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three tricks to find the ideal place

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If you have problems with your home Wi-Fi and after trying different tricks to improve stability, speed or coverage in different parts of the house, you decide to buy a Wi-Fi repeater, two pieces of advice: the first is not to get too carried away and opt for this device due to its low price, since others such as a PLC, another more powerful router or a mesh network may suit us. If the Wi-Fi repeater is the most convenient option, then it is not enough to just connect it and that’s it: It is better to keep these tips in mind to maximize the usefulness of a WiFi repeater.

The idea is to place your WiFi repeater in the ideal place and configure it properly to get the most out of it, so that our wireless internet benefits and, therefore, us, since we can enjoy a more stable and faster connection. Go ahead that Not all WiFi repeaters are the sameHowever, they do have common characteristics inherent to their operation.

Where to place the Wi-Fi repeater

The theory says that we should place the Wi-Fi repeater in an intermediate place between the router and the places where we have connection problems and want to improve it and that will be the base premise. From here, it is better to take into account other factors that allow us to take advantage of the full potential of the device.

Interferences? No, thanks

Just as we should not place the router anywhere, both to maximize its coverage and to reduce interference, something similar happens with the Wi-Fi repeaters, which also suffer a drop in performance when they are close to certain devices due to their exposure to other signals.

Thus, it is recommended move the Wi-Fi repeater away from Bluetooth devicessince the 2.4 GHz frequency in conjunction with this can result in interference.

In addition, do not place it close to other devices, both because of these interferences and because they could suffer an increase in temperature as a result of heat dissipation. Finally, avoid nearby thick walls, as the signal could be weakened.

Eye on the distance repeater – router

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As we explained above, the basic thing is to place the repeater halfway between the router and the black point of the connection, but sometimes we are tempted to place it as close as possible to the area with poor coverage, thinking that this will solve it. Big mistake: the repeater needs to receive a good signal.

So spend time exploring that middle ground with a strong, stable signal. looking for that balance between strength and proximity.

Don’t settle: take tests

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You have already found an area moderately clean of interference and with a good signal that promises. Beyond something qualitative as you see quite a few lines on the Wi-Fi icon, it is worth it Stop and do some tests before making the final decision.

So, grab your computer, mobile phone or tablet and run some Wi-Fi speed tests to make sure. Our recommendation is that you do not limit yourself to just one test: take the test at different times of the day to know what speed and power will reach the device, as well as potential outages. Maybe you’ll get a surprise that makes you think twice.

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