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Microsoft is starting to show Microsoft 365 ads

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If you’ve recently come across a full-screen Microsoft 365 ad when turning on your Windows-based PC or laptop, don’t worry, this is totally normal, as it’s part of a new move from the Redmond giant to promote your well-known office automation and productivity platform which, as our regular readers will know, works under the subscription model.

There are several users who have reported this case, and for some it is a problem because apparently the ad does not give the option to decline the subscription to Microsoft 365not even if we click on the buttons that, in theory, are used precisely for that.

According to the affected users, although the ad gives the option of accepting a month of free subscription to said service or rejecting the promotion, when the user chooses the second option is redirected to a payment confirmation platform.

Once in that payment gateway, the user can only escape from that trap by clicking on “start trial, buy later”. Other users have confirmed that there is no way to skip this ad, and that they have even had to enter their credit card details to be able to advance, and that once the boot process of their PC was finished they proceeded to cancel the subscription.

The truth is that everything seems to indicate that it is a failure, that is, a bug, and not something intentional on the part of Microsoft. Still, it is clear that the company You must give a solution as soon as possible. and that you should be much more careful with this kind of thing.

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To prevent these types of ads from appearing, the only solution is Disable the Internet connection during the boot of our equipment.

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