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to help you flirt on Tinder

OpenAI ChatGPT’s conversational chat has been demonstrating its enormous potential for weeks in tasks as varied as solving equations, doing translations, creating programs (not exempt from errors, which is why its use is prohibited as Stack Overflow has prohibited its use), serving as professor or even has the potential to replace Google when it comes to solving doubts, there is one that has surprised us even more: as a seduction tool.

Although it would be nice to take out your phone in the middle of a first date to offer an interesting piece of information offered by ChatGPT, there are more propitious scenarios such as remote seduction, more specifically with your Tinder matches. And works? Who knows if in the future someone will reveal in the middle of the wedding that their most original and seductive comments were generated by artificial intelligencebut for now and according to different TikTok users, it does the trick.

Let’s go in parts. First of all is that the use of artificial intelligence in dating apps is not new. It would not be the first time that a gentleman with sufficient computer knowledge and desire to find love (or whatever) set up a deep learning algorithm that makes them sift through all the fish in the sea to find women who conform to their attractiveness parameters and speed up their work.

But this trick of using ChatGPT is much more manual and mundane, so that anyone with Tinder and who knows how to get into the OpenAI chat tool can do it. In addition, you start from a base that is not so easy, especially if you are an unattractive man (I’m not saying it, the studies say it): match with someone. Once this is completed feat mission, play another arduous task in the world of virtual flirting: breaking the ice.

ChatGPT is also used to flirt

“hello, shell.” “What is a girl like you doing in a place like this?” “Knock knock, can she?” and other hits are way below compared to what ChatGPT can do. Go in, ask the chatbot for an opening sentence considering the interests of the person you are interested in (the ones that appear on her profile), copy and paste it into your Tinder chat. Judging by what people are posting on TikTok, it seems to work..

An example: this Tinder user asks ChatGPT for a good phrase to open a conversation with a girl who practices weightlifting. The AI’s response: “Do you mind if I sit down? Because watching you do those hip movements makes my legs feel weak.” Well, let’s see, you attract attention for sure. The thing is, it works for him: he gets the girl to give him her Snapchat.

@normangains Ai just too overpowered #fyp #tinder #ai #chatgpt #wrizz ♬ Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow! -Dean Martin

But it can also be used as a knockout when the conversation starts to run out of steam. A girl puts on her profile something like “she’s probably taller than you”. So the boy starts the talk on your own asking for the height. Gets answer: 6 feet. He replies, “Can I climb you?” (note: with this question, probably the screenshot of this conversation could already end up in the account of People who don’t know how to flirt from Twitter). She replies that “Yes, probably.” All the alarms are ringing, the conversation is not going well.

So he brings out the heavy artillery: ChatGPT. She asks the chatbot for “a love poem in which climbing a tree is a metaphor for a six-foot girl.” Et voilà!. The girl loves it and replies that until then, no boy had written a poem for her. Heh.

@ekoastoic THE FUTURE OF TINDER #greenscreen #chatgpt #openai #ai #rizz ♬ original sound – Dimitri

It is clear that ChatGPT helps to be original and not run out of conversation, another issue is the ethical dilemmas of pretending that you are the one who invents these comments and how the other person would feel if they knew the truth. But hey, the reality is that lies are the order of the day in the art of seduction and that this scenario, which is not in real time, allows us to order speeches and choose words. And we put another question on the table: what would happen if the person on the other end also used ChatGPT?.

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