“What’s going to happen next, Minister Dinio?”

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‘Piluchi’, the ‘good lady’ of El Intermedio analyzes on set the new government formed by, according to her, “a Borroka president and Puigdemonio.” “I’m counting the hours until they take me to the wall,” says the ultraconservative played by Cristina Gallego, who assures that the new executive is “full of communists.”

“With the new Minister of Children and Youth, the satisfyers are going to make them mandatory school supplies“, says ‘Piluchi’ in the video about these lines about Sira Rego. “You start like this and you end up exalting dictators,” continues the ‘good lady’ regarding the new Minister of Consumer Affairs, Pablo Bustinduyof which she shares the video in which she spoke about the death of Fidel Castro: “They are going to turn Spain into Cuba and what is going to be next, Dinio as minister?”, she comments alarmed.

“What confuses me is that they tell me that I live in a democracy when clearly we are in a lousy communist dictatorship“, says ‘Piluchi’, who invites Sandra Sabatés and Wyoming to the mass in their neighborhood in honor of Franco for the 20N.

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