“The work you leave is as important as knowing how to leave”

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Irene Montero has taken advantage of the act of transfer of portfolios to accuse Pedro Sánchez of having “kicked them out” of the Executive (her and Ione Belarra) for “putting institutions at the service of the advancement of feminist rights.”

Just before the transfer of the portfolio to the new socialist minister, Ana Redondo, Montero has asked her successor “bravery to make friends who are 40 and 50 years old uncomfortable” by Pedro Sánchez.

Antonio Maestre has reacted to these statements by highlighting that “The work you leave is as important as knowing how to leave“.

The journalist has highlighted that he thinks Irene Montero has done a “fantastic job as a minister.” However, he believes these are not ways to “get around it.” Furthermore, he believes that the problem she has had is that she has been weighed down by “the currents of the device” and trying to “seek confrontation with partners and adversaries“.

In this way, he has indicated that he cannot confront Pedro Sánchez due to the law of ‘only yes means yes’ and then “ptell him to renew it“.

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