“This duty must belong to the entire society”

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Andrea Ropero moves to the headquarters of the Episcopal Conference to know the opinion of the bishops about the reports on the *text muted* abuse within the Church. There she chats with José Ignacio Munillabishop of Orihuela-Alicante, who assures: “We are ashamed, we ask for forgiveness, we are launched into reparation“.

“Obviously, we haven’t done things on time but, at the wrong time, we are addressing them“, he acknowledges, and maintains that “many sectors are hiding behind a anticlericalism to convey the false news that the issue of abuse is a specific problem in the life of the Church”.

The journalist points out that, in Francethe Church has sold assets to repair the victims and asks him what the Spanish woman is going to do, to which the bishop points out that “the Church has remembered that That duty of compensation must be the responsibility of the entire society.. The Church is willing to participatewhat cannot be is that she be treated in a different way from the rest of society.

Furthermore, the reporter takes the opportunity to find out her opinion about the amnesty which he describes as “immoral“and indicates that it is also “that some politicians amnesty other politicians in exchange for receiving their votes to continue governing. That in some way is subverting the separation of powers and leads Spain to a fracture“.

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