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IT trends that will transform the customer experience in retail in 2023

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The retail customer experience will continue to undergo notable changes throughout this new year thanks to the incorporation of technological innovations that will contribute to optimizing its operation.

In recent years, customer experience It has come a long way to get to the point where it is today. However, there is still a long way to go. The rise of e-commerce as a result of the pandemic led many to think that the physical store was in full decline. But today it is evident that it continues to enjoy full health and is one more channel to take into account when faced with customer demand.

A recent Emarsys report points out that 54% of buyers still prefer to buy in physical retail compared to any other channel, even ahead of online. Touching, seeing and experiencing new sensations that is being possible thanks to the incorporation of new Technologys in establishments such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and that offers consumers the interaction they are looking for.

Aware of this, the retail sector will advocate in 2023 for incorporating new Technologys that contribute to promoting this customer experience.

AI to transform inventory management

With the help of Artificial Intelligence, retail has a wide range of ways to improve the shopping experience. Being able to recognize every product from every angle without the need for cumbersome scanners makes it easy for store owners to track items from warehouse to shelf to shopping cart and checkout.

A better understanding of product movements improves the level of Inventory management. With supply chains still far from predictable, projecting inventory trends offers key forecasting to order products to better meet demand.

Boost to smart labeling

With a better perception of demand, thanks also to the availability of real-time information on stock levels, more and more dynamic prices are being introduced, especially in those cases in which the aim is to reduce product deterioration.

Smart labeling contributes to improving the customer experience as it can display information beyond price

the adoption of “smart” electronic tags makes it easy to update prices for entire shelves and even multiple locations instantly without having to manually replace price tags or banners.

This also helps improve the customer experience as these labels are easier to read and can display product information beyond price, such as recommendations for combining with other products or cost by weight or volume.


More self-pay options

Various studies point out that the main frustration of buyers is having to wait in long lines to pay. Customers want to find their products, pay and leave, without having to wait.

To solve it, some retailers are betting on the incorporation of innovations such as smart carts that use computer vision to automatically scan items when they are added to the cart, display a running total, and prompt the customer to check out digitally when done.

Alternatives include smart stores with cameras on the roof to track products using machine vision; self-checkout lanes for shoppers to register and pay for products independently; and in-store handheld scanners that connect to a payment app.

Although stores are embracing AI, they need employees, although the best way to employ them is being reconsidered

Rethink Human Resources

Although stores are rapidly embracing AI, they need employees, even if the best way to employ them is being reconsidered today.

Checkouts are increasingly becoming self-service, requiring fewer cashiers to manage multiple pay stations. In fact, a recent survey by Zebra Technologys found that 43% of retail decision makers are currently working to convert checkout areas into spaces for contactless payment solutions.

Employees released from purchase processing can be redeployed in the store to help customers find items, answer questions, and fix any problems they may have.

Customer experience expectations in retail are evolving as the latest technological advances continue to mature.

By using AI to refine stock levels and improve store layouts, replacing long checkout lines with automated processes, enhancing product information with electronic tags, and relocating store assistants, stores will offer every once again a smoother and more efficient experience.

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