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The importance of partnerships to overcome business challenges

In times of uncertainty, investing in partnerships and sharing ideas with the channel ecosystem stands as the key to overcoming current business challenges.

After the difficulties experienced during the pandemic, the current macroeconomic situation, dominated by uncertainty and falling demand, presents new challenges for organizations in the IT channel. How can partners continue to build their growth and profitability when external conditions are difficult?

Currently, three major challenges have been detected that can have a significant impact on partners, suppliers and their respective customers: an imminent threat of recession, the growing cost of doing business, and the increasing need to move towards digital transformation.

These three challenges combined require great efforts on the part of companies, since business in the channel oscillates between investing in the latest technology, reducing costs and consolidating operations. Consequently, addressing these three challenges may affect the prospects of channel professionals for the coming year.

More than 40% of channel partners globally expect the profitability of their business in 2023 to be flat or declining

According to recent Canalys research, more than 40% of channel partners globally expect their business profitability in 2023 to be flat or declining compared to 2022.

However, the channel must remember that it has faced similar challenges before and facing new challenges means seizing new opportunities. IT partners can continue to drive profitability by understanding the issues their customers are facing as a result of economic challenges, and add value through support.

Partnerships, the key to facing new challenges

Vendors, partners, and their customers are experiencing essentially the same difficulties today. However, the channel can rely on the strength of their partnerships and the ecosystem of channels to share ideas, get support and overcome challenges.

Collaboration and knowledge are some of the best ways to help share best practices and build trust.

The tools and platforms available to channel partners allow them to deliver great customer experiences.

Bearing in mind that the market for network as a service (NaaS) has a compound annual growth (CAGR) of about 28% between 2022 and 2028, the year in which it will reach 47,000 million dollars in 2028, the programs are adapting and optimizing.

This is intended to help partners grow to offer network services that extend from the traditional reseller path.

NaaS is also an attractive option for end customers who want to take the stress out of managing the network themselves. In addition, it can also mitigate the problems of skills shortage present in many IT equipment today.

They also can, and should, use any vendor training offered to them and explore not only solution-related resources, but other elements of the business, such as marketing, customer service, and sales techniques. This will allow to deepen the understanding of more elements that will help to offer the best customer experience.

And, although it seems obvious, it must not be forgotten that partners must understand the solutions they are selling. Internal training is often overlooked in the quest to produce satisfied customers. Especially in today’s climate, customer needs are changing based on current threats in the marketplace, not to mention increasing pressure to cut costs, save energy, and choose ethical software and hardware that conform to industry standards. sustainability.


Turn challenges into opportunities

Although it may seem overly optimistic to say that today’s market may present opportunities for profitability, clients need expert channel advice now more than ever.

During the pandemic, while it was a challenging time for many partners, the pressure of the market environment was a catalyst for change, and many companies were able to adapt and thrive. Similarly, the channel can use current changes in the market as an opportunity to adapt, meet the needs of its customers, and adapt the customer experience to support these new challenges.

Clients will seek partnerships with partners and distributors for advice on the best methods to make their networks more efficient and effective

Customers view channel partners as trusted advisors. A crucial element for profitability is keeping costs low while driving sales. In this way, customers will look for partnerships with partners and distributors so that they can advise them on the best methods to make their networks more efficient and effective.


Partners can use their expertise to tailor a customer’s network solutions to find technology that can help save energy and create a more efficient infrastructure that supports their energy goals. cost effectiveness.

In addition, they can provide insight and advice on the best solutions to help customers reduce costs and increase their own profitability by using today’s challenges as an opportunity to deliver great customer experiences and be indispensable as a value-added service provider.

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Popular Bluetooth speaker Soundcore 3 for under 50 euros

Reicht der Smartphone-Lautsprecher am Strand oder auf der spontanen Party nicht aus, muss mehr Power her. Häufig sind Bluetooth-Lautsprecher dafür eine gute Lösung. Die Soundboxen sind kompakt, flott gekoppelt und bieten einen soliden Klang. Bei Amazon ist der Anker Soundcore 3 für 55,99 Euro im Angebot. Durch einen direkt auf der Verkaufsseite aktivierbaren Coupon sinkt der Preis bis 24. September 2023 an der Kasse um 15 Prozent auf nur 47,59 Euro. According to the price comparison portal idealo, you save around 5 euros compared to your online competition and thus end up with the best price on the internet at the moment. Top: There are no delivery costs (all prices and information – as of September 22, 2023).

Auf Anker Soundcore 3 jetzt bei Amazon sparen

Die dualen Audiotreiber des Anker Soundcore 3 sind mit Titan-Membranen ausgestattet und bieten laut Hersteller kristallklare Höhen von bis zu 40 Kilohertz sowie eine verringerte Verzerrung. Ankers BassUp-Technology soll den Tiefenbereich detailliert und weitflächig abdecken. Die Akkulaufzeit ist mit bis zu 24 Stunden angegeben. Ein wasserdichtes Gehäuse nach IPX7, ein Equalizer und die Verbindung mit bis zu 100 Bluetooth-Lautsprechern gehören zur weiteren Ausstattung.

  • Wasserdichter Bluetooth-Lautsprecher mit Titan-Membranen
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Amazon Prime jetzt 30 Tage sorglos testen!

Wer noch kein Prime-Abo hat, kann alle Vorteile 30 Tage kostenfrei ausprobieren. Neben Gratis-Premiumversand genießen Sie ebenfalls Prime Video, Amazon Music und mehr. Nach der Testphase kostet Amazon Prime monatlich 8,99 Euro.

Try Amazon Prime free for 30 days

Schnäppchenjäger aufgepasst: From October 10th to 11th, 2023 the “[–>Amazon Prime Deal Days” the second Prime Day is taking place – the first offers are already available now. You can find great bargains not only on Amazon, but also in other online shops. With a suitable one[–>Otto-Gutschein save additionally on electronics, clothing and toys.

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Pilsner in the test: cheap beer among the test winners

However, the testers found traces of the suspected carcinogenic weed killer glyphosate in twelve beers from well-known brands. The values ​​are well below the maximum permitted level for brewing barley in the European Union. For reasons of preventative consumer protection, ÖKO-TEST still awards grade deductions. After all, all organic mushroom beers tested are free of the controversial herbicide.

When it comes to original wort content and foam durability, no Pilsner is wrong. The test drinkers also had little to complain about. In ten beers, however, the experts detected off-notes that were not typical of pilsners.

They attested that the bottom of the field, an organic pilsner, had “a contaminated taste with buttery notes”. The reason: The laboratory detects contamination with pediococci. Although the lactic acid bacteria are not harmful to humans, they do cause a significant reduction in quality, according to ÖKO-TEST. This is what is affected here Pinkus Pils (Bioland) from the Pinkus Müller brewery and scored “unsatisfactory” (grade 6).

Even a Pils from the discounter is not convincing and fails with the rating “poor” (grade 5): That Kaiserkrone Pils Norma’s taste didn’t impress the testers.

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AEG vacuum cleaner in a cheap set: Ultimate 7000 for 333 euros

Flexibel im Einsatz ist der AEG Ultimate 7000. Der Akku-Staubsauger Not only can it be operated wirelessly, but thanks to numerous nozzles it is also suitable for hard-to-reach places. As a weekly deal, Tech Xataka is offering the AEG including an additional mattress nozzle for just 333 euros. A look at the comparison portal idealo shows that this is a top price! At other online retailers you will spend around 232 euros more for both parts. Shipping is free (all prices and information as of September 22, 2023).

AEG Ultimate 7000: Für 333 Euro bei Tech Xataka

“Leistungsstarke Reinigung vom Boden bis zur Decke” ist das Motto des Ultimate 7000 von AEG. Der Akku-Staubsauger wiegt gerade mal 2,2 Kilogramm und soll der leichteste AEG-Staubsauger sein. Der 4.000-Milliamperestunden-Akku soll bis zu 50 Minuten durchhalten und eine Flächenleistung von 120 Quadratmetern garantieren. Praktisch: Der Auto-Modus dient laut AEG zur automatischen Anpassung der Saugkraft an den Bodenbelag und damit zur Optimierung der Laufzeit. Weitere Merkmale des Saugers sind eine digitale Anzeige für Infos zum Akku-, Geräte- sowie Filterstatus und die Wandhalterung mit Ladestation.

  • Rund 232 Euro compared to other online retailers sparen
  • 300-Milliliter-Staubbox; Bodendüse mit Licht; 2,2 Kilogramm leicht
  • Flächenleistung: bis zu 120 Quadratmeter (Herstellerangabe)
  • Zugabe: Matratzendüse AEG AZE149 BedProPower

AEG Ultimate 7000 at Tech Xataka

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