How to create Google Photos videos using AI

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Google Photos brings Artificial Intelligence to the creation of videos.

Although most of us know Google Photos As a tool to backup photos and videos, the reality is that it is also one of the easiest video editing apps to use for those who do not have much knowledge of the subject. And now making videos with your favorite photos is much easier thanks to Artificial Intelligence.

The use of AI in Google Photos is related to the creation of the featured image videos. They are those videos that the social network creates so that you have good memories about your favorite moments. Until now it was necessary to do them manually, but the process has been greatly simplified, becoming one of the best tricks to take advantage of Google Photos.

Featured Videos Google Photos

Screenshots of creating featured videos using Google Photos.

Steps to create a video in Google Photos using AI

The first thing you will have to do is open the Google Photos application. Once we are in it, we will click on the button Video with highlights which we will find at the top of the Gallery. At that moment, we will see a search button appear in which we will have to enter the term of what we want to star in our video. We can search for places, people or types of landscapes or objects. Basically, what you have to include at that point is the theme of the video.

Once we have done that, the application will take care of select images that you think may be interesting for us taking into account the search we have done. If there is something that we don’t like or that we don’t want to include in the video, we can do it manually, but the idea of ​​this new function is that the process is as automatic as possible.

When we have selected all the images that we want to include in our video, the next step will be to choose music clips that we want it to play while we see the photographs. As with images, the application itself will make proposals for music that the Artificial Intelligence considers may be suitable for our video. But if we wish, we can choose from all the clips available in the video tool, just as we could do until now when we edited a video in Google Photos manually.

Once we have finished editing our video, it will be stored in our Google Photos account. From there we can see it again as many times as we want, as well as share it on social networks or send it directly to our friends.

Mobile phone with Google Photos on the screen over a camera.

Google Photos will automatically choose the images to use in the videos.

What advantages does Artificial Intelligence have to make a video in Google Photos?

The function with Artificial intelligence What Google Photos brings us does not allow us to dub the voice of a video with AI or other functions that we find in other video editing tools. However, it represents an important advance with respect to the way we had of editing videos until now. And to make a composition with photos until now we had to choose the photos one by one. Something that may not have been too complicated if we wanted to make a video with a few photos, but could be really difficult when we wanted to include many photos.

Therefore, the main advantage that the use of Artificial Intelligence in Google Photos brings us is that It makes our work enormously easier. Especially considering that the use of AI gives us a result much more similar to what we would have done than if the application had limited itself to selecting some photos at random.

And until now Google Photos did offer us videos created automatically by the platform itself, which were sometimes a nice memory of a vacation or special moments. The problem is that these videos appeared randomly when the application “decided” that we had enough images to create one. We couldn’t ask the tool to make one of these videos whenever we wanted.

Furthermore, the use of Artificial Intelligence makes The final result is more similar to what we would have done by doing it ourselves. manually than the automatic function that we have been able to use until now to make this type of videos.

Google Photos Features

Summary of Google Photos features that you can use now.

Is the option to edit videos with AI in Google Photos now available to everyone?

If you have tried to create your own video in Google Photos with the help of Artificial Intelligence and you have not been able to find the steps that we have explained, don’t worry, It’s probably not your problem. This function was launched at the end of October, and has been progressively implemented in different users. In fact, the first users who were able to access it were Americans, while in the rest of the world it has taken a little longer.

Furthermore, it is also important that we keep in mind that in principle Google has only launched this new feature for Android users. Therefore, if you have an iPhone or if you usually use Google Photos from the desktop version, at the moment you will not be able to use Artificial Intelligence to create your videos with photos in this tool. Most likely, in the coming weeks or months this function will end up being implemented for all devices, but for now it seems that Google has decided to leave the scoop only for users of its own operating system.

Thus, the reality is that at the moment there are a large number of users who still cannot access this function. In case you are not one of the lucky ones you don’t have to do anything. Simply have a little patience and wait for Google to decide to bring the use of Artificial Intelligence to all users to make it a little easier to create our videos.

Meanwhile, of course You can continue creating your videos in Google Photos manually or wait for the application to send a notification indicating that you have prepared one of the automatic videos that it usually creates on a regular basis.

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