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It works with solar energy, it can charge the mobile and you can use it as a flashlight

IKEA It continues to be interested in launching its own technology products that also have a most peculiar and differentiating design, always with decorative touches.

And the latest addition to the company’s catalog are some curious led lighting lamps that put emphasis on not need electricity to work, since they are recharged directly with solar energy.

A beautiful design to attract attention in the living room

Ikea Sammanlankad Felix Hallwachs Ph192740 0d0bc229

Although the idea of ​​having solar lamps It is not new and in fact we have already discussed here in previous articles how to use and take advantage of this type of device. The curious thing about the IKEA product is its peculiar shape that will undoubtedly delight astronomy lovers.

Under the unpronounceable name of SAMMANLÄNKAD we find two lamps, one desktop and the other portable that have been designed in collaboration with little sunan organization dedicated to expanding access to solar energy Technologys in regions where there is no electricity grid.

The most striking SAMMANLÄNKAD model is undoubtedly the desktop one, which looks like a kind of miniature solar system with a semicircle in the central part that incorporates LED diodes, thus creating the sensation of having the sun in the living room.

Ikea Sammanlankad 8 F8e0f6e8 Figure Image Desktop

These LED diodes are surrounded by a mirror which helps to reflect and expand the light more, and the whole set is coupled to a kind of gyroscope that we can direct at will to direct it towards the nearest source of sunlight, although we also have the option of extracting the central part of the lamp and thus having a kind of auxiliary flashlight.


The other lamp model is directly portable, for indoor or outdoor use and can be placed next to a window during the day to recharge its batteries.

Ikea Sammanlankad Ph192859 1c012dd7

In fact, both models have miniature solar panels that recharge the internal lithium batteries, although the desktop model also includes a recharging system from the network through a USB-A or USB-C portalso functioning as load bank for mobile terminalsso we can use solar energy to charge our gadgets and save electricity.

Price and availability

IKEA’s new solar lamps will go on sale in April of this 2023although the manufacturer has not yet specified the markets to which it will reach or the sale prices.

More information | IKEA

Images | IKEA

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Samsung unveils the most powerful cordless vacuum cleaner in its catalog and a filter to reduce microplastic emissions

Samsung has numerous products focused on the smart home in its catalog. Most of them work with their SmartThings platform, achieving a connected ecosystem that allows us to interact with each of their devices. On this occasion we will tell you all about two products aimed at cleaning the home that the firm has recently shown.

This time, on the occasion of its presentation on the future of its Bespoke range, the company has announced two new products that will soon arrive in stores. We talk about your Bespoke Jet AI cordless vacuum cleaner and its external filter for washing machines Microfiber Filter. Under these lines we leave you with all the information.

Samsung’s most powerful cordless vacuum cleaner

Undoubtedly one of the most outstanding products that the firm has presented today is its Bespoke Jet AI, considered by Samsung as the most powerful cordless vacuum cleaner in its catalog. Its suction power reaches 280 AW (or 14.56 KPa if we do the conversion) and it is possible to purchase it together with an all-in-one cleaning station that allows us to empty the garbage can automatically.

The vacuum cleaner also offers a series of intelligent functions to optimize its operation and mode of use. Its motor power reaches 730 W, and according to Samsung it is the company’s most powerful suction motor to date.

Image: Samsung

In terms of autonomy, the Bespoke Jet AI has a 4,500 mAh battery, which allows it to work up to about 100 minutes about no wires. Its capacity has been increased by 80% compared to the previous model and, according to the company, it has been optimized to maintain 70% of its performance up to the first 500 cycles.

The vacuum offers LED lighting to highlight dust in darker areas. In addition, it has a series of special brushes to reach the most difficult areas. The vacuum cleaner has a support for accessories where we can store them comfortably.

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The AI ​​cleaning mode of the vacuum cleaner is capable of significantly reducing battery consumption depending on the brush used for cleaning. Besides, the vacuum is compatible with SmartThingswhich means that it includes WiFi connectivity to customize its functions and perform intelligent diagnostics.

To empty the bucket of the vacuum cleaner, it rotates its cyclone up to 1,000 RPM to empty all the waste and deposit it in the automatic emptying station. This also has a multilayer filtration system that traps 99.99% of dust.


The vacuum cleaner can be reserved in some countries of the European Union in the coming weeks, although there are still no details about its launch in Spain. We will have to wait for more information.

A filter for the microplastics generated by our washing

samsung filter

Image: Samsung

Another of Samsung’s outstanding products during the presentation was its external filter for washing machines, which aims to reduce 98% of emissions from microplastics in each wash cycle.

Samsung continues to insist on its commitment to sustainability and the environment. That is why one of the products unveiled today has been a filter that allows us to reduce plastic microfiber emissions during wash cycles. In this way, the company offers an easy-to-use sustainable way of washing.

“With the amount of microplastic emissions into our oceans increasing, regulations tightening in numerous countries, and ingestion rising as a health concern for consumers around the world, Samsung has partnered with Ocean Wise. and Patagonia to fight against the day-to-day emission of microplastics,” says Moohyung Lee, Executive Vice President and Head of Digital Appliances Business R&D Team at Samsung Electronics. “With innovations like the Microfiber Filter and the Less Microfiber™ cycle, Samsung enables Everyday Sustainability in a wide range of products and makes eco-conscious practices in everyday life emerge naturally in the home.”


Image: Samsung

According to Samsung, the filter is capable of capturing up to 98% of microplastics released during washing, thus preventing them from reaching the ocean. This product is a great advance over the “Less Microfiber” washing cycle that the company offered in some of its washing machines, since it managed to eliminate only 54% of microplastics in comparison.

Microfiber Filter is also made from recycled plastics according to the company. The blades of your filter capture microplastics with a mesh that goes from 65 to 70 centimeters. It then compresses and stores them without getting clogged. Of course, the user must clean it once a week or, at least, once a month, according to Samsung.

The company has announced this product for launch in Korea, although it has confirmed that it will also reach other countries and regions in Europe during the third quarter of this year.

More information | Bespoke Jet AI, Microfiber Filter

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Best IPTV Apps for Samsung Smart TVs with Tizen

In addition to the channels that you can play on your television through DTT, it is also possible to access a complete list of international channels and all kinds through IPTV lists. At Xataka Smart Home we have written about a multitude of methods to obtain this type of list, such as the one offered by TDTChannels for access some of the national channels for free and through the Internet.

In this case we will recommend a series of applications so you can access these IPTV lists through your Samsung TV. These clients do not have a direct way to play the channels, so you will be the one who must provide the application with the list of channels through a URL or a file that contains the list.

Most of the applications that we are going to recommend in this article are available through the official Samsung application store on your television, so all you have to do is do a simple search and download it to your TV.

What are IPTV lists?

These IPTV lists are usually found in .m3u, .m3u8 or w3u format, and are basically a collection of streaming channels that can be accessed through clients and applications that have the ability to decode these lists.

Most of the lists that circulate on the Internet are compilations of free national channelsalthough there are also (illegal) paid lists that depend on the user who has contracted IPTV services from their operator to recode and retransmit their signal over the Internet, communicating with this list through an IP address linked to the equipment.

Most players they will only ask us for the URL in which the list is located to be able to enjoy all the channels. However, it is also possible to transfer a file with the list of channels to the storage system of our TV.

IPTV Smarters Pro


It is one of the most recognized IPTV clients due to both the functions it provides and its constant support from its developers. This player offers compatibility with the main Smart TV platforms, including Samsung’s TizenOS.

The player includes advanced features such as the ability to play content in picture-in-picture mode, compatibility with lists in all kinds of formats including M3U, and VPN integration in case the user requires it.


Although these types of services are not illegal, its developers have had numerous problems to keep your tool in the major app stores. That is why its availability is sometimes limited. In Spain, his team received a sanction from LaLiga, preventing access to its website or the application. Due to this, although it is still the most recommended on platforms other than Google TV or Fire TV, it is likely that you will encounter problems when installing it.

Smart IPTV

smart iptv

Image: Smart IPTV

Undoubtedly one of the longest-lived and most effective IPTV players on Tizen. Smart IPTV is an application that offers a simple and functional design, allowing us to enjoy our IPTV lists without too much difficulty.

The application offers the possibility to organize the lists by categories and groups, EPG to obtain information about the programming, timer settings and more.

The client It is free through the official Samsung store on your Smart TV, although after the trial period we will have to activate it through a single payment of 5.49 euros through its official website. The app only weighs a little over 1 MB, so it won’t take up too much space on our television.



Another of the most recommended options on Samsung televisions is OTTPlayer. In this case we find a very simple and functional client, with compatibility with M3U and M3U8 lists and the possibility of seeing the information of the program that is being broadcast.

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To add IPTV lists you need to register on your portal and follow the instructions depending on the model of television you have. Once with the app on the television, we can add the URL that contains the list. Once this is done, the channels should appear in the client of our television instantly. The app is completely free, so we don’t have to worry about activating the service.



Image: SS IPTV

This is another of the best-known alternative clients for TizenOS to play IPTV lists. The app allows you to upload lists in multiple formats, including M2U, XSPF, asx, and pls. In addition, it includes parental control and EPG to obtain information about what is being broadcast on the channel.


The app is also compatible with many Samsung TV models, starting from models launched in 2011. To obtain it, we just have to go to the official Samsung application store on our television and search for it. This application it’s completely free, so we can enjoy all its content at no cost. In addition, it will not take up too much storage space on our TV either.

Fire TV or Chromecast. For many, the best option


In order to expand the amount of content and features on your Smart TV, purchasing a device with Fire TV OS, Android TV or Google TV will provide you with the greatest compatibility in terms of applications. In this way, you will be able to download highly recommended apps such as TiViMate for playing IPTV lists, among many others.

Normally, operating systems such as TizenOS, webOS and the like, usually have numerous limitations for the user in this regard. That is why many choose to purchase a multimedia device such as the Fire TV Stick, a Chromecast or similar. Frankly, if you find yourself in this situation, it is usually the best option to choose.

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How to turn off the TV correctly and more tricks so that the Smart TV lasts longer, works better and is accessible to everyone

Buying a television today means accessing a world of benefits that until recently was unimaginable. Count on applications and services for almost any utility it is something possible thanks to the complete and complex operating systems.

However, this complexity has affected some users, especially older people. Using a TV is no longer just changing channels. Now there are many more factors and for attempt that a Smart TV works as well as possible and also be easy to use, this is what I advise every time I am asked.

Turn off using the buttons

very important I never tire of saying it. Every time the television has to be turned off, it must be done using the buttonseither the one with the remote control or the one that appears hidden in many models and that you may not know.

And it is that many people have the TV connected to a power strip (intelligent or not) and they may think that it does not matter to turn it off from the power strip. Big mistake. By doing it this way what we are doing is cutting the current suddenlyand this may cause damage to the power supply of the TV

our telly It is designed to be paid with the remote control, so that the processes are closed properly and not suddenly. Paying the TV continuously from the power strip can subject it to sudden current spikes that can damage the feeder.

This is how I have connected a Smart TV with Google TV to forget about using the remote control

Besides, TVs have a Stand-By mode. It is during this rest period that some basic processes take place. for operation, as is the case with compensation cycles. If the TV is turned off abruptly, unplugging it or turning off the power strip, these processes are not carried out and may cause the television to not work correctly.

Install only the necessary applications


A modern Smart TV offers access to all kinds of applications. but it is advisable have installed only those that we are going to use and even more, I would say that only those that we use frequently.


The same thing that I advise on an Android mobile, in which we often try an app and then uninstall it, This maxim becomes supremely important on a Smart TV. There is a very limited space to install apps if we do not want to be inventive.

A saturation of apps causes the system to work more slowly and with a more pronounced lag at the same time that it generates a chaos of icons in which some users can get lost. So I always recommend having only the right amount installed and even removing the apps that manufacturers load and that don’t interest us.

In addition, an overexposure to a large number of applications that are often not going to be used, what they do is make the system messiersomething that affects above all some users who get lost with so many icons. And it is that many times we have apps installed that we have not requested (they come from home) and the best thing we can do with them is to delete them with a stroke of the pen.

reboot, it works


It is not the first time that an acquaintance has told me that their television has a malfunction. Either a channel is blocked, an application does not start, there are sporadic closures… very varied problems that can be easily solved.

And it is that I always recommend that, as in the case of the telephone, It is convenient from time to time to restart the TV. It can be restarted from the settings or in some cases, by leaving the remote control pressed for a few seconds. The purpose of this measure is to produce a real and complete shutdown of the system and cut some processes running in the background.

Clear the cache


Similarly, and in line with the above, I also recommend taking a look around the applications and clear cache. It is advice that not everyone knows how to apply and in some cases I have left a post-it explaining step by step, because it involves moving through the menus, but it is always convenient.

My Smart TV wouldn't let me update apps.  So I found the cause and this was the solution

And it is that in this way we are not only going to gain storage space, but also, incidentally We achieved an optimization of the system making it run more smoothly.

help you mobile


Another piece of advice that I usually give is use the mobile to control the television. It is ideal in those cases in which the remote control runs out of batteries or battery and when our television also does not have that small hidden button that we have mentioned before.

Is about use an app on the mobile that allows use it as a remote control. Also, if you have a TV with Android TV or Google TV you can use the Google Home app that you can download from Google Play or from the App Store and which is ideal for writing on TV from your mobile and thus not having to use the keys of the remote control.

Applying these little tips, you can make your TV work more efficientlyand also optimize its use so that it can be accessible to all types of users.

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