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WhatsApp launches its own ChatGPT integrated into the app

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WhatsApp will soon have an artificial intelligence feature that will allow the messaging app to compete directly against chatGPT. As revealed wabetainfothe platform is including an option for users to access a conversational AI chatbot to, among other things, ask questions and perform other actions.

This chatbot, specifically, will be based on LlaMa 2, the AI ​​model developed by Meta that aims to address GPT-4. At the moment, it is unknown what functions or how smart it is, as currently the feature It is only available to a very small group of users. The new information from wabetainfoHowever, it shows that the feature will be rolled out to more users in the coming weeks.

In fact, the latest WhatsApp app already reveals a new chatbot access button on the platform’s home screen. This one, specifically, is located just above the icon that allows you to start a new conversation. This way, users will always have the AI-powered chatbot at hand to ask any query and will not waste time searching for the chatbot from the recent chats tab or from the new conversations section, in case they decide to delete the chat.

For the moment, we reiterate, this function is present in the Whatsapp beta version And access to the chatbot is only available to a small number of users. That is, not all those who have the beta will be able to try it.

WhatsApp has also launched voice chats

This, yes, is not the only novelty that will come to WhatsApp. The Meta-owned platform is also including other features to make it easier for users to use. One of these characteristics is the new voice chat for groups. It is, in fact, a function similar to Twitter spaces.

Users can start a sort of voice chat from the top of the screen and listen or join the conversation at any time through the controls that WhatsApp enables. They can also continue chatting with other people in different chats or access any other section of WhatsApp.

The idea of ​​voice chats, intended only for groups of between 33 and 128 participants, is to create a type of group call in which users can join or leave at any time.

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