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Only 27% of workers worldwide admit to having a healthy relationship with work

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We have recently learned what the relationships between workers and their jobs are like around the world, and the results are surprising. It has been HP who has given the green light to this matter with the publication of its first Index on Relationship with Work.

To carry out this study, more than 15,600 professionals from various sectors were involved, including knowledge workers, decision-makers and business leaders, and it was carried out on workers from 12 countries (USA, France , India, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Australia, Japan, Mexico, Brazil, Canada and Indonesia).

The Index on Relationship with Work makes it clear that the relationship of international workers with work is going through a difficult time. In it aspects have been discussed such as impact that work activity has on employee well-being, productivity, commitment and culture.

In the same way, more than 50 aspects have been analyzed, among which what stands out is how people feel about their skills and abilities, what role work represents in their lives, what the place where they work is like, what tools and technology they use for this and on their leadership expectations.

This has been seen as an opportunity for the president of HP, Enrique Lores, who has stated that “we are faced with a great opportunity to strengthen our global relationship with work in the most beneficial way, both for people and for companies.” .

For Enrique Lores, business leaders must show their rejection of the false choice between productivity and happiness, and from his point of view the most successful companies are those that try to promote the careers of their professionals while enjoying their work. .

How do unhealthy relationships with work affect employees?

The study has revealed that Only 27% of knowledge employees worldwide maintain a healthy relationship with his work, in front of the scarce 20% of these in Spain. This poor relationship between employee and job is unhealthy, affecting mental, emotional and physical well-being.

This poor employment relationship not only affects the workers but also affects the companies themselves, altering morale and commitment, and knowledge workers turn out to be less productive by 34% worldwide and 36% in Spain, they disconnect more easily in 39% of cases and have a greater feeling of disconnection in 38% of cases at an international level and in 49% at a national level. In the same way it has an impact on retention, and that is more than 71% of workers think about leaving the company.

The report also makes it clear that unhealthy relationships with work affect the employee mental well-being. More than 53% in Spain and 55% worldwide of these have self-esteem and mental health problems, perceiving a feeling of failure.

Another aspect that has an impact is the emotional, and 46% of Spaniards and 45% globally say that it harms their personal relationships with friends and family. Furthermore, more than 60% in Spain and 59% worldwide feel that they are too tired to dedicate time to their personal hobbies.

physical well-being It is another point that affects, stating that 60% of Spaniards and 62% internationally have problems following a healthy diet, exercising and getting enough sleep.

Promote a healthy relationship with work

The report also emphasizes how to foster a healthy relationship with work, identifying six crucial factors. Satisfaction, leadership, focusing on people, skills, tools and workspace are highlighted as suitable areas to reverse the current situation.

Workers want to have a purpose, a real connection to their job, cultivate emotional intelligence and achieve empathetic leadership. Finding balance between work and personal life is highly valued.

Likewise, the study points out that Trust and emotional connection must be key to attracting talent and above all retain it. Three out of four business leaders recognize that emotionally intelligent leadership is the way a leader will be successful.

The study revealed that emotional intelligence has great weight among workers, 81% of Spaniards and 83% worldwide. 7% of employees in Spain and 11% in the world would accept earning less money if they found a company that respects their well-being

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