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Poisonous fish in Germany: That’s why you should go straight to the doctor if you get bitten

In the vernacular, the cute-sounding weever is also known as adder of the sea designated. The animal stays in the shallow waters of the North and Baltic Seas and buries itself in the sand – but the poisonous spikes on its dorsal fin often stick out above it.

This makes it impossible for people playing in the water to see the poisonous fish. Per year so between 30 and 40 people stung. This is extremely painful and can lead to swelling and joint pain. The venom contains 5-hydroxytryptamine, which is responsible for the severe pain.

The good news: The sting itself is only life-threatening in the rarest of cases, for example in the case of previous illnesses. However, if a person is stung in deeper water, there is a risk that they will no longer be able to stay afloat due to the pain.

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Deepfake videos: scam with TV presenters – CHIP

Deepfakes are manipulated videos created by artificial intelligence that can put people in false situations or statements. People’s faces and voices are changed so that they say or do something that they did not actually say or do.

In his tweet, Sievers warns about the scam and the spread of deepfakes on social media. He writes: “The guy looks like me, sounds (almost) like me. But it’s not really me… Not really.” He calls for caution and criticizes Facebook’s shrugging of the shoulders when it comes to deepfakes.

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Cappuccino & Co. at a top price: Siemens fully automatic coffee machine reduced

Sie starten den Tag gerne mit einem Cappuccino? Oder zum Stück Kuchen darf ein Espresso nicht fehlen? Kaffeegenießer kommen mit einem Kaffeevollautomaten at your expense. As part of the WSV, Tech Xataka has an inexpensive model from Siemens in its range. The EQ.500 Classic costs bis 25. September 2023 (23:59 Uhr) only 479 euros including shipping. According to the comparison portal idealo, this puts you around 26 euros ahead of many other online retailers (all prices and information as of September 22, 2023).

Siemens-Kaffeevollautomat bei Tech Xataka

Für die einfache Bedienung des Siemens-Kaffeevollautomaten in Klarvierlack-Schwarz sind alle Kaffeeoptionen auf dem Gerät angezeigt. Per Tastendruck entscheiden Sie sich zwischen Cappuccino, Espresso und anderen Kaffeespezialitäten. Eine spezielle Aroma-Funktion soll für extra starken Kaffee durch zwei Mahl- und Brühvorgänge sorgen. Durch das Keramikmahlwerk verspricht der Hersteller gleichmäßig gemahlene Bohnen und kaum Verschleiß am Mahlwerk. Die Brüheinheit ist für eine hygienische Reinigung abnehmbar.

  • Kaffeevollautomat mit Milchaufschäumer & Keramikmahlwerk
  • Maximal 1.500 Watt Leistung und 15 bar Pumpendruck
  • Rund 26 Euro compared to the competition sparen

Siemens EQ.500 Classic at Tech Xataka

All deals from the “Madness Fast Sale” campaign at Tech Xataka

Gutscheine mit Sparpotenzial

Attraktive Angebote finden Sie nicht nur bei Tech Xataka, sondern ebenso bei anderen Online-Shops. Mit einem passenden Center-Parcs-Gutschein you can go on vacation cheaper.

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Free VPN from Switzerland: This provider gives you 10 GB per month for free

PrivadoVPN approaches security and privacy with the right mindset. The selection of VPN protocols is good, WireGuard is also included and is now available on all platforms. If you want, you can also set OpenVPN or IKEv2 permanently.

According to the provider, it does not collect log files of IP addresses or usage data. However, this has not yet been verified by an independent audit. Only the amount of data used is kept in mind; in the free version, each user has 10 GB available, after which the provider throttles the speed to 1 MBit/s. Only an email address is required to register.

Split tunneling is behind the Smart Route function. There you can select programs that should not travel through the protected tunnel when the VPN is switched on, or vice versa if only certain programs should use the VPN.

PrivadoVPN does not leak DNS, IP or WebRTC data; a kill switch can be activated that cuts off the Internet connection if the VPN is not available. So far, the data protection declaration is only available in English; upon request, the provider announced a German translation.

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