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The PC market experiences a 22% drop in Western Europe

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Shipments of laptops, desktops and workstations in Western Europe saw the PC market decline 22% year-on-year to 12.8m units in Q3 2022. Worsening business confidence has been one of the main factors that has influenced this drop in demand.

According to data from Canalys, the weakening of the demand for business laptops as a consequence of the deterioration of business confidence has had a notable impact on the PC market in Western Europe during the third quarter of the year.

This has caused the drop in demand to precipitate, experiencing a drop of 22%. From the consultant point out that business spending on PCwhich had been strong, is falling at the same pace as the consumer segment.

Small and medium-sized businesses have significantly reduced PC purchases, more than larger organizations, as economic headwinds have dampened cash flows and rising interest rates have made financing options narrower. more expensive.

Laptops have been the worst performing segment

In this sense, laptops have been the segment that has had the worst performance, with 10.4 million units shipped, 25% less than last year due to the cooling of business demand. In addition, to this have also been added the falls experienced in the consumer segment and education.

For its part, desktops have fallen only 6% as large organizations have continued to make purchases. Tablet shipments have reached 6 million units, down 13% year-on-year, as the back-to-school season has produced low upgrade volumes.

The consumer PC continues without signs of improvement

For Canalys, consumer PC demand remains subdued due to rising prices, especially energy, and as real revenues decline, there is a shift in demand between price levels.

shipments of low end PC they have declined substantially more than the mid-range or high-end. This reflects the divergent impact of inflation across income levels. And, with disposable income expected to contract further, demand will shift from high-end to more affordable options.

This will mean that providers with portfolios spanning broader price ranges will be better prepared to capitalize on them. For the consultant, this decrease in demand has also caused an increase in channel inventory levels.

38% of EMEA partners surveyed had more than four weeks of PC inventory in stock

According to a survey by Canalys Candefero among channel partners, it pointed out that 38% of EMEA respondents had more than four weeks of PC inventory in stock; compared to just 25% a year ago.

Looking ahead, the first signs of Q4 2022 performance are not promising either. The cost during the week of black friday has been higher than expected, especially in Electronic productsbut spending for the upcoming festive season is forecast to be the steepest drop in more than a decade.

Suppliers should continue to offer promotions to stimulate demand and liquidate inventories.

From the fourth quarter of next year through 2026, Canalys expects a return to regular seasonal patterns and a new normal demand level of 25% above pre-pandemic volumes. Positive trends around consumer device usage and hybrid working mean there is still long-term optimism for PCs and tablets.

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Experts give crucial tips: This is how good dog trainers work

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Weltrekordversuch im 68916210 e416f66541614ab0 scaled

Proper training accessories

If the following aids appear, the alarm bells should be ringing for dog owners: non-stop pull collars and spikes, electric or spray collars. They hurt, can injure and are sometimes even forbidden. According to Peta, a good trainer can also be recognized by the fact that he or she does not make any promises of success before getting to know each other personally.

Individual training models

Dog trainers often offer both group and individual training. “A group is good for young dogs or if you want to learn the basic commands,” says Sarah Ross. “Individual work makes sense for specific problems or if you are very insecure as a dog owner.” It is important that the trainer explains and justifies everything step by step.

Family training and breaks

In addition, all family members should be welcome by arrangement. “It’s also important for the children to know which commands the dog responds to,” says Ross. Finally, a workout should never be hours of hard work. In between, experienced trainers always take a break to sniff around and play for the dogs.

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E3 fair without the big three: Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft will probably stay away from the fair

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From insider circles, IGN recently reported a disappointing development of the E3 planning. According to this, Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft should not want to take part in the largest gaming fair in Los Angeles. We’ll tell you here what that means for E3 2023 and how likely it is to happen on its own.

E3 and Gamescom really haven’t had it easy in recent years. First individual publishers like Electronic Arts turn their backs on E3, then the pandemic makes major events of this kind seem impossible, and finally the big return of Gamescom 2022 hardly attracts any well-known publishers.

IGN: Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony not at E3 2023

An E3 without big publishers: is the E3 concept slowly but surely dissolving? (Source: E3)

Against this background, the current reports from IGN hardly come as a surprise: Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft alike are not planning an appearance at this year’s E3. The world’s largest gaming trade fair is scheduled to start on June 13, 2023 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. No exhibitors have been officially announced or confirmed yet.

IGN cites “several knowledgeable sources“, who are said to have confirmed to them that all three console providers “not be part of E3 2023 or have a presence” will.

The publishers themselves have not yet commented on this. The latest official statement on this subject comes from Xbox. It was confirmed in late January that it would return to Los Angeles for its “annual summer showcase.” The related blog post states:

In addition, the teams work tirelessly to bring you and all other Xbox fans new, exclusive gaming highlights when they meet again for the annual Summer Showcase in Los Angeles.

It is striking that the E3 is not mentioned with a syllable. Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo have already attracted large audiences with online appearances in the past. Not having an expensive stage show at the convention center has had little to no impact on sales or trailer clicks. So why invest money for such an effort when you can also do it online with pre-produced videos? Smaller publishers such as Ubisoft and EA have also been using this strategy for a long time.

What’s the deal with the E3 abstinence?

Xbox Gamescom Stage
As was the case at Gamescom, Xbox and Co. could stream directly into the Internet in the future without paying any fees to E3. (Source: Xbox)

There have been no official statements from publishers or organizers of the E3 trade fair so far. The last few years, in which they have increasingly relied on online formats and numerous “big players” – including Nintendo and Sony – are staying away from Gamescom 2022 in particular, give the reports credibility.

You no longer feel compelled to put your budget into a stage show that might be overshadowed by a competitor’s event just two hours later. It is far more likely that the presentations will still take place in the summer, but they will not be part of the E3 program, but planned in the same week.

Visitor trade fairs such as Gamescom in particular could suffer from this development. Indie games are all well and good, but they are unlikely to attract hundreds of thousands of gaming fans to the Cologne exhibition halls. We will also forego many possible cult moments in the future. Unforgotten about Keanu Reeves’ “Breathtaking” scene at the presentation of cyberpunk 2077 as part of E3 2019. On the other hand, publishers also save themselves embarrassments such as Nintendo’s legendary embarrassing appearance at E3 2008. Let’s hope that Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft have at least something planned for the E3 period.

Sometimes we are still waiting for a first “Nintendo Direct” or Sony’s “State of Play” in 2023 – at least on the Xbox side there was already a small showcase with titles like Minecraft Legends, red case and Hi-Fi Rush to admire.

Source: Xbox, Nintendo and Sony will not be present at E3 2023 – IGN
(Status: 01.02.2023)

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    As a trainee, Fabian supports the editors of CHIP Online with tests and purchase advice. Ever since the first GameBoy, he has been particularly at home with Nintendo, but he also regularly gambles on PC and Xbox.

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Galaxy S21 FE: Currently the cheapest high-end smartphone from Samsung

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The most important things summarized:

  • The Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G consistently delivered very good or good test results in the test.
  • The device will receive security updates until 2027. Samsung also promises to import all Android versions up to Android 15
  • You can currently get the Galaxy S21 FE from among others Amazon for 477.99 euros (EU version, see below)

At first glance, the Galaxy S21 FE 5G may no longer be the youngest smartphone in Samsung’s high-end lineup – especially with regard to the brand new Galaxy S23. However, the S21 FE does not have to shy away from comparison: the performance is still first-class, the display is great and the camera takes beautiful photos. Only the battery weakens a bit, albeit at a very high level, because a runtime of 11:35 hours is certainly not bad.

Which is why the Galaxy S21 FE 5G is also a great choice: the smartphone costs only a fraction of the current top league, despite competitive measured values. In addition, Samsung will support the device until 2027 and wants to play out all upgrades up to Android 15 – we are currently on Android 13 – so you don’t have to worry about the security of the device for a long time.

Our verdict at the time of testing

The Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G scores in our test with excellent performance in almost all categories – only the battery life does not quite correspond to a flagship smartphone. Still, it places just ahead of the regular Galaxy S21 5G. The display is bright and colorful, and there’s a smooth refresh rate of up to 120 hertz. The equipment contains all the essentials and the camera also does a very good job. However, the smartphone has a proud introductory price of around 820 euros and the next generation of Samsung flagships is in the starting blocks with the Galaxy S22 series. The Galaxy S21 FE 5G will soon have strong competition from its own company.

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