These high-end Bose headphones with 24 hours of battery life are a great opportunity for less than 200 euros

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This Black Friday there are hundreds of models from high-level manufacturers with brutal discounts.

The Bose QuietComfort SE are made to enjoy your favorite music at the highest level.

Following the live offers of the week of Black Friday we have found some very good Bluetooth headphones with a headband with a great discount. It is about the Bose QuietComfort SEa model of high-end headphones from the American firm that have fallen from the official 289.95 euros to 199.90 euros on Amazon and the same price at PcComponentes.

Bose is one of the largest manufacturers spread across the planet on a professional level. You can find their headphones in recording studios, its speakers in many clubs and its sound bars in the most exclusive home cinema exhibitions. In terms of color, the only model on offer is the black one and comes accompanied by a travel case.

Bose QuietComfort SE

Get some amazing Bose with a 90 euro discount

Bose QuietComfort 45 girl

For a walk they are very comfortable headphones.

The first thing that catches your attention about these Bose Bluetooth headphones is their physical appearance. Although it seems something flimsy at first glance Due to their plastic headband, they are very resistant. They have a approximate weight of 300 gramsso we are not talking about something very light, They are robust, its internal components are of very good quality. The earpads are covered in imitation leather, as is the nylon headband.

They incorporate a battery that can give us up to 24 hours of autonomy with a single charge. We can even extend this time thanks to its 3.5 mm Jack port and the included cable. For the most nostalgic cableand for those who continue to use wired headphones, this is one more use option that some of us miss.

Want high fidelity sound? You will have it in everything Bose makes. Their 40mm drivers They incorporate a TriPort architecture that gives us forcefulness and depth in the sounds. It doesn’t matter what volume you use, they alone they adapt to you offering the best bass and treble at all times.

If you run out of battery at any time always you can use the cable as I mentioned, but you can also recharge the battery in a few minutes. Its ability to fast charge It allows you to get 3 hours of use with only 15 minutes connected to the charger.

This Bose model integrates up to 6 microphones in your drivers. In this way, some of them are in charge of filter ambient sound so that none reaches your ears while you are listening to music. On calls, some of these microphones are dedicated to capturing your voice spectacularly, and the rest will cancel out annoying sounds around you.

Bose QuietComfort SE

In the drivers you have several physical buttons such as the power button, those to regulate the volume and another to change modes. This model comes with a travel case soft screen printed with the brand logo, a 3.5 mm Jack cable and another USB-C to load them. You will be able to adjust various headphone parameters also from the Bose Music app.

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