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New draft law: What should now change with ID cards and passports

As announced by the Federal Ministry of the Interior, the planned law creates the basis for passports, identity cards, eID cards and electronic residence permits no longer having to be picked up at the Citizens’ Registration Office, but being sent to them. That would mean that you would only have to go to the office once for a new passport instead of twice as before.

Before this can happen, however, the respective ordinances still have to be adjusted and approved by the Federal Council. This can be expected in autumn at the earliest, also because the type of delivery has not yet been finally clarified due to the high security standards required.

“We want a digital state that is consistently thought of from the perspective of the citizen,” said Interior Minister Nancy Faeser (SPD).


Only 59 euros: Severin vacuum robot with stair sensor and high battery performance

With the Severin vacuum robot, you no longer have to worry about regular vacuuming, as it reliably cleans hard floors and short-pile carpets. It cleans very quietly. The vacuum cleaner robot manages up to 100 m² in one go to clean and has extra-long side brushes, a rubberized furniture protection and sensor technology with step recognition for thorough and safe cleaning. Get the practical entry-level branded vacuum robot for yourself now for only 59 euros and save 30 euros compared to the normal price of 89 euros.

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HP ZBook Firefly 16 G9: Buy your laptop at NBB for the best price

Sie brauchen einen transportablen, robusten und leistungsfähigen Laptop? Dann ist das HP ZBook Firefly 16 G9 ein heißer Kandidat. Für Anwender wie Office-Power-Nutzer und Kreative will HP mit dem Gerät einen neuen Maßstab für mobile Workstations setzen. Die Robustheit des Notebooks wurde in einem militärischen Testverfahren (Standard MIL-STD810G) geprüft. Das vergleichsweise geringe Gewicht von 1,8 Kilogramm macht das Laptop zum ständigen Begleiter. Bei Notebooksbilliger (NBB) gibt es diese Woche das 16-Zoll-Notebook für 1.699 Euro – plus 7,99 Versandkosten. A special one[–>Cashback-Aktion from HP pushes the price down by another 100 euros. Ideally, you buy the mobile power workstation for 1.607 Euro. According to the price comparison portal idealo you save rund 133 Euro compared to the online competition (all information as of June 7, 2023). HP ZBook Firefly 16 G9 im Angebot

Das entspiegelte, hochauflösende IPS-Display des Laptops bietet WUXGA-Auflösung (1920×1200 Pixel) und eine Bildschirm-Diagonale von 16 Zoll (40,6 Zentimeter). Der Intel Core i7-Prozessor und 32 Gigabyte Arbeitsspeicher (RAM) sorgen für ausreichend Performance. An Speicherplatz stehen 1 Terabyte in Form eines SSD-M.2-Riegels zur Verfügung. Office-Arbeiten erledigt das ZBook Firefly wie im Flug, doch auch für fordernde Aufgaben wie Bildbearbeitung oder Videoschnitt dürfte die Leistung der integrierten Nvidia T550 ausreichen.

Buy cheap HP ZBook Firefly 16 G9 at NBB

An Schnittstellen finden sich im HP-Notebook: 2x USB 3.2-(Typ A), 2x USB 4 (Typ-C), ein HDMI-Eingang, ein Kopfhörerausgang, Mikrofoneingang, Bluetooth 5.2, WiFi 6ax. Die Laufzeit des 76-Wh-Akkus soll bei rund 11,5 Stunden liegen. Der HP Long Life Li-Ion-Polymer-Akku unterstützt zudem schnelles Aufladen. So soll er in circa 30 Minuten bis zu 50 Prozent geladen sein. Zusätzlich ist der Laptop unter anderem mit einer HD-Webcam und Windows 11 Pro ausgestattet.

  • Display: 16 inches (40.64 cm); anti-reflective; 1920×1200 pixels (WUXGA); IPS panel
  • Prozessor: Intel Core i7-1255U (12th Gen) – 4.70GHz
  • RAM: 32GB
  • Speicher: 1TB SSD
  • Grafik: Nvidia Quadro T550 4GB
  • Preis: 1,599 euros plus 7.99 euros shipping (including cashback) – you save rund 133 Euro

Alternative Technik-Spartipps

Fürs Großreinemachen muss ein neuer Sauger her, aber auf lästige Kabel wollen Sie verzichten? Dann lohnt ein Blick in den “Akku-Staubsauger Vergleich 2023“. Are you looking for other notebooks, monitors, PCs or accessories? Then you will find them on the[–>Notebooksbilliger-Gutscheinseite

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Teufel Airy TWS: Wireless in-ear headphones for freedom and sound enjoyment

The most important things summarized:

  • The Teufel Airy TWS in-ear headphones offer a wireless solution for on the go and impress with an impressive battery life and compact design.
  • You can currently buy the product at Get the *text muted* for 100 euros
  • Below you will find an excerpt of our best list of Bluetooth headphones

With a weight of only 50 grams, the Teufel Airy TWS can be carried comfortably and allows hours of music enjoyment. The battery life of the Teufel Airy TWS is an impressive 7 hours and 31 minutes without active noise cancellation (ANC). A 15-minute quick charge allows for 1 hour and 28 minutes of playback time without ANC.

The water resistance is certified to IPX3. However, the Teufel Airy TWS does not support Active Noise Canceling (ANC). Ambient Aware Mode and Bluetooth Multipoint are not available. The aptX codec is not supported. The compact design of the headphones is complemented by a practical magnetic holder in the charging cradle. However, wireless charging of the charging cradle is not possible. The Teufel Airy TWS is controlled via touch-sensitive controls that enable play, pause, volume control and skip forward and backward.

Our conclusion at the time of testing:

“The Teufel Airy TWS could be so good: The sound is first-class, the Bluetooth connection is stable. However, the incomplete equipment then pulls the overall result down. The in-ear headphones lack almost everything here. Without ANC and with only The Teufel Airy TWS doesn’t have much to offer in terms of light splash water protection. While the price is in the upper mid-range, we sort the headphones overall more into the purist class. Unfortunately, the excellent sound doesn’t save the overall picture in this case.”

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