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TCL continues its commitment to large TVs by expanding its ‘XL’ collection with sizes up to 98 inches

Today we can find huge televisions on the market and TCL is one of the leading manufacturers in this sector. In fact, it is consolidated as the leading brand in the world in offering 98 inch televisions. In this sense, the firm continues to expand its collection of ‘XL’ televisions and new models arrive with sizes ranging from 65 to 98 inches.

TCL’s XL collection was presented to the European market through IFA 2022 with the 98-inch C73 series, being the firm’s first QLED TV to reach that size. Now the company expands its range with more models big inch Under these lines we leave you with the information.

A great commitment to large diagonal TVs

Although the vast majority of us do not have such a room to add a 98-inch television, the truth is that little by little users they are opting for increasingly larger diagonalsbeing from 70-75 inches when we already enter the field of large panels.

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TCL has numerous proposals greater than 75 inches, which we can see through its XL collection. In it we find 4K and 8K resolution televisions, with QLED and MiniLED technology, and even with panels that go beyond 120 Hz, as is the case with the C935 or C845 series. In this way, the firm offers several televisions in its XL collection. Below these lines we leave you with some of them:

  • TCL X925: TV with 8K panel and MiniLED technology. Available in 65 and 75 inch sizes.
  • TCL-C935: 4K Smart TV with QLED MiniLED technology and 144 Hz frequency. Available in 65 and 75 inch sizes.
  • TCL-C845: 4K Smart TV with QLED MiniLED technology and 144 Hz frequency. Available in 55, 65, and 75-inch sizes.
  • TCL-C745: 4K Smart TV with QLED technology and 120 Hz frequency. Available in sizes of 55, 65, 75, 85 and 98 inches.
  • TCL-C645: 4K TV with QLED technology and available in sizes of 43, 50, 55, 65 and 75 inches.
  • TCL P735: 4K Smart TV available in 50, 55, 65, 75 and 85-inch sizes.

As we can see through the list, the firm offers televisions with a wide range of features. While the most advanced have MiniLED technology, FALD backlighting and high frequencies, we can also find cheaper ranges that do not sacrifice in terms of size. In addition, it should be noted that all the models mentioned have Google TV as the operating system.

This year, TCL has also announced new models, expanding its commitment to QLED and MiniLED Technologys. And it is that in addition to the C64, C74 and C84 series, TCL also announced its Q6, Q7 and QM8, being treated in the case of the last mentioned as one of the most advanced TCL televisions to date. Through this link you can see all the televisions that the firm sells in Spain.

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How to watch Orange TV on Kodi. These are the advantages you have compared to using the application or the deco

We’re talking about Kodi again. A few days ago we saw how the application launched a new version of the app for all the operating systems in which it is present and now it’s time to see another tutorial for further exploit the features of this multimedia center.

If we have already seen the possibilities of Kodi when using it to access HBO Max, Disney+, DAZN, Netflix, Pluto TV, SkyShowtime and even to watch DTT, record programs, to play by installing an emulator or use it to access Plex, now it comes a new installment in which we are going to see how it can be take advantage of Kodi to watch Orange TV.

Kodi and Orange TV all in one

To begin with, the first thing to do is prepare the necessary accessories. You can find them if you access the GitHub website where they develop the project and download the script first and then the video plugin.

With these plugins installed, the process returns to normal. It’s about doing the first “Settings” of Kodi, by clicking on the gear icon that appears on the main screen.

Orange Tv On Kodi 1

Then you must look for direct access to the “Add-ons” within the “Settings” in “System”. It is the second box that we will see between “File Browser” and “System information”.


At that point you have to click on “Install from a ZIP file” and choose the script file you downloaded.

Orange Tv On Kodi 4

Then you must repeat the process and again, you must go to the “Add-ons” screen, click on “Install from a ZIP file” and choose the second plugin you have downloaded.


Orange Tv On Kodi 5

With these steps taken, you can now go to “Video add-ons” and you will see how it appears “Orange TV Spain”.

Orange Tv On Kodi 6

At that point, all you have to do is set username and password from your Orange TV account.


In this way, you only have to return to the initial screen and You can now watch Orange TV from Kodi as if it were a normal channel.

Improvements for using Kodi

Orange Tv On Kodi 8

However, in addition to having everything in a single application, you can also access a series of improvements within the “Settings” section in the Orange TV add-on.

Kodi can work even better with this addon.  We tell you how it works and how you can install it

  • You can ask the app that only shows the content included in the subscription so that you will not see the content that you do not have available and that you cannot play, making the search easier, above all.
  • You can also ask that shows the program currently broadcast that is broadcast on each channel.
  • Access extra information of the series or movie with details of the actors, director, year…
  • If your TV or device does not support HD, there is an option to make it play in HD.
  • Modify subtitles to make them more readable…

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three tricks to find the ideal place

If you have problems with your home Wi-Fi and after trying different tricks to improve stability, speed or coverage in different parts of the house, you decide to buy a Wi-Fi repeater, two pieces of advice: the first is not to get too carried away and opt for this device due to its low price, since others such as a PLC, another more powerful router or a mesh network may suit us. If the Wi-Fi repeater is the most convenient option, then it is not enough to just connect it and that’s it: It is better to keep these tips in mind to maximize the usefulness of a WiFi repeater.

The idea is to place your WiFi repeater in the ideal place and configure it properly to get the most out of it, so that our wireless internet benefits and, therefore, us, since we can enjoy a more stable and faster connection. Go ahead that Not all WiFi repeaters are the sameHowever, they do have common characteristics inherent to their operation.

Where to place the Wi-Fi repeater

The theory says that we should place the Wi-Fi repeater in an intermediate place between the router and the places where we have connection problems and want to improve it and that will be the base premise. From here, it is better to take into account other factors that allow us to take advantage of the full potential of the device.

Interferences? No, thanks

Just as we should not place the router anywhere, both to maximize its coverage and to reduce interference, something similar happens with the Wi-Fi repeaters, which also suffer a drop in performance when they are close to certain devices due to their exposure to other signals.

Thus, it is recommended move the Wi-Fi repeater away from Bluetooth devicessince the 2.4 GHz frequency in conjunction with this can result in interference.

In addition, do not place it close to other devices, both because of these interferences and because they could suffer an increase in temperature as a result of heat dissipation. Finally, avoid nearby thick walls, as the signal could be weakened.

Eye on the distance repeater – router

Screenshot 2023 09 21 At 9 11 20

As we explained above, the basic thing is to place the repeater halfway between the router and the black point of the connection, but sometimes we are tempted to place it as close as possible to the area with poor coverage, thinking that this will solve it. Big mistake: the repeater needs to receive a good signal.


So spend time exploring that middle ground with a strong, stable signal. looking for that balance between strength and proximity.

Don’t settle: take tests

Screenshot 2023 09 21 At 9 14 30

You have already found an area moderately clean of interference and with a good signal that promises. Beyond something qualitative as you see quite a few lines on the Wi-Fi icon, it is worth it Stop and do some tests before making the final decision.

So, grab your computer, mobile phone or tablet and run some Wi-Fi speed tests to make sure. Our recommendation is that you do not limit yourself to just one test: take the test at different times of the day to know what speed and power will reach the device, as well as potential outages. Maybe you’ll get a surprise that makes you think twice.

Via | RedesZone

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“I have tested more than 50 robot vacuum cleaners and these are the ones I recommend putting in the cart on the next Prime Day”

It is increasingly difficult to have a clean house due to the stressful pace of life we ​​lead. Robot vacuum cleaners have become a great ally to achieve a floor cleaning made easy and by pressing just a button or programming it from your mobile.

Now that the next one is approaching Amazon Prime Day (which will be held on October 10 and 11), we have spoken with Eva Rodríguez, technology editor at Webedia, to recommend some models that we can take into account.

Furthermore, in its buying guide for robot vacuum cleaners, you will be able to discover all the necessary characteristics to look for when purchasing a product of this type.

Xiaomi Robot Vacuum S12: the best in value for money

With a usual price of 299.99 euros, although it is now on sale for 219 euros, this Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner has a LDS sensor with 360º detection rangewhich allows for precise positioning and distance measurements.

Its water tank is intelligent and, in addition, this robot has zigzag and Y-shaped cleaning routes and, for scrubbing, it does so in an S-shape and also in a Y-shape. Its suction power is 4,000 Pa. and the 3,200 mAh battery provides autonomy of 130 minutes in standard mode.

Xiaomi Robot Vacuum S12 - Robot Vacuum Cleaner and Floor Mop

Xiaomi Robot Vacuum S12 – Robot Vacuum Cleaner and Floor Mop

*Some prices may have changed since the last review

iRobot Roomba i7+: a real beast for homes with pets

New Project 51


With a recommended price of 599 euros, it is now on sale on Amazon for 529 euros and is one of the robots that, despite having been on the market for some years, is essential in homes with pets, since it incorporates pet hair tangled brushes.

It connects to your home WiFi network, so you can control it through your mobile and you can also control via voice. It incorporates selection of areas or rooms and also a self-emptying system.

iRobot Roomba i7+

*Some prices may have changed since the last review

iRobot Roomba Combo

New Project 52

It is one of the robot vacuum cleaners that meet the three “B”s (Good, Pretty and Cheap). The recommended price for this iRobot Roomba Combo On Amazon it is 349.99 euros but now it has a 15% discount and remains at 296.46 euros.

His V shaped brush Allows you to vacuum dust and dirt from floors and carpets. In addition, it incorporates a scrubbing system (with three different levels) using a special ribbed microfiber cloth. It is also compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant.

iRobot Robot Vacuum Cleaner and Floor Mop Roomba

iRobot Robot Vacuum Cleaner and Floor Mop Roomba

*Some prices may have changed since the last review


roborock Q8 MAX: the real beast of robot vacuum cleaners

New Project 54

One of the most complete robot vacuum cleaners that we can currently find on Amazon is the roborock Q8 MAX, whose recommended price is 499 euros and now you can get it for 449 euros, since it has a 50 euro discount coupon available.

Available in two colors (white and black), this robot vacuum cleaner has HyperForce suction power of 5,500Pa and also features its double rubber brush. The dust tank has a capacity of 470 ml and the water tank has a capacity of 350 ml, so it vacuums and mops at the same time. It can be controlled from the mobile phone and the battery offers a autonomy of up to 240 minutes.

roborock Q8 MAX Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Double Brushes

roborock Q8 MAX Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Double Brushes

*Some prices may have changed since the last review

Conga 999 Origin Genesis: the most economical model

New Project 55

For less than 100 euros (it has a recommended price of 99 euros), it is the ideal candidate if we want to carry out simple and uncomplicated cleaning. It is a 5-in-1 robot vacuum cleaner and has two side brushes.

It has five cleaning programs and two scrubbing levels, its battery offers a range of 120 minutes and can be controlled from your mobile phone. With this robot vacuum cleaner, it can be said that it is difficult for Cecotec to give for less money.

Cecotec Robot Vacuum Cleaner Conga 999 Origin Genesis

Cecotec Robot Vacuum Cleaner Conga 999 Origin Genesis


*Some prices may have changed since the last review

If you have a Smart TV or Samsung mobile, you will soon be able to watch four new television channels for free and without using the DTT antenna

More offers

If you sign up for Amazon Prime you have 30 days free trial (later 49.90 euros per year) to enjoy free fast shipping, priority access to offers, services such as Prime Video, Prime Music and unlimited photo storage. In addition, if you are a student, becoming a Prime Student costs half and you have a 90-day trial.

You can also try services like Kindle Unlimited or Audible for free for 30 days.

Note: Some of the links in this article are affiliated and may provide a benefit to Xataka Home. In case of non-availability, offers may vary.

Images | Cecote, iRobot, roborock and Xiaomi

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