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Nvidia GeForce Experience 3.26: Portal RTX, Shadowplay with 8K and HDR and 51 new games

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Image: Nvidia

Version 3.26 of the GeForce Experience, intended for optimizing computer games, now supports 51 additional games, including Portal with RTX (test), Elden Ring and F1 22 (test) as well as recordings with Nvidia Shadowplay in 8K with HDR and 60 frames per second the GeForce RTX 4090 (test) and RTX 4080 (test).

Presets and profiles for 51 new games

In addition to new profiles and presets for the AAA games already mentioned, a total of 51 new games are supported for the first time with suitable presets. These include titles such as the remake of Final Fantasy VII, ELEX II, Dying Light 2: Stay Human and the Director’s Cut of Death Stranding (test). Also included are Total War: Warhammer III, Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate, Grid Legends and God of War (test).

Lots of bug fixes and optimizations

There are also optimizations and bug fixes for games like Cyberpunk 2077 (test), Farming Simulator 22, as well as PUBG: Battlegrounds and the Reflex Analyzer (test).

What bugs have been fixed:
  • Fixed the issue with minimizing the game while enabling the in-game overlay for games like Farming Simulator 22, Cyberpunk 2077, PUBG: Battlegrounds, and F1 21.
  • Problems with the desktop notifications for rewards.
  • the bug that prevented the “Alt+F12” key combination from being used in other apps.
  • the bug that caused the performance overlay to revert to “Basic” after a system boot or starting a new game.
  • the bug that caused the Reflex Analyzer to incorrectly show render latency instead of PC latency.
  • the error that caused the system to reboot after an automatic update.

GeForce Experience Release Notes

The official release notes for GeForce Experience provide further details.

Shadowplay in 8K with HDR and 60 FPS

Recording with Nvidia Shadowplay now also supports recordings in 8K/UHD and HDR with 60 frames per second exclusively on graphics cards of the current series GeForce RTX 4000 (“Ada Lovelace”).

As usual, a free Nvidia account is required to use the current GeForce Experience.

Download on ComputerBase

The GeForce Experience 3.26 can be downloaded from the ComputerBase download area directly below this message. The latest GeForce driver version 527.56, which has also been linked accordingly, is required.


  • Nvidia GeForce Experience

    3.1 stars

    Nvidia GeForce Experience enables automatic optimization of PC games and drivers.

    • Version German
  • Nvidia GeForce driver

    4.1 stars

    The GeForce drivers support all current Nvidia graphics cards.

    • Version 527.56 German
    • Release 527.37 German
    • +3 more

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Creek Technologies acquires Imburse to improve the payment experience

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Operation of great importance in the insurance industry. Smart solutions provider, Creek Technologys, has just announced the definitive agreement of the purchase of Imburse Paymentsa modern payment platform based in Switzerland.

The payment solution software-as-a-service (SaaS) native on the cloud de Imburse is designed for the insurance sector. It offers greater ease and efficiency in insurance transactions end to end. In addition, Imburse enables insurers to quickly connect to the entire payments ecosystem at lower cost, seamlessly integrate into existing financial infrastructure and processes, and manage multiple partners for collections and disbursements, all in one place.

The platform is consumer-oriented and offers policyholders a flexible and easy-to-use checkout experience, as well as the possibility of directing payments quickly and safely.

As part of Duck Creek, Imburse will continue to serve its current customer base and markets, while accelerating expansion goals to new customers throughout Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific. Although Imburse will continue to be available as a standalone, the platform will be fully integrated with Duck Creek’s suite of technology solutions, further enabling insurers’ digital transformation goals through modern tools.

Product for the global industry of the sector

“Imburse has developed a great product for the global insurance industry that is not only easy to integrate and implement, but also offers insurers incredible flexibility and payment options”said Mike Jackowski, CEO of Duck Creek Technologys. “Imburse has a robust team that represents the core values ​​of Duck Creek. They have deep experience across the payments ecosystem and will help extend Duck Creek’s leadership in the insurance industry.”

“Being a part of Duck Creek will further accelerate our mission to simplify the way businesses around the world access the global payments ecosystem,” said Oliver Werneyer, CEO of Imburse. “We are excited to be a part of Duck Creek and to work together to deliver modern technology innovations that will transform the insurance industry of the future.”

The acquisition remains subject to customary closing conditions and is expected to close during the second fiscal quarter of 2023.

The Creek Technologys entry acquires Imburse to improve the payment experience is original of MuyPymes

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The Community of Madrid chooses EAE Business School as project accelerator

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EAE Business School Campus 1

EAE Business School Madrid, which is part of Planeta Formación y Universidades, has been chosen by the Community of Madrid What innovative project accelerator of entrepreneurship, in collaboration with other prestigious entities such as Lanzadera and Wayra. This initiative is expected to contribute to accelerating 50 new ideas and projects.

Within the framework of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan, financed by the European Union – Next Generation fund, the business school has been chosen as the head of this initiative in Madrid whose objective is to promote entrepreneurship and the talent of the region, strengthening the value chain of the cultural and creative industry and, therefore, stimulating the recovery of the Spanish economy.

«Being the only educational institution chosen by the Community of Madrid as an accelerator agent is an important recognition of which we are very proud. Collaboration in this project reinforces the great work that EAE Business School Madrid is doing to promote entrepreneurship and innovation, vital aspects for our school. In addition, this initiative reinforces our commitment to position EAE Business School Madrid as a key school for attracting young entrepreneurs with disruptive and creative ideas that will lead the future of the business and economic ecosystem in Madrid and, therefore, in Spain.”says Javier Almazán, Director of EAE Business School Madrid.

Flexibility and adaptability of business projects

The accelerator and its development programs will contribute to increasing the flexibility and adaptability of new business projects, in a global context of continuous change. Its objective is not only focused on providing capital through seed investmentsbut also in accompanying ideas with high growth potential in order to implement them successfully.

To this end, EAE Business School Madrid will play the role of mentor and tutor to entrepreneurs, offering intensive training programs and thus contributing to generating an ecosystem of cooperation and communication with other agents and strategic entities.

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In addition, this mentoring will boost the transformation of cultural activities towards digitization thanks to the incorporation of new Technologys in projects, favoring synergies between the cultural and creative industry with other economic sectors. For this reason, the collaboration of EAE Business School Madrid will improve access to financing for cultural projects, accelerating the professional growth of entrepreneurs and companies.

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Tilby, new POS software in the cloud for commerce

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fotonoticia 20220523173112 1200 1

The consumption habits of the clients of hotels, restaurants and retail trade they are changing to forced marches after the pandemic, where customers use multiple channels to make their purchases and interact with the establishment.

In this new scenario, a simple cash register or POS is no longer enough. Small hospitality and retail businesses need solutions with which to efficiently manage all their sales channels -physical establishments, online stores, apps, click & collect, delivery chains…-, facilitate the purchase process and build customer loyalty.

We are experiencing a true digital transformation of small businesses, which need to move towards a management model that provides a 360º and omnichannel vision.

Tilby, the cutting-edge POS software in the Zucchetti Group cloud

In order to respond to this need, Zucchetti Spain has incorporated into its portfolio of solutions Tilby, the innovative cloud POS software from the Zucchetti Group. This POS solution in the cloud differs from other solutions due to its quick start-up, its easy handling and because it simplifies daily work by allowing sales analysis, improving customer service and billing.

Tilby’s innovative cloud technology allows you to manage reservations, orders, stocks and sales from a tablet, computer or smartphone, in order to facilitate management. Thanks to its features, there is quick access to accounting, statistics and much more, for all sales channels. The possibility of access with mobile phone to monitor stores at any time and from anywhere is particularly useful.

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The solution is very intuitive and easy to use. Its implementation is very fast; All you need is a tablet (IOS or Android), computer (Windows or Mac) or smartphone and internet access. Thanks to the API’s, it can be integrated with other software solutions such as ERP’s or PMS’s or with the main delivery chains, something that is increasingly demanded by the consumer. In addition, it has analysis functionalities for a correct follow-up of sales, customers and employee performance.

This revolutionary solution is compatible with Windows, Android, macOS and IOS and also covers businesses that work in international environments.

A deep knowledge of the sector

The Zucchetti Group has in-depth knowledge of the hotel, restaurant and retail market, and has extensive experience developing and implementing software for this sector, with four powerful POS solutions for all types of businesses and more than 44,500 customers worldwide.

In our country, Zucchetti Spain guarantees a close and personalized service through its team of 300 highly qualified professionals.

A promotion for the digitization of Spanish bars, restaurants, hotels and shops

In order to promote the digital transformation of small hospitality and retail trade in our country, companies that hire Tilby before March 31 will benefit from a 25% discount. A unique opportunity to adapt to the new market and be able to compete with the large companies and chains in the sector.

In addition, Zucchetti Spain accompanies this launch with the publication of a didactic guide in which it analyzes the strategic role of POS software and provides the keys for a new omnichannel management. The Guide “POS software for small hospitality and commerce” is now available for free on the software manufacturer’s website.

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