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The future of companies towards a more efficient and inclusive hybrid work model

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The reality that we have experienced during these last two years cannot be ignored. A reality that has affected all of us personally, but has also meant a point of no return in terms of traditional work models. New needs have arisen and have made hybrid work go from being something distant to being a reality for the majority of workers. And it is that, today, about 70% of professionals combine work between the office and home, and only 11 and 6% do it exclusively from the office and home, respectively. (HP study data on Hybrid Work).

The results of this report highlight an undeniable reality, and that is that companies around the world must adapt to current market requirements and new work models. Incorporate into your corporate culture that the hybrid work is here to stay And it’s not a passing fad. Companies must modulate these new work models taking into account the new rules established between company and employee, being aware of the advantages and opportunities offered by this new model.

There are still many challenges to overcome

Millions of people around the world have welcomed the advent of hybrid work. Two thirds of the companies consider that Your employees are more productive working under this modelwhile 89% believe that it represents an opportunity to reconcile and improve the well-being2 of all.

But among the most important challenges that still remain to be overcome are some inequalities in terms of inclusive work policies and culture, which we have worked so hard to achieve. Specifically, the younger profiles that participated in this study stated that they felt little protagonists within their hybrid work experience. Among those under the age of 30, one in six believe that their laptop is not fast enough or does not have the necessary technological features to participate efficiently in hybrid meetings. A third of those surveyed have shown on some occasion some “technological shame” when your team has unexpectedly interrupted a hybrid meeting.

Although the experience of young people with hybrid work seems to be the most polarized, they are not the only ones who have shown some reluctance. One in six overall hybrid workers (15%) globally, feel excluded in decision-making processes when they are not physically in the office4.

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That is why, as responsible companies, they must ask themselves the following question: how can barriers be broken down and hybrid work efficiency sought for this group of workers, making it an efficient and inclusive model?

Key points to implement an efficient hybrid work model

For HP, the success of this model lies in the adoption of two fundamental aspects: Connection and Collaborationon which this new hybrid work culture must be based.

Facilitate a complete and real “Connection”

All workers need to be heard and understood correctly when interacting with their colleagues and their work in order to have good interactions. Yet two years after the advent of hybrid work, only 10 of the 90 million meeting rooms around the world are equipped with video conferencing facilities5 that enable 100% efficient connection.

That is why one in five workers (20%) believe that they cannot adequately follow what happens in hybrid meetings and that a third (37%) believe that it is easier for their ideas to be heard in person6. Companies must invest in order to have the right technology that allows employees to feel truly connected, wherever they are.

But we must not only focus on quality, but in the creation of opportunities to generate an effective connection. Of those who feel less productive in this hybrid work model, 45% believe that connecting with the right people has become a great challenge within this new work culture7.

The key is to ensure “Collaboration” in various environments

Collaboration has always been the fuel for driving innovation and business success. But in today’s hybrid work cultures, it is the tool that allows workers in a globalized world to work together on a common project or goal.

So companies have to start mechanisms that ensure collaboration remains at the heart of the hybrid work culture because right now two-thirds (63%) of global workers say they still find it easier to work with others in the office.

In this area, it is important to highlight the enormous value of collaboration, reserving key moments during the day or week in which environments that promote quality collaboration experiences are created. The study reveals that more than half of workers globally (56%) they believe that it is easier to interpret the non-verbal message that communicates when you are together in person. For this reason, it is essential that companies facilitate intuitive collaboration and be able to adapt to different work environments.

Right now, hybrid is a term that can symbolize the merging of the best to create something for positive change. As we move into an era where most workers work in different environments, we need to help millions of people adjust to this new reality. A fusion of the best of both models that is capable of building a future of work that represents new opportunities and values ​​everyone’s time.

Inés Bermejo, CEO of HP Iberia.

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FI Group contributes to the launch of the third NextGenerationEU Guide

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Next Generation EU 03

The third edition of the report has already been published “NextGenerationEU Guide, for the industry to better understand and take advantage of its opportunities”. As usual, it has been published by the EAIC (European Association of Innovation Consultants), of which FI Group is a part.

The report, which once again included the participation of the FI Group, explains how each of the 24 European countries distributes the almost 326 billion European aid granted in their National Recovery and Resilience Plans.

The latest update of the report highlights the maximum financial contribution that corresponds to each Member State, calculated taking into account the growth in real GDP in 2020 and the accumulated growth in real GDP in the period 2020-2021.

Most Member States saw their maximum financial contribution in the aid component of their Recovery plans decrease, due to changes in the calculations made in June 2022, based on real GDP growth data. The only countries that saw their funds increased were Czech Republic, Germany, Spain, Italy, Austria Y Portugal.

Main updates and news reported by Member States

  • The implementation of the Recovery and Resilience Plans is in full swing: calls have been launched to receive proposals, projects are being evaluated and aid agreements are being signed.
  • Member States have started work on the review of plans, following the decision made on June 30, 2022 on the final distribution of funds; some of the new plans are still being evaluated (for example: more funds in Lithuania to boost energy independence, renewable energy and cybersecurity).
  • The report also highlights the main calls for proposals launched in each of the 24 Member States (for digitization, innovation, circular economy, etc.), both those active right now and those planned soon.
  • Some of the Member States (Finland for example) have already distributed all the funds allocated to them in their Recovery and Resilience Plans.

Alejandro Álvarez, Grants Director at FI Group, as well as a member of the EAIC Board and coordinator of this report, highlights that it is a unique initiative at a European level. “We have been following the development of the Recovery and Resilience Plans since the start of the negotiations and have managed to offer comprehensive information on the opportunities that are emerging across Europe. Building on the success of this pioneering initiative, we are looking to broaden the focus of the report to provide an even more valuable overview of the opportunities for all key players in the industry.” explains Alvarez.

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Bring Your Own License is now part of the Nutanix on OVHcloud portfolio

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ovhcloud demanda microsoft ue

OVHcloud has recently included the option to use Bring Your Own License or BYOL in its portfolio of Nutanix on OVHcloud solutions.

The Nutanix users they can now bring their existing Nutanix Cloud Platform licenses to dedicated OVHcloud Hosted Private Cloud infrastructures, making it easier for them to transition to the cloud. OVHcloud, which recently received the Nutanix EMEA Service Provider of the Year award, continues to expand its offer of Nutanix on OVHcloud solutions with the addition of the BYOL offer to complement the existing pack offer.

Existing Nutanix customers and partners can now bring their Nutanix Cloud Platform licenses to Nutanix-certified High Grade HCI Intel dedicated servers, benefiting from license portability and application migration transparency. Customers’ Nutanix hyper-converged environment (HCI) is pre-installed in just hours and ready to use with their custom infrastructure.

The Nutanix on OVHcloud solution enables a faster migration of on-premises applications to the cloud, while benefiting from OVHcloud infrastructures. With a low carbon footprint and best-in-class PUE and WUE indices, the OVHcloud infrastructure stands out for its global sustainability, thanks to a circular group approach that allows for maximum optimization of the server’s life cycle. In addition, OVHcloud data centers meet high data protection and security standards.

“We are delighted to continue our strong partnership with Nutanix, addressing new use cases and providing new business opportunities for our ecosystem partners”says Sylvain Rouri, Chief Sales Officer at OVHcloud.

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User needs

This new offering allows OVHcloud to meet the needs of users, covering seasonal peaks in infrastructure demand and developing disaster recovery plans (DRPs), all while providing a cost-effective solution. Like the Nutanix on OVHcloud bundle offer, the BYOL offer consists of 27 variants of dedicated servers and Nutanix High Grade HCI certified servers based on Intel processors and includes inbound and outbound traffic, helping to improve OPEX for significant savings compared to non-hyperconverged infrastructure as a service (IaaS).

“As a company, we continually demonstrate the power of strong partnerships. OVHcloud already has an excellent understanding of our technology with its existing Nutanix on OVHcloud solution. For this reason, it makes sense for us to expand our relationship to include a BYOL offering.”says Dom Poloniecki, Worldwide Sales Chief of Staff and Head of Sales Strategy & Operations at Nutanix. “The real winners here are our common customers and partners who are looking for cost-effective ways to scale to an OPEX model in the cloud, but who, to date, have not yet made the switch from an on-premises environment. With OVHcloud and Nutanix, they have the best of both worlds.”

The Nutanix on OVHcloud solution is a scalable and ready HCI platform to use that is offered both as a pack and BYOL, and is based on a dedicated Hosted Private Cloud OVHcloud infrastructure certified by Nutanix. It is now available online in EMEA and Canada, with data centers located in Canada, France, Germany and the UK.

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Hot and How?

How to choose hosting and domain for my website

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The digitization in small and medium-sized companies it is no longer just a trend, but a necessity. And the first step for those who continue to lag behind is the creation of a website. But where to start? Part of the aid from European funds is destined to the development of this type of tools where, in addition to an innovative design, you will need a good hostingso that everything works perfectly.

The hosting provider: what should you demand?

The hosting provider is something like the home where your website is cared for and protected. Therefore, it must be reliable and secure, but for businesses with less budget, it also cheap. Your digital project must also have a domain, the obtaining of which falls within the responsibilities of this provider. If all these concepts are new to you, don’t worry, here we help you with some tips:

  1. That the hosting is hosted in Spain. This will allow you minimize costs but without having to give up offering your visitors a good user experience. When you have your data in the country, all the traffic you have from here (the vast majority) will enjoy minimal latency, and optimal loading times, they will not have to wait several seconds for the web page to load, and they will not experience very marked delays when interacting with her.
  2. That he Technical support is in Spanish and with 24/7 coverage: If you run a small business or a personal project, you know that work and problems can arise at any time. Having support in your own language and that is available will always help you a lot in your project.
  3. Servers with NVMe SSD drives: this is essential for your project to load faster and for it to offer the level of performance that your users deserve.
  4. Hacking and cyberattack prevention services: essential for your website to be safe and protected.
  5. Flexibility and scalability: The hosting you choose should give you the possibility of adapting it to your needs, and to the changes that occur in your project. If your idea is to grow, it is essential that the hosting do it with you.
  6. Possibility to try it for free: This is important because it will allow you to discover if the hosting you have chosen is really the right one for you, and without you having to spend a penny.

An example of hosting that meets all these requirements is Axarnet which, for a price starting at 2.49 euros, has all the features described above. Also, you can try it for free for a month without having to enter any payment method. It will also allow you to register your domain for free in annual contracts, and you will enjoy a Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate at no cost.

In the event that you already have a domain, you can always transfer it to Axarnet hosting and in a very simple way. What are you waiting for to have your own web showcase?

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