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Redtrust and digital identity management: “we offer a secure environment”

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Judit Durán, Senior Sales Manager at Redtrust

Digital identity management and its security is a rapidly growing market. Not only because of the opportunity it represents for partners but also because of the growing demand in the public and private sectors. All companies are facing the challenge of managing the permissions they offer to their employees, customers or suppliers and how to ensure the perfect balance between productivity and protection.

In this sense, Redtrust stands as a company specialized in the management of certificates and digital identity. A provider that can help any partner to boost this business. With Judit Durán, Senior Sales Manager We have spoken to learn more about your proposal and how far you can go in this niche with potential.

Identity authentication should be a priority for organizations. At what point is the Spanish market? Do companies understand the importance of this aspect of protection?

The situation of control and security of digital identity is in full expansion in Spain, especially since 2020, when remote work and online procedures were imperative. In fact, the European regulation 910/2014 eIDAS has consolidated the use of the digital certificate and Spain is a pioneer in its use in software format.

Due to this evolution, companies consider it increasingly critical to safeguard their certificates and have them centralized in a secure and encrypted place, in addition to controlling who, where and for what they are authenticating and signing.

It is true that the management of digital certificates is a growing demand in sectors such as banking, insurance or health, but is it relegated to these sectors and large companies?

Yes and no. Certainly, these sectors have been the first to have the need to manage digital certificates and digital identity, both because of the volume of said certificates and the number of users and, above all, because of the sensitivity of the procedures that they operated and still operate. Also, these sectors are the ones that have always understood the importance of controlling information. With a digital certificate you can authenticate yourself in electronic offices such as the Tax Agency, sign contracts… even sell a company.

“The need to manage digital certificates is spreading”

However, this need has been extended to other sectors such as transport, food, construction or professional offices, among others. In all of them, the use of the certificate is necessary for day-to-day procedures, and the unavailability of the certificates can lead to the discontinuity of the business.

Redtrust has its partner program. How many do you have in Spain and what profile do they fit into? What benefits do they get?

Indeed, at Redtrust we have a Partner Program with a triple classification system. Depending on the company, it will fit one model or another.

The Silver category is designed for professionals who recommend and act as prescribers, acquiring quality leads; while the Gold model is intended for companies with experience, such as integrators, with IT solutions that present synergies with Redtrust and with the capacity for their commercialization. Finally, Red, our star partnership, is focused on companies capable of selling, commissioning and providing first-rate support.

Regarding the benefits for our partners, there are some differences depending on the model, but common to all three we can find: prices and discounts, support throughout the customer journey, training and certification as Redtrust partners for marketing actions and, above all, all, the security of customer satisfaction.

What opportunities can partners explore with Redtrust? What is your differential value?

To begin with, diving into the digital identity, certificate and digital signature market that is in full swing, presents great opportunities for our partners. In addition to improving their value proposition, they will develop a new business and have a team of experts who will always give them the necessary support to satisfy their customers.

The differential value of Redtrust, and therefore of our partners, is to cover the three most important areas for the centralized management of the certificate life cycle: centralization, control and security. We achieve this 360º management by guarding the digital certificates and creating usage policies not only by organizations or URLs, but also by restricting access to specific procedures. In addition, being able to establish expiration alerts and being able to issue and renew certificates directly from Redtrust, since we have integrations with certification authorities, both public and private.

Security, availability and legal validity are 3 challenges for Redtrust. Are they also the demands that customers have?

Redtrust provides our clients with a secure environment, since the digital certificate is not hosted on the users’ devices, with three modalities according to their needs: physical, virtual or cloud Appliance. This means that the availability of the certificate is guaranteed at all times, and legal validity is provided by the digital certificate itself, being the most robust mechanism to unequivocally legitimize said authentication.

Looking ahead to 2023, what do you expect from the Spanish market and what goals do you have for your partners?

We want 2023 to be for us and for our partners a year marked by the development of marketing actions and collaborations in order to strengthen our client portfolios and provide improvements and new functionalities to the market. For this, we have already begun to work on a joint plan adapted to each category.

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