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this ranking gives you ideas about the best cities

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The Internations website is a great platform to meet other people who live in your city when you have moved to a new place for work. It is created for those people who are called “expats” or expatriates who are migrants (although the latter term has been used with a negative connotation). Every year they make a ranking with the best cities in which to live. And also with the worst.

If you are a digital nomad, remember that many countries in Europe are opening up to receive this profile of online workers, offering them visas if they want to live there. Also in Ewspaña. Yes you work online and you have decided to move to another city, keep this ranking in mindwith the best and worst cities to live according to migrants who already know these cities well.

The best cities as a digital nomad

Now, having to make the decision to move to a place if you have total freedom can be overwhelming. The world is huge and diverse. And it turns out that in this year’s ranking we have a Spanish city as the leader. It’s Valencia. The reason for so much love for this Levantine town, according to voters, is that it is first in the Quality of Life Index. Expats describe public transportation as affordable and love the great opportunities for recreational sports.

92% of the people who have voted feel safe in Valencia (compared to 81% worldwide). Regarding the Ease of Settling In Index (3rd), expatriates feel at home (74% vs. 62% globally) and are happy with their social life (72% vs. 56% globally). The city also ranks third in the Personal Finance Index, even first in cost of living: 83% of expatriates rate it positively (compared to 45% worldwide).

The second chosen one is Dubai because of how accessible the administrative procedures are, also online. Sometimes getting to settle in a city can be difficult, but Dubai makes the process easy. In third place is Mexico City, for being a very friendly and affordable place. Most Internations users say they feel at home as soon as they arrive due to the friendliness of the people. The city also scores well on the Personal Finance Index. Specifically, in the Mexican capital, voters are the most satisfied with their financial situation (73%, compared to 60% for the rest of the world). The problem they see is that it is not as safe a city as others.

To close the Top Ten we have: Lisbon, Madrid, Bangkok, Basel, Melbourne, Abu Dhabi and Singapore. It must be said that it seems that smaller cities than Valencia do not seem to have had a place in this study since all those shown are large cities.

The worst cities to live

The worst of the 50 on the list is Johannesburg. Internations voters who live there are unhappy with the affordability (25% vs. 15% global) and availability (39% vs. 17% global) of public transportation, and also feel unsafe (62% vs. 9% global ). In the Work Abroad Index (49th), negatively value the local labor market (38% disgruntled vs. 27% global) and their personal career opportunities (29% vs. 22% global).

Spain has a new Startup Law with a visa for teleworkers and a tax reduction for entrepreneurship

It is followed by the German city of Frankfurt. In this case, communication is difficult due to language issues, access to good digital services and access to housingwhich is considered too expensive (70% dissatisfied vs. 43% overall).


What German cities at the bottom of the list is also Hamburg. Rome and Milan do not convince so-called expats either, nor do Tokyo, Vancouver or Paris.


this streamer ruined 11 years of career on Twitch by a deepfake website of other streamers

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That a content creator ends up accidentally leaking some personal detail is something that happens more than it seems. However, when it involves and hurts other people, it is something that cannot be ignored. This is what has happened to Brandon “Atrioc” Ewing, a popular Twitch streamer who has been caught live with an open page of deepfakes of other streamers with pornographic content.

Atrioc has been active since it started in 2011 on YouTube. Since then it has been gaining more and more popularity, establishing a large community. Nevertheless, decided to throw it overboard at the time you clicked on that page.

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The website has already been removed, but the damage has already been done

Although all the clips are being deleted, Dexerto was able to make a catch of this event, where you can see how the content creator has the web open in your desktop window list.

The page offers paid artificial intelligence montages of streamers with pornographic content. According to Kotaku, the website is similar in structure to OnlyFans, requiring the user to subscribe to access the content.

In his broadcast where he apologized to the public and to his partner for what happened, Atrioc affirms that he entered one night around 2 in the morning, clicking on an advertising banner that he had supposedly found on PornHub. His happy curiosity caused the web to end up leaking in one of his last live shows.

“It was 2am and I was reading so much shit about artificial intelligence, deepfake music, deepfake art and I’m on all those fucking Discord channels. It’s all so embarrassing. I was on fucking Pornhub, on a normal website, and there was an ad, it was that ad on every fucking video – so other people must be clicking on it because it was on every video.”

According to the content creator, in his community he has always campaigned against sexism, prohibiting any similar behavior at the moment. Atrioc insists that he is the “most normal” person and that he would “never do something like that again”.

Her partner, who was apologizing on her live broadcast, affirms that she does not feel like a victim, but that she deeply regrets the damage that this has caused to the streamers that appear on said website, since they echoed that they appeared on the page through this fact. Although disappointed, her partner accepts the apology.

Several content creators show their regret on the networks

The website has been withdrawn thanks to the impact caused by this commotion, but above all due to the work of QTCinderella, a streamer who was involved when she saw that there was explicit content about her on the web. In one of her last live shows, she deeply sore and disappointed, she mentioned that I would do everything possible to sue the author of the website. Atrioc also assured that he would be in charge of covering all the costs for the closure of the web and that he would offer financial help to all women who needed legal help.


Among those affected and who have publicly expressed their regret in addition to QTCinderella were other popular streamers such as Sweet Anita or adept.

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This map shows the profession with the most interest in each country. In Spain she is the influencer

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Remitly has published a global map that shows which are the most searched professions on Google, according to each country. And that map published in Various social networks have caused some controversy when seeing the most sought-after profession in Spain: is the influencer. Specifically, what is analyzed is the search “how to be a…”.

Although Spain is the only country in Europe interested in being an influencer (it must be said that in other countries like Hungary they are interested in knowing how to be YouTubers), in Brazil, Colombia, Argentina or Uruguay and in Central American countries.

‘’: when MICROSOFT launched ANTI-GOOGLE ads

Writers and developers


It is noteworthy that in many countries of the world, people look for information about being a writer. Especially in Eastern European countries, in South Asia, the Nordic countries and in Central and North Africa.

In Poland, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina people feel very interested in knowing how to be a developer or developer. Macedonian people show a lot of interest in being programmers. Of all Europe, only Italy shows interest in being an entrepreneur. In China, the profession that arouses the most interest is dietician.

Five Spanish developers tell their experience in the sector: from being without female references to a future that looks good

In the United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, the United States and Australia (i.e. the majority English-speaking countries) they have great interest in being airplane pilots.

Debate in networks about being an influencer

The fact that in Spain there is great interest in being an influencer has created a debate on various networks such as Twitter or Instagram. There are those who criticize the labor market is so precarious that people no longer want jobs that may have more value.

Others remember that We are not going to look for how to be a doctor or a lawyer because we already know what to dobeing a more traditional profession, but people may be interested in knowing how to be an influencer, since there is no university for it or professional training.

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the API will have a cost to develop

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The profitability of Twitter is an obsession for a Elon Musk besieged by the need to start repaying the loans he requested to buy the social network… which, by the way, is also facing lawsuits for non-payment of rent for some of its venues. So part of the drastic changes he’s implementing at Twitter are aimed at increasing the company’s profits.

And the last one is bad news for users and, above all, for developers. And it is directly related to the news from a few days ago about the sudden ‘failure’ of access to the Twitter API by third-party clients…

…a ‘glitch’ that we later learned was an intentional block that the company attributed to non-compliance with unspecified standardsand that from one day to the next turned the official Twitter client into the only way to access the microblogging network.

“As of February 9”, Explain today the official account of the development division of Twitter, “We will stop offering free access to the Twitter API, both in its v2 and in v1.1. Instead, a basic paid level will be available“.

And the thread goes like this:

“Over the years, hundreds of millions of people have sent more than a trillion tweets, and billions more every week.

Twitter data is among the most powerful data sets in the world. We are committed to allowing fast and complete access so that you can continue to develop with us.

We’ll be back with more details on what to expect next week.”

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Elon Musk is just making a mistake that Twitter has already regretted

A little over a year ago, the founder and former CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, acknowledged that The most wrong thing the company had done up to that point was to vastly limit access to its API., a decision that was made during a period in which he was not in charge of the company and that he later strove to counteract. “The company has worked hard and will continue to fully reopen access.”

That decision to close the API forced the closure of many companies based on alternative Twitter clients (in many cases, better than the original), as users abandoned them once they saw how limited their functions had been. Now history is repeating itself, as the new generation of third-party customers will be doomed to disappear or become paid applications.

So the creators of twitterrific has already announced its abandonment of the application stores, and the other major client of the Twitter ecosystem, Tweetbot, has announced its conversion into a client of Mastodon, the open social network that aspires to take over the throne of Twitter (although for that there is still much).

But it is that, in addition to all that, many things will break on the Internet with this new decision by Musk: Twitter’s many bots (the ‘good’ ones, the very useful interactive bots connected to web services) will stop working, as will the services that connected Twitter with other platforms, and a multitude of extensions.


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