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So that it doesn’t get too cold: Ventilate properly in winter thanks to the 5 times 5 rule

Word has gotten around that it’s better not to open windows for a long time, but rather to open them fully and then air them briefly. This is then called intermittent ventilation or, if you open opposite windows, cross ventilation.

In spring or autumn, a complete air exchange can take 15 to 20 minutes and if you do this three to five times a day, the windows are open for quite a long time. This tactic no longer works in winter because the outside temperatures are too low.

However, it is advisable to air the room just as often, i.e. even when the temperature is below zero three to five times a day. But then that’s enough three to five minutes with the window open. From this, as a memory aid, the 5×5 rule derived: Translated, this means airing five times a day for five minutes.

This is easy to keep on holiday or at the weekend or if you work a lot from home. However, if you are not at home during the day, you need a different strategy. The good news: If you are absent all day, less frequent airing is sufficient. Minimum in the morning and in the evening, but it is better to go with the 3×5 rule. which means Ventilate for five minutes three times a day.

Air out in the morning when you get up from work and again just before you go to bed.


Dry skin: wind and weather creams tested

However, when purchasing such creams, parents can identify paraffins on the list of ingredients on the packaging or in the instructions leaflet. They are listed there as paraffinum, petrolatum, isohexadecane or cera microcristallina. This also applies to BHT – the substance can also be found in the list of ingredients for parents.

Two products in the test, including the Nivea cream, also contained zinc oxide, which also appears in the list of ingredients. What was missing, according to criticism from the ÖKO-TEST, was the addition “nano”. Since the risks of nanomaterials have not yet been clarified, according to the EU Cosmetics Regulation, this additive must be listed if more than half of the tiny particles are between 1 and 100 nanometers in size. This was the case with the analyzed products containing zinc oxide.

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Popular Bluetooth speaker Soundcore 3 for under 50 euros

Reicht der Smartphone-Lautsprecher am Strand oder auf der spontanen Party nicht aus, muss mehr Power her. Häufig sind Bluetooth-Lautsprecher dafür eine gute Lösung. Die Soundboxen sind kompakt, flott gekoppelt und bieten einen soliden Klang. Bei Amazon ist der Anker Soundcore 3 für 55,99 Euro im Angebot. Durch einen direkt auf der Verkaufsseite aktivierbaren Coupon sinkt der Preis bis 24. September 2023 an der Kasse um 15 Prozent auf nur 47,59 Euro. According to the price comparison portal idealo, you save around 5 euros compared to your online competition and thus end up with the best price on the internet at the moment. Top: There are no delivery costs (all prices and information – as of September 22, 2023).

Auf Anker Soundcore 3 jetzt bei Amazon sparen

Die dualen Audiotreiber des Anker Soundcore 3 sind mit Titan-Membranen ausgestattet und bieten laut Hersteller kristallklare Höhen von bis zu 40 Kilohertz sowie eine verringerte Verzerrung. Ankers BassUp-Technology soll den Tiefenbereich detailliert und weitflächig abdecken. Die Akkulaufzeit ist mit bis zu 24 Stunden angegeben. Ein wasserdichtes Gehäuse nach IPX7, ein Equalizer und die Verbindung mit bis zu 100 Bluetooth-Lautsprechern gehören zur weiteren Ausstattung.

  • Wasserdichter Bluetooth-Lautsprecher mit Titan-Membranen
  • Verbindung mit bis zu 100 Bluetooth-Lautsprechern möglich
  • Aktueller Tiefpreis; rund 5 Euro compared to the competition sparen

Bluetooth speaker Anker Soundcore 3 with coupon



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Amazon Prime jetzt 30 Tage sorglos testen!

Wer noch kein Prime-Abo hat, kann alle Vorteile 30 Tage kostenfrei ausprobieren. Neben Gratis-Premiumversand genießen Sie ebenfalls Prime Video, Amazon Music und mehr. Nach der Testphase kostet Amazon Prime monatlich 8,99 Euro.

Try Amazon Prime free for 30 days

Schnäppchenjäger aufgepasst: From October 10th to 11th, 2023 the “[–>Amazon Prime Deal Days” the second Prime Day is taking place – the first offers are already available now. You can find great bargains not only on Amazon, but also in other online shops. With a suitable one[–>Otto-Gutschein save additionally on electronics, clothing and toys.

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Pilsner in the test: cheap beer among the test winners

However, the testers found traces of the suspected carcinogenic weed killer glyphosate in twelve beers from well-known brands. The values ​​are well below the maximum permitted level for brewing barley in the European Union. For reasons of preventative consumer protection, ÖKO-TEST still awards grade deductions. After all, all organic mushroom beers tested are free of the controversial herbicide.

When it comes to original wort content and foam durability, no Pilsner is wrong. The test drinkers also had little to complain about. In ten beers, however, the experts detected off-notes that were not typical of pilsners.

They attested that the bottom of the field, an organic pilsner, had “a contaminated taste with buttery notes”. The reason: The laboratory detects contamination with pediococci. Although the lactic acid bacteria are not harmful to humans, they do cause a significant reduction in quality, according to ÖKO-TEST. This is what is affected here Pinkus Pils (Bioland) from the Pinkus Müller brewery and scored “unsatisfactory” (grade 6).

Even a Pils from the discounter is not convincing and fails with the rating “poor” (grade 5): That Kaiserkrone Pils Norma’s taste didn’t impress the testers.

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