This new smart ring only weighs 2 grams and has autonomy for 5 days

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The Circular Ring Slim will help you improve your health and follow a routine.

This is what the small device looks like

If you want to evaluate your sleep, set schedules, or measure your energy levels, you can use the Circular Ring Slim. It is a tiny device of just 2 grams and 2.2 millimeters developed by the French brand Circular that will help you improve your health on a daily basis.

All you can do

Said smart ring is capable of measure your vital signs and help you improve your health. During the night it will evaluate the quality of your sleep and teach you how to improve it, and throughout the day it will analyze other parameters, such as breathing or heart rate.

Although it is for everyone, It is especially useful if you practice sports. It is capable of collecting daily steps, distance walked or calories burned. Thanks to it, you will not need to download an app to count your steps. In addition, you can establish meal times and whether you need to take medication. Added to this is its stopwatch and calendar.

It stands out for its small size and weight. It barely weighs 2 grams and is 2.2 millimeters thick.. It is light and small even compared to smart rings from other brands, such as Samsung, which usually range between 4 to 6 grams. This means that you can wear it all day without it bothering you, so it can collect more information and help you improve your health further.

It has a matte black design and is made of carbon fiber. Is waterproof and it can light up even if it is soaked. It integrates infrared LEDs, as well as a temperature meter and accelerometer, among other pieces. Its autonomy reaches 5 days and is capable of charging in 45 minutes.

To access your data you must download the Kira+ application, which uses Artificial Intelligence. It will soon be available for free for both Android and iPhone. Through it you will be able to consult the data log, to examine your progress, or modify the operation of the device.

You can now pre-purchase it from the Circular website for 234 euros. It comes with a charger, but you can add a second charger, an extra battery, and customer service.

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