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there are users who would be orphaned

Very recently we saw a rumor of those that we do not like to reflect too much: Ming-Chi Kuo has reason to believe that Apple can postpone or even cancel the arrival of the iPhone SE 4. The decision would be given by the rise in manufacturing costs and due to the drop in sales of low-end terminals.

We have the logic: if an iPhone model does not give the expected benefits, it is normal for Apple to decide to put it aside to focus on the models that do sell the most (which seem to be the most recent and expensive). But here there is a group of users that is not exactly small that can go badly off.

The iPhone SE is the right and necessary iPhone

The normal thing that happens with a person who buys an iPhone (which right now will surely be an iPhone 14 or similar) is that they take advantage of all its functions: iCloud, calls, messaging, social networks, content, payments, health, work, shopping and leisure… the very definition of having a computer in your pocket.

But there are other users. The users who They only use the mobile for calls, WhatsApp and what is fair and necessary How to enter banks and make arrangements. They are people of a certain age, or users who do not like to deal with technology and want minimal interaction with electronic devices. They don’t want to hear about the cloud or any application that means spending more time looking at the screen. They have enough to learn what an Apple ID is and set it up.

A cheap and small iPhone for basic use is an iPhone that is still in some demand

These users, with whom I often speak in my advisory and training sessions, always choose an iPhone SE because it is the cheapest terminal and because it can last the longest. And they choose it over a cheaper Android because in the iPhone they see durability, reliability and a good brand behind it. Also because they see a small terminal, which does not bother the pocket.

If suddenly those users see how the iPhone SE ceases to exist, they are orphaned. They are forced to buy a bigger, more expensive iPhone with many features that they are not going to use. Cast can lead them to migrate to Android, with all that that entails. Or resort to the second-hand market, buying an iPhone from older generations. Perhaps the 2022 iPhone SE will become a treasured item.

That is why I personally do not know how to take this rumor: on the one hand I see the logic, but on the other hand it may cause many basic users of the platform to decide to go looking for small terminals and save money. The change to Android is not trivial, but with the little that they would use the phone, they would not notice it too much.

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