This is all the proprietary technology that Apple wants to develop in the coming years for its products.

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Apple has on its roadmap to develop more of its own technology in order to stop depending on third parties.

Apple’s plans would involve developing more technology in the future

If there is something that stands out in Apple devices, it is the perfect combination between software and hardware, something you achieve thanks to being able to control even the smallest detail on your devices. Some examples would be the need for little RAM in iPhones or its processors apple silicone how good results they are giving. However, Apple wants to go three steps further in this direction in the coming years.

As Mark Gurman points out in the latest installment of his weekly newsletter Power OnManzana is looking to create more of its own components in order to depend less on third parties. With that objective, Johnny Srouji, Apple’s chief technology officer, has several teams working on component development. Let’s hope the same thing doesn’t happen to them as with the 5G modem of future iPhones.

All the proprietary technology that Apple wants to develop

Apple would already be getting to work with that goal of have more of your own technology with the development of his own 5G modem for future iPhones and thus stop depending on Qualcomm. However, they would not be hitting the mark. That is not something that discourages them, since the bitten apple company’s plans would be to develop everything that we show you below:

  1. A chip that combines Wi-Fi and Bluetooth in order to stop depending on Broadcom Inc. Something that was scheduled for 2025, but would also face delays.
  2. microLED screens that they would reach the Apple Watch first and that they would spread to more devices.
  3. A non-invasive glucose monitoring system that would be present on the Apple Watch. A complex project that would still take several years to see become a reality due to the difficulties behind it.
  4. A unique battery design of their devices, although this would be a very long-term project.
  5. A new own and internal strategy for camera sensors of iPhones.

Although some of the projects on the list are facing delays and others are very long-term, this is what Apple would have on its roadmap, according to Mark Gurman. Another launch that would be delayed would be that of the Apple Vision Pro, although in this case, it would only be two months later than expected. Apple’s first space computer was planned for January, however, It is now expected to be launched during the month of March 2024.

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