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Netflix Top 10: Most popular series and films in United States

The Colombian series “Herzschlag” tops the top ten in May.

Good films and series on Netflix are not always easy to discover. But since February 2020, the streaming service has made it easier to find exciting content with its top 10 lists. These reveal the currently most popular Netflix series and films based on the number of viewers in the respective country.

Every Friday we present the current Netflix series and film charts for Germany. To do this, we enrich the top 10 with relevant information where possible – such as ratings from IMDb, the number of episodes, weekly trends and more.

Netflix charts: How are the top 10 determined?

In the cinema charts it is clear: the top list is determined by sales. But how does Netflix, as a subscription service, determine which series and films are the most popular? Netflix initially counted all member accounts that watched a movie or series for at least 2 minutes in the past 24 hours. However, the streaming service does not reveal the exact number of viewers.

In October, Netflix announced that it would be based on the total number of hours streamed in the future. A comparison of Netflix including numbers for viewers and hours from the end of September 2021 showed the differences that result from this.

The Netflix charts in the app and on the website are updated several times a day. Our top 10 – first the series, then the films – are therefore only a snapshot in each case.

Explanations: The information in brackets shows the change in ranking since the last update. If there are several seasons, we always give the most recent one.

Current status: Friday, May 13, 2022

Top 10: Netflix series in Germany

  1. Welcome to Eden (New)
    Mysteries, science fiction | Spain 2022
    Season 1 | 8 episodes | IMDb 5.1/10
    Seen? We have all the info for Season 2 of Welcome to Eden
  2. Workin’ Moms (New)
    comedy | Canada 2017-
    Season 6 | 13 episodes | IMDb 7.7/10
  3. Heartbeat (-2)
    thriller | Colombia 2022-
    Season 1 | 14 episodes | IMDb 7/10
  4. ozark (-2)
    Crime, Thriller | United States 2017-2022
    Season 4 | 14 episodes | IMDb 8.5/10
    Seen? We have all the information about the final season of Ozark
  5. Better Call Saul (+1)
    Crime Series, Drama | United States 2015-2022
    Season 6 | 13 episodes | IMDb 8.8/10
  6. Bridgerton (-2)
    Drama, Romance | USA 2020-
    Season 1 | 8 episodes | IMDb 7.3/10
    Seen? We have all the info on Bridgerton season 3
  7. The Royals (-4)
    Drama | United States 2015-2018
    Season 4 | 10 episodes | IMDb 7.4/10
  8. Clark (New)
    Crime | Sweden 2022
    Mini Series | 6 episodes | IMDb 7.5/10
  9. The Circle: United States (New)
    reality show | USA 2020-
    Season 4 | 13 episodes | IMDb 7.3/10
  10. heartstopper (-)8th
    Drama, Romance | UK 2022-
    Season 1 | 8 episodes | IMDb 9.0/10
    Seen? We’ve got all the info on Heartstopper Season 2

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New in May 2022 | Netflix

Source: Netflix

Top 10: Netflix films in Germany

  1. A murder team is investigating again (New)
    Action, Crime | France 2022 | OT: Loin du periph
    121 minutes | IMDb 5.7/10
    With Omar Sy, Laurent Lafitte, Izïe Higelin
  2. Because of You (New)
    Drama | United States 2022 | OT: Along for the Ride
    107 minutes | IMDb 6.0/10
    With Emma Pasarow, Belmont Cameli, Kate Bosworth
  3. Our father dr. Cline (New)
    Documentation | United States 2022 | OT: Our Father
    97 minutes | IMDb 6.7/10
  4. Perfect is different (New)
    comedy | Spain 2022 | Original title: La familia perfecta
    106 minutes | IMDb 5.4/10
    With Belén Rueda, José Coronado, Gonzalo de Castro
  5. 365 Days: This day (-4)
    Drama | Poland 2022 | OT: 365 Days: This Day
    111 minutes | IMDb 2.9/10
    With Anna-Maria Sieklucka, Michele Morrone, Simone Susinna
  6. Marmaduke (New)
    Comedy Animation | United States 2022
    90 minutes | IMDb 3.0/10
  7. Constantine (New)
    actions | United States 2005
    120 minutes | IMDb 7.0/10
    Starring Keanu Reeves, Rachel Weisz, Shia LaBeouf
  8. The heavyweight (New)
    Family Film, Comedy | United States 2012 | OT: Here Comes the Boom
    105 minutes | IMDb 6.4/10
    Starring Kevin James, Salma Hayek, Henry Winkler
  9. Aquaman (-4)
    actions | United States 2018
    143 minutes | IMDb 6.8/10
    Starring Jason Momoa, Amber Heard, Willem Dafoe
  10. Fack ju Göhte 3 (-)
    comedy | Germany 2017
    114 minutes | IMDb 5.4/10
    With Elyas M’Barek, Jella Haase, Sandra Müller

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Hot and How?

Neighborhood businesses are consolidated as delivery and collection points

The neighborhood businesses They have been subjected to tension for three years without limit or signs of ending in the short term, creating a panorama of uncertainty that puts their ability to continue holding on at risk.

But there are more and more formulas to try to survive in very complex environments. And one of them is offered by InPost, the leading European logistics company in non-home delivery, with its program to become Pack point. It simply consists of operate as a point of collection and delivery of orders What people do who do not want to have to wait at home for the courier, but prefer to choose where to receive their purchases online and pick them up whenever they want.

It is the great logistics revolution, and it is helping to save many businesses from the abyss.

Being an InPost Pack Point: extra income and more potential customers

The company has collected testimonials from some Punto Pack spread throughout Spain, where its hybrid network of Punto Pack and Lockers already exceeds 4,000 points. If there is unanimity about something, it is that becoming an InPost Pack Point allows neighborhood businesses to gain visibility, since it contributes to a greater traffic of people who enter the establishment to collect their orders.

“Since we are Punto Pack many more people know us”, they explain in Risbar, a Madrid courier company. They agree with this vision at the Arancia gas station, in El Puerto de Santa María (Cádiz), where they also add that “almost all people, when they come to bring or pick up a package, usually buy a product”.

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Cross selling

In InPost they call this ‘cross-selling’, and it is one of the benefits of becoming a Punto Pack: increasing sales simply by increasing the number of customers entering the establishment. “We have increased sales by 70% thanks to being Punto Pack”they explain in Neko, a newspaper and candy store located in Badajoz that even figures in a 40% of the monthly income that comes from your condition as Punto Pack. Its manager goes further and stresses that, thanks to their role as Punto Pack, they were able to survive the worst moments of the pandemic thanks to the income generated as InPost’s Punto Pack.

In other cases, businesses such as stationery La Repro, located in Aranjuez (Madrid), highlights that the flow of people that enters your establishment is a lifeline for sectors in which seasonality wreaks havoc. And it is that, while its main business fluctuates at certain times of the year, the lack of people who come to pick up packages does not stop at any time, with peaks of activity on certain dates, such as Black Friday or Christmas.

In addition, the manager of La Repro assures that “50% of Punto Pack customers” who approach your “establishment to pick up or send a package, buy a product” of your trade.

“For us, these testimonials are a source of pride and joy, as they show that the utility of our non-home shipping model not only makes life easier for people who choose InPost as their shipping method when shopping online. does not improve the efficiency of courier companies, but rather has a direct positive impact on the local commercial fabric, which is usually the one that suffers the most from any economic or social turbulence”explains Nicola D’Elia, CEO in Spain, Portugal and Italy of the InPost group.

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Is Buy Instagram Followers a Good Way to Get Advertisers for My Business?

Instagram is one of the best social media platforms for brands to market their products. This is because it has more than 500 million monthly active users, and these users share 90 million photos per day. A lot of these users are teenagers who are very active on Instagram. However, there are some brands that realize that they do not have enough followers on Instagram so they decide to buy Instagram followers from third-party websites that offer this service.

What is buying Instagram followers?

When you buy Instagram followers Canada, you’re paying a company to increase your follower count. This is usually cheaper than paying for advertising on Instagram and can help you get more exposure for your business.

The reason why people choose to buy Instagram followers is because it’s easier than trying to grow their audience organically (i.e., without using any paid services). If you want more people following your business profile or blog posts, then it may be worth considering this option as a way of getting started quickly with little effort required on your part.

Why do brands need to buy Instagram followers?

If you’re a brand, buying followers can be a great way to get more exposure. If you have a large following, then more people will see your posts and follow along with you. This will also make it easier for advertisers and sponsors to spot your account as one that’s worth advertising on because of its large audience base.

The same goes for individual users who want their accounts to stand out in the crowd: having lots of followers means people will pay attention when they do post something new. It’s important to note that buying followers doesn’t always mean they’ll engage with those posts (or even look at them at all), but since many users don’t take time out of their day just so they can scroll through thousands upon thousands of photos posted daily–and since most social media platforms require some sort of engagement before showing any given picture or video–having enough people scrolling through Instagram means there’s always potential someone might see yours!

Advantages of buying Instagram followers

If you buy Instagram followers Canada, you will be able to get more exposure, more followers and engagement. You will also get likes, comments and impressions. The more people see your content on Instagram the better it is for business as a whole.

The main advantage of buying Instagram followers is that it will give a boost to the number of likes and comments on your posts which leads to increased brand awareness for your brand or product/service offering on social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter where users share links from different websites including YouTube videos etc., which helps in building awareness about the product/service offering among potential customers while also increasing sales conversions over time through organic growth via word-of-mouth marketing campaigns (WOM) such as sharing stories with friends/family members who may have interest in learning more about what makes them successful so they can do similar things themselves!

Disadvantages of buying Instagram followers

There are many reasons why you should not buy Instagram followers Canada. First, if you have too many followers and/or likes on your posts, it can look suspicious to advertisers and make them question the legitimacy of your account. Second, if someone is able to identify that you are buying followers or likes on their own, they may report this activity as *text muted* and have it taken down by Instagram. Thirdly, having an excessive amount of fake accounts following your profile makes it harder for real users who want to follow you because they see so many fake accounts already following them in the first place!

it’s a good idea to buy more Instagram followers if you can afford it

It’s a good idea to buy more Instagram followers if you can afford it. To decide whether or not this is right for your business, consider the following:

  • Are you aware of the risks? If someone finds out that your account has been bought or boosted, they might think less of your brand. They may also assume that all of its other followers were purchased as well (which they might not have been). This could cause them not to trust anything else on the page–and even lead them away from it altogether.
  • Are you aware of how much work goes into building real engagement? Getting organic engagement takes time and effort; buying followers does not come with any guarantee that people will engage with what’s posted on your account in any meaningful way after being added by bots or *text muted*mers who don’t care about what kind of content is being shared there anyway!


We hope this article has given you a better understanding of buy Instagram followers and the benefits it can bring. We also understand that not everyone has the budget for this type of advertising, but if you do want to get more followers on Instagram then we recommend doing some research into how much it costs first before committing any money!

Visit: Tech Xataka For more information

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Hot and How?

Desigual seeks the best startups to participate in Awesome Lab

Desigual reinforces its interest in innovation and emerging companies, with the launch of a open call to incorporate new projects to Awesome Labits innovation program.

The fashion brand has the collaboration of Wayra, Telefónica’s open innovation initiative and a benchmark in technological progress and growth of the ecosystem of entrepreneurs in Spain.

It is an international call that runs until March 27. Interested startups may submit their applications through the Awesome Lab website. Desigual and Wayra will look at the projects that they can contribute solutions in key areas for the company and the fashion sector such as the user experience, the analysis of customer and product-oriented data, the payment methods or the optimization of the logistics channel.

The announcement was made during Desigual’s participation in 4FYN, the event dedicated to the entrepreneurial ecosystem that is held within the framework of the Mobile World Congress. In the words of Thomas Meyer, founder and president of Desigual, “Since our origins we have opted for innovation, it is one of our pillars within the Open Desigual philosophy and the one that allows us to maintain the spirit of constant transformation that characterizes us. We want to continue advancing and this is only possible by generating new opportunities that allow us to develop new ways of working and the incorporation of ideas and evolution in all areas and levels of the company”.

This open call seeks to attract projects that can make a difference in the textile sector. It will be carried out in different stages, which will begin with the analysis of the submitted applications and a first selection of between eight and 10 companies that will have the opportunity to present their proposal before an expert jury in April.

Warning, scroll to continue reading

Finally, four will be chosen to develop the pilot projects and work with the different areas of the company starting in May.

A continued commitment to collaboration and innovation

Awesome Lab was born in 2021 as the first accelerator for startups in the fashion sector in Spain. A pioneering project that in its first edition had the participation of seven emerging companies including Syrup, a solution based on Artificial Intelligence for inventory management that has participated in the Desigual conference at the Agora Stage of 4FYN.

In this second edition of the programme, which began last October, Desigual has focused on reinforcing the partnership principle and have startups in an advanced phase that allow proof of concept (POC) to be activated almost from the outset.

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