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How to watch the Movistar Plus+ programming. All methods, from the deco to the mobile app

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We have talked about Movistar Plus+ in recent months. In addition to talking about its channels, which change periodically, we have seen the new channels created but also the opening to all users and that anyone can contract the television platform as well as the transition from channels to “premium” packages or under subscription or modifying the existing offer.

But now what we are going to see is how to consult the abundant and changing programming that the platform has. Having the Programming Guide always under control is very simple with one of these methods that we are going to review.

Three ways, one ending

It is about consulting all the Movistar Plus+ programming and have under control what appears in the “Programming Guide” in which the content that appears on all channels appears.

A place to see the programming for the next few days and not miss a series, movies, programs, documentaries or sporting events. And the same thing you do by pressing the guide button on your remote to see the DTT programming, you can also do with Movistar Plus+. And you can do it through the decoder, using mobile or on the web.

Using the deco


Image | Movistar

This is the most practical option if you are at home and have the remote control at hand. Simply press the Controller Guide button to see the weekly programming and the last seven days of all the channels you have contracted.

For move through all channels You can use the directional button using up or down or right and left if what you want is to move through the programming of any channel. Among the information you can find, in addition to seeing the specific content, is accessing its file, recording it or watching it from the beginning even if it has already started.

Using the mobile

Movistar Devices

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If you are not at home and do not have the remote control at hand, do not worry, since it is still possible to consult the programming. Simply access the Movistar Plus+ Mobile application. You can see what you want to see using day and channel filters and you can also set schedules to record something.

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If you don’t have the app at hand, you can use a browser on your mobile, tablet or PC and at You need to log in with your username and password and then access the Guide section of the channels you have contracted.

Using the web

Movistar Web

Image | Movistar

If you do not have the app at hand, you can use the website as before and go to and then log in with your username and password to access the app. Guide section.

But you can also click on this link or at and access the guide to find all programmingboth national and international channels by day and time slot.

To better locate what you are interested in you can use filters. You can search by channels and genre (Cinema, Series, Sports, Children’s, Music, Documentaries, Information or Entertainment) or even search by the name of what you want to watch

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