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PS5: New versions – hardware revisions at a glance

The PS5 appeared both with and without an optical drive. What changes come with new versions?

In November 2020, the Playstation 5 was released as a disc and digital edition with revision numbers CFI-1000A and CFI-1000B. In this country and in Europe, Sony assigns the “16” as the third and fourth digit of these hardware revisions, as with the PS4 and PS4 Pro. “00” usually stands for consoles in Japan, the country of origin of the manufacturer.

While in the first editions of the PS5 at least two different fans ensure that the console is as quiet as possible, Sony has been working on an initial revision of the hardware since July 2021, including a new revision number – i.e. official new PS5 versions that will be launched later came.

PS5: Everything about the CFI-1116A version

Website reported a Sony spec sheet for a new PS5 Digital Edition in July 2021, promising a lighter weight of 3.6 kilograms versus 3.9 kilograms for the original Digital Edition version. However, the dimensions and all other specifications are identical. Nevertheless, the revision number CFI-1100B01 is mentioned in the document for the new PS5 Digital Edition.

The following August, the model that (almost) matched the rumors showed up in Australia. It has been confirmed with the listed changes (including the screw for the stand) and is sold under revision number CFI-1102A. The A stands for the disc version. In addition, it was noticed in another document that the vertical base has a knurled screw that can be turned on more easily – ie by hand without the obligatory tools.

At first there were no indications of changes to the inner workings compared to the revision CFI-1000B. As a YouTuber found out in September, Sony has installed a lighter heatsink, which, according to initial assumptions, brings a slightly higher temperature. At least there is also a quieter fan and different WLAN chips. Research showed that while the exhaust air is warmer, the PS5’s processor itself runs cooler for the same power consumption. But the flash memory apparently gets warmer due to the adapted cooler. Gamers Nexus and Digital Foundry came to the same conclusion in mid-September.

Left: the previous PS5;  right: the significantly slimmed-down heatsink of the new version.

First revision update

PS5: New cooler makes Revision CFI-1100 warmer

The PS5 receives the first revision update CFI-1100. It is now clear what Sony has changed. The new version convinces rather little.

Retailers initially named July 20, 2021 as the start date for the new version. This was apparently missed by around a month, or the corresponding time passed between delivery and market launch. Revision CFI-1116A has also arrived in Germany since the beginning of September, as can report after ordering from Otto (PS5 overview page). Other places to go when a drop is available include:

The previous rumor came true, for both consoles (disc and digital). The first signs of an upcoming, general PS5 redesign appeared at the beginning of May. Accordingly, Sony and AMD would switch from 7 to 6 nm production. At the end of May, a Sony patent for a CFI-1115A (USA) was sighted, which gives the disc variant a more powerful WLAN module. The antenna performance should increase from 5.0/3.5 dBi to 6.0/4.05 dBi. It remains to be seen whether further documents or patents (corresponding to the other edition) will appear or whether Sony will even make an announcement. We’d actually guess that both PS5 editions would benefit equally from the improvements.

PS5: New Version – Notes

As of May 2022, more rumors are emerging. A Sony certificate was found for a radio module that is explicitly intended for a “CFI-1200 series”. The new one points more towards further revision than a PS5 Pro. Even with the PS4, with the Pro version, the first of four digits and not just the hundreds place has shifted by one value. There is speculation that Sony is trying to outsmart the pandemic-related supply problems with new sources for the electronics.

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In the following tables, we gradually summarize all the findings that can be found on previous revisions and before any new revisions are announced. We’re trying to gradually bring the information into an overview, as you will find at the end of the article on Playstation 4.


PS5: Hardware Revisions

full screen view

revision available info
CFI-1016A Playstation 5 Disc Edition (at least two different fans)
CFI-1016B Playstation 5 Digital Edition (at least two different fans)
CFI-1116A new WLAN chip / lighter heatsink and alternative screw on the base / quieter fan
CFI-1116B new WLAN chip / lighter heatsink and alternative screw on the base / quieter fan
CFI-1200 cheaper WLAN chip?

The following specs for the Playstation 5 Disc and Digital Edition naturally refer to the first variants that have appeared. Nothing or very little should change in the data before a PS5 Pro could be on the agenda after a possible PS5 Slim. Incidentally, vague rumors see this as a premium console for 700 US dollars in 2023 for 8K TVs. So far, however, the reports have not been particularly reliable. We collect what other rumors about the PS5 Pro are in the linked article for you.

CFI-1000A/B Specs

full screen view

PS5 Disc & Digital Edition Spec
CPU 8 cores @ 3.5 GHz (variable frequency)
CPU architecture zen 2
GPU 10.28 TFLOPs – 36 CUs @ 2.23 GHz (variable frequency)
GPU architecture Custom RDNA 2
RAM/memory interface 16GB GDDR6/256-bit
memory bandwidth 448GB/s
Internal storage medium Custom 825GB SSD
throughput 5.5GB/s – 8-9GB/s (compressed)
Primary storage expansion NVMe SSD slot
External memory expansion USB hard drive
optical drive optional 4K UHD Blu-ray
sound Tempest 3D Audio Tech

We will update this article as new information becomes available. At this point, we can only speculate as to what changes Sony is making to the PS5. Historically, an optimization of production and internal components should be pending. This is supported by the indications of a finer production and the WLAN chip.

PS4 revisions: digression

Let’s think back to the PS4, Sony released three different devices (PS4, PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro), which came to a total of ten different revision numbers per region in around five years. The “CUH-” prefix was followed by the numbers 10xx, 11xx, 12xx (PS4 each), 20xx (Slim), 70xx, 71xx, and 72xx (Pro each). For both the Slim and the CUH-11 and -12xx consoles, there was still a distinction between A (500 GB) and B (1 TB) depending on the storage space.

  1. CUH-1016 (November 2013: Original PS4)
  2. CUH-1116A (Mid 2014: optimized production, new colors)
  3. CUH-1116B (July 2015: 1TB HDD)
  4. CUH-1216A (July 2015: matte hard drive cover, less power consumption, quieter fan)
  5. CUH-1216B (September 2015: 1TB HDD)
  6. CUH-2016A (September 2016: PS4 Slim, smaller design, USB 3.1 upgrade at the front, no more optical audio output, Bluetooth 4.0 and Wi-Fi 5 GHz)
  7. CUH-2016B (April 2017: 1TB HDD)
  8. CUH-7016B (September 2016: PS4 Pro, more power for 4K TVs)
  9. CUH-7116B (Late 2017: Optimization of internal components, quieter)
  10. CUH-7216B (October 2018: new power supply, even quieter)

To list the most important changes in the revisions, we have concentrated on the variants for Europe. The PS4 Pro never came with a 500GB hard drive variant. Consequently, there is no CUH-7016A, -7116A or -7216A.

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For the moment, as transmitted by the Spotify spokesperson CJ Stanley to The Verge, the company does not comment on “speculation of possible new features.” “We have nothing new to share at this time”it is finished.

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