Starfield receives one of its biggest updates yet: DLSS, food and more

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starfieldthe Bethesda game that came to be one of the most anticipated releases of this 2023has received a big update that includes the expected DLSS to improve the framerate. In addition, along with the fix of bugs and problems present in the game, it has also been added the active mechanics of eatingwhich will allow you to pounce on the food present in the game without having to first save it in your inventory.

Long-awaited patch for Starfield

The new patch that Bethesda has announced will allow PC users to NVIDIA DLSS technology dramatically improves performance of the game in terms of frame rate and latency. On the other hand, the possibility of Eating in gameplay will improve the quality of life of playerswho will be able to eat their favorite Chunks without having to put them away first.

Other improvements that have been made in the latest Starfield patch are the following:

  • Tweaked enemy detection so it is not as strict.
  • Fixed the bug that sometimes prevented shooting with a weapon.
  • Fixed the bug that removed NPC’s clothing.
  • Fixed camera error on certain takeoffs, landings or gravity jumps.
  • Fixed the occasional bug that caused the spaceship to disappear.
  • Fixed bug that sometimes prevented access to inventory or save after joining The Unit.

Starfield is one of the star games of 2023 on Xbox.

Starfield has a lot ahead of it

Although Starfield as a video game has a beginning and an end, Bethesda is currently still working on develop DLC’s for the game. These extra contents will have expansions that will include new missions and stories to enjoy. At the moment there is no date for the arrival of this content, but taking into account the degree of Bethesda’s involvement in this game (they even hired Imagine Dragons for a song), there’s no doubt that these expansions will be on par with the base game.

Starfield has achieved great success in terms of traffic and sales, but has also received a lot of criticism due to its technical level, mostly associated with graphics engine that many consider outdated for current times. That is why, with the aim of improving game optimization, DLSS technology was a very decisive measure to reduce criticism to its technical section.

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