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More than 300 channels and thousands of free movies. This app stands up to Netflix and company to conquer your Smart TV

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On different occasions we have talked about free alternatives to the streaming market under subscription. There appear specialized and free platforms such as Pluto TV, Distro TV, Samsung TV Plus or Rlaxx TV, alternatives to classic television to watch content from our smart TVs, computers and mobile phones.

But what not everyone knows is that there is an application that allows access to more than 300 channels with programs, movies and series which is also a great alternative to IPTV services either through direct access lists or link aggregators. An app called Plex and that perhaps you associated with other types of functions.

Free content until you get bored

Plex is a well-known application, it is true, but many associate it exclusively with a way with which you can turn your computer into a multimedia center that can be accessed from the TVand capable of recognizing most files that we have stored locally on a computer, NAS or similar.

But Plex also offers access to a huge catalog full of movies, series and programs. A platform of style FAST (Free Ad-Supported Television) which offers free content in exchange for watching some ads.

Plex offers access to a large number of live television channels and free on-demand access content that they began to offer in 2020. More than 300 channels and 50,000 movies and series.

Plex capture in the app

Plex in the app

To benefit from these channels, you can download the Plex application on your Smart TV, but also on your phone or tablet. It is a cross-platform softwarewhich means that you can also install it on Smart TV with Android TV or Google TV or on LG TVs with WebOS, Panasonic with Firefox OS, Samsung with Tizen operating system and Hisense TVs with VIDAA.


Additionally, you can skip this step and access Plex without installing apps. To achieve this you can use the browser on your PC, mobile or TV and enter the Plex website. You must download it and then you have to create an account, something that is totally free. Once installed and logged in, just look at the side panel of the application

So you can use Plex from Kodi and these are the advantages it offers compared to the official application

Once inside, click on “Live TV”, Choose any of the categories and a page will open with a video and you will only have to click on “tune it free” to enter Plex and access the content.


As for the content available, there is everything from programming for the little ones to more than 300 movie channels, cinema, series, documentaries, reports, nature channels, motor, sports, extreme sports, reality television, etc. In addition, there are channels dedicated to specific programs such as the FailArmy either AFV.


You can access files with different content, with synopses and all kinds of information. You can see channels linearly, live either “Movies and shows” if you prefer to access content on demand.


There is also à la carte content in the section Movies & TV Shows, access to movies is offered with their thumbnails so that we can access thousands of free movies in a very visual way. Of course, since it is free, it is content that is already a few years old, so forget about big releases.


Among the drawbacks that can be made is that there is a lot of content that it is in english without the possibility of changing the language, although subtitles can be used. But little by little the availability of content in Spanish is increasing.


For security reasons, you cannot capture the screen. “Down with love” should be there

Content appears in 1080p resolution and the same as in video-on-demand platforms like Netflix and company, you can move back and forth to reach any point. Plus, if you take a break, the system remembers where you left off so you can pick it up another day.


For security reasons, you cannot capture the screen.

It is a free application and as we have already said, you will not find the latest releases or the best image quality and you will also have to watch some ads. But it is a good alternative at a time when subscriptions continue to rise in price.

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