here he ties Notebook Replacement Battery Finder to: It helps to find a new notebook battery on the Internet. To do this, the tool passes the name of your laptop along with the terms “buy notebook battery” to a search engine of your choice – such as Google, Bing, Yahoo or DuckDuckGo.

Download Battery Health Check

Download Notebook Replacement Battery Finder

Find BIOS update

It works in a similar way to the notebook replacement battery finder BIOS update finder: It determines the model name of your tower PC or notebook. He looks up these and corresponding keywords in a search engine that you specify.

This is how you come across download sites where you come across a newer firmware version for more speed, better power-saving modes or optimized compatibility with current hardware. You must take care of downloading and installing (“flashing”) the BIOS yourself. You should create a data backup beforehand.

Download BIOS Update Finder

Master file path handling better

You want to copy file and folder paths to the Windows clipboard without using the Shift key (also [Shift] called) to keep pressed? the download”Copy folder and file path via context menu” makes it unnecessary to press the shift key, which is sometimes perceived as annoying, and integrates the copy command “Copy as path” into the normal right-click menu – garnished with an icon. This is how you equip Windows 7/8.1/10 with a Windows 11 feature.

Download “Copy folder and file path via context menu”.

Backup: Ashampoo Backup Pro 14 – Free full version

100 free full versions to download

The technology behind it: How does it work?

Since the article author has been involved with batch programming as a hobby since 2019 and likes to code in the editorial office and in his free time, the system scripts offered for download were created. From a technical point of view, they are based on batch code (command line commands including registry interventions and status queries), PowerShell command lines in batch code, REG scripts for changing settings and … built quickly, less powerful, sometimes still helpful: LNK files. Batch-based are about the Firefox Booster and the WiFi booster – they generate pop-ups for aesthetic reasons using Windows Script Host respectively VBS files. You can find a guide for getting started with batch programming under the following link: “Creating batch files: commands for beginners and useful tips from the experts”.
A final word for those eager for knowledge and fans of transparency: At the beginning of the article it says that the on-board tools of Windows are instructive – this is the case, for example, if you follow the corresponding instructions on Esports In contrast, the Windows helpers that can be downloaded here are (more) easy to use. However, the scripts do not rule out “educational”: Interested parties can look at the source code by right-clicking on the CMD/BAT, REG and VBS files and using the context menu item “Edit” via the Windows editor and modify it individually if necessary . Perhaps some things will work a little better for you subjectively if you have adapted them to your needs. The technical mode of operation of the few LNK files cannot be viewed via the “Edit” context menu item; use the “Properties” option in the context menu instead.


Make sure you pay attention when buying: This is what the symbols on SD cards mean

Another type of lettering is speed class. There are maps here C and u as a symbol. There is a number in the letter that indicates the minimum writing speed. The same goes for the U, but here you need to multiply the number by ten:

  • C10 then stands for ten MB/s
  • u1 also stands for ten MB/s

Usually both symbols are given together, but is C obsolete and will become complete over time u superseded.

The last category of speed label is UHS or. Ultra high speed. It indicates the maximum writing speed and is given with Roman numerals and is divided up as follows:

  • UHS-I: 104MB/s
  • UHS– II: 312MB/s
  • UHS– III: 624 MB/s, which roughly matches the transfer speed of modern SSD hard drives.

Last but not least, there is the premier class EX. This achieves a transmission speed of up to one terabyte per second thanks to the support of the PCIe bus.

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Everything is new at Schufa: 250,000 people affected benefit from a new rule

At the European Court of Justice (ECJ), the responsible attorney general in two Schufa cases from Germany was very critical of the practice in mid-March: The discharge of residual debt should enable those affected to participate in economic life again – but this is thwarted by the long storage . The judgment of the ECJ judges could also turn out differently. However, they often agree with the Advocate General’s assessment.

Against this background, the Federal Court of Justice (BGH) temporarily suspended the proceedings in a model case from Schleswig-Holstein that had been heard in Karlsruhe in February.

A man who had gone through insolvency proceedings for his private assets after a failed self-employment and wanted the Schufa to delete this information about him had complained. He can therefore not take out a loan, rent a new apartment and not even open a bank account.

A whole series of similar proceedings are pending at the BGH, as the presiding judge Stephan Seiters said at the announcement. The fundamental concerns of the ECJ Advocate General had encouraged his Senate that it made more sense to first wait for the Luxembourg decision before making a judgment of one’s own.

Immediately afterwards, the Schufa drew the consequences: “We will delete all entries for a residual debt exemption that have been stored for more than six months as of the key date March 28, 2023, as well as all associated debts after six months retrospectively to this date,” means it in a message. “This deletion takes place automatically, consumers do not have to worry about it.” The technical implementation will take about four weeks.

At the hearing in February, the Schufa explained that the shortened storage period meant that “highly relevant information for a comprehensive assessment of the creditworthiness of people” was no longer available. The company has now announced that there are “no fundamental effects on the way the score is calculated and the quality of the procedure”. “Nevertheless, the individual payment default risk for the requesting company increases, since the creditworthiness of a customer cannot be fully assessed.” The “individual personal risk of renewed over-indebtedness” is also increasing.

According to the latest figures from the Federal Statistical Office, around 78,600 consumer insolvency proceedings were opened in 2021. The credit agency Crif counted more than 96,200 private insolvencies in 2022. According to Crif, it is not necessarily about very large sums: the majority of those affected have debts of just under 10,000 euros, the average amount is currently less than 18,000 euros.

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WWDC 2023: Apple announces the date of the developer conference

Now it’s official: Apple is hosting WWDC 2023 from June 5th to 9th in Cupertino/California. It is actually a developer conference during which app and software programmers can expand their knowledge in numerous sessions. However, Apple also uses the start of each WWDC to give an outlook on the next generations of operating systems.

The best iPhones


iPhone 13 Pro


iPhone 13 Pro Max


iPhone 14 Pro Max


iPhone 13 mini


iPhone 13



iPhone 12 Pro Max


iPhone 14Plus


iPhone 12 Pro


Complete list: The best iPhones

WWDC 2023: New versions of iOS, macOS, iPadOS and watchOS

It is therefore almost certain that the first betas of the operating systems for iPhone, Mac, iPad and Apple Watch will also be presented this year. To be more precise, it’s about iOS 17, macOS 14, iPadOS 17 and watchOS 10. In the coming weeks, the rumor mill should be bubbling up when it comes to possible new functions. As a rule, Apple does not reveal anything in advance, but keeps all new products until June 5, 2023.

WWDC 2023: COMPUTER BILD reports live

When the gates to WWDC 2023 open in California, COMPUTER BILD will also be there for you. Until then, we will keep you up to date on all the rumors – and on June 5, 2023 we will inform you immediately about all the new products. So: mark the date in your calendar – and don’t plan anything after 6 p.m.

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