Jason Bourne could be back with a new movie

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And it would have already found its director.

Matt Damon as Jason Bourne

The legendary spy with amnesia, Jason Bourne, could return to the big screen If we pay attention to the rumors that also claim that there would already be elected director for this new film. The character created by writer Robert Ludlum in the early 1980s would thus star in his sixth film after the four starring Matt Damon and one in which Jeremy Renner, who is still recovering from his accident, played the famous agent.

For now it is little more than vague information, but, apparently, Universal Pictures, owner of the intellectual property in the cinema and who already produced the previous films, would already be thinking about the return of Jason Bourne and the director chosen for it would be Edward Bergerwho has to his credit one of the best Netflix productions that is also one of the best war movies of the platform as it is_ No news on the front_ (All Quiet on the Western Front).

For now, Universal Pictures he did not want to respond to these insinuations, but if they are true it would be a project many months away, probably years, since now would be when a script that has Damon himself in mind as the first option would be beginning to take shape. Let us remember that for the also protagonist of The unstoppable Will Hunting either ELysium“Jason Bourne is the most important role of my career”, and that already in 2020 Frank Marshall, producer of the previous 4 films, was looking to restart the saga under the mandate of a new director.

Jason Bourne

The Bourne Saga follows the story of former secret agent, Jason Bourne, who emerges from his self-imposed anonymity in the middle of a dangerous spy game. With the threat of new revelations about his past, Bourne embarks on a global quest to discover the truth behind his and his identity. connection with the secret program that transformed him into a lethal agent. Pursued by the CIA and facing relentless adversaries, Bourne deploys his exceptional abilities to unravel a conspiracy that takes him from the streets of Europe to computer conflicts in Las Vegas, defying everything in his path to find answers and redeem your personal history.

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