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Red Hat and Oracle Expand Collaboration to Bring Red Hat OpenShift to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

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Red Hat and Oracle have announced the expansion of their alliance to offer customers a greater variety of options when deploying applications on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). As part of this collaboration, Red Hat OpenShift, the industry-leading hybrid cloud application platform powered by Kubernetes for architecting, developing, and deploying cloud-native applications, will be supported and certified to run on OCI.

Red Hat OpenShift on OCI will support customer-managed installations using certified configurations of Red Hat OpenShift Platform Plus, Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform, and Red Hat OpenShift Kubernetes Engine, running on OCI Compute virtual machines and bare metal installations. This will allow customers to install and run workloads on Red Hat OpenShift deployed on OCI with confidence that they are tested, certified and supported by both Oracle and Red Hat. Additionally, customers running Red Hat OpenShift in their on-premises data centers can more easily move these environments to OCI. To help resolve potential customer issues, the existing and transparent joint support agreement allows customers to contact both Red Hat and Oracle support.

OCI’s distributed cloud offers more than 100 services across 45 public cloud regions, including Oracle Cloud government regions in the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia; dedicated customer OCI regions at controlled sites; Oracle Alloy partner-enabled regions; and Oracle EU Sovereign Cloud. Each offering provides customers with OCI Compute forms that will be certified with Red Hat OpenShift, as well as an enterprise cloud with service level agreements for availability, manageability and performance. This enables Red Hat OpenShift workloads to take advantage of the flexible shapes of OCI Compute for adequate performance, the bare metal shapes of OCI Compute for high performance, and the self-tuning volumes of OCI Block Storage for cost-effective scalability.

Customers can choose to run their Red Hat OpenShift environment on OCI from the location that best meets their regulatory compliance, performance, and profitability needs. This flexibility is especially critical for organizations in industries with complex regulatory environments, such as telecommunications, finance, and healthcare, as well as organizations that operate in multiple jurisdictions.

Certification and support for Red Hat OpenShift on OCI will be based on the availability of Red Hat Enterprise Linux running on OCI as a supported operating system which was announced in January 2023. Now, Red Hat Enterprise Linux is also certified to support workloads on OCI bare metal servers and Oracle VMware Cloud Solution, plus OCI flexible virtual machines, with Red Hat OpenShift certification following general availability. Additionally, customers can now use the Red Hat Enterprise Linux image builder, available as part of their Red Hat Enterprise Linux subscription, to create custom Red Hat Enterprise Linux gold images for OCI that fit a wide range of enterprise workloads. applications and security compliance requirements.

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