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Spain stands out as a leader in connectivity in Europe

Spain has once again positioned itself as the leader in connectivity in Europe. This time, according to report on the state of connectivity in Europe from Cradlepoint, the country is in the top 3 of the entire continent.

Today, connectivity is necessary for technological development. Complete innovation projects they are built on the assumption that we have connectivity, the ability to transmit data from one place to another and intertwine people immediately. Being in the top 3 places Spain in the sights of many organizations, which seek to benefit from the high levels of connectivity that the country presents.

The lack of connectivity causes companies to lose billions of euros

General information about connectivity in Europe

The Cradlepoint report, which presents a regular survey of connectivity across the world’s sectors, has confirmed that the lack of connectivity causes companies to lose billions of euros. In fact, 74% of European companies state that they have at least 2 hours of disconnection per week. How does this affect companies?

An hour of inactivity can cause losses of up to 330,000 euros, but this value increases when it comes to international companies. 1/3 of European companies say they have lost potential business, only for not having availability in terms of connection. Finally, the connectivity cuts represent a higher operating expense for 47% of the companies surveyed.

A third of European companies say they have lost potential business due to connectivity problems

The lack of connectivity affects companies not only externally, but also internally, even causing the loss of personnel. In fact, this has happened with 21% of companies. The vast majority of our work schemes already take connectivity for granted. It feels good to know that there are people trying to perpetuate it.

Spain as a European connectivity leader

Spain is a country that prioritizes connectivity, above all. 93% of companies in the national territory recognize that 4G/5G is essential for the development of their organization. In the same way6 out of 10 people consider that a little more investment is required in the connectivity sector in Spain.

Spain is an innovative country that requires connectivity to continue operating and, of course, innovating. Connectivity drives technological developments that are not possible in other countries. IoT is one of the main reasons why this topic is a priority in the country. Education has been revolutionized, coming to exist universities that teach their courses internationally, without requiring the presence of the student in the country.

The study calls the country to action, due to the presence of disconnections of between 1 and 2 hours per week, which reduce the quality of connectivity in Spain. As mentioned above, this not only entails downtime, but also generates losses of capital and human potential.

The connectivity of the future

In response to the survey results, Lorenzo Ruggiero, who is currently Cradlepoint’s Area Director in Southern Europe, concludes that the research demonstrates the need for strong connectivity for the technological development of European countries. Smart factories, roads and buildings They require it to reach their full potential.

Connectivity in Spain is an indicator of a good economic future, as well as security in production

In turn, the director affirms that it is a crucial step in the development of the economy of each country. Connectivity in Spain is an indicator of a good economic futureas well as production safety. Finally, it invites us to focus on mobile connectivity, which is dedicated to improving productivity.

Connectivity is key on our path to innovation. Today’s companies are called to undertake to develop in the global market, but we, as professionals, are obliged to give them the necessary connectivity to achieve their objectives.

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