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How to apply for retirement pension online

Virtually any type of procedure can be carried out over the internet, including the retirement benefit. This is one of the most important procedures that any worker must carry out when they have reached the end of their working life and want to request your social rights. In this article we tell you how you will be able to carry out this procedure through the Electronic Office of Social Security.

It must be taken into account that to be able to carry out this procedure through the network you need to have a digital certificate or Cl@ve Permanente. In no case will it be allowed to do so with Cl@ve PIN or via SMS, since it is a procedure that requires a high level of security. Once you have this certificate, you will be able to start the process, but if you meet all the requirements.

Requirements to apply for retirement

It must be remembered that different requirements must be met in order to access this procedure. In general, in our country we find two types of pensions: contributory and non-contributory. The latter is designed for those people who have not been able to contribute too much in their last years of working life. In this case, the following points need to be met in 2022:

  • Be 65 years or older.

  • Accredit that the income or annual income is less than 5,899.60 euroswhich is the amount set for said pension in this year 2022.

  • Reside in Spanish territory and have done so for 10 years from the age of 16 until the moment the pension accrues.

But if, on the contrary, you have a good number of years of contributions, you will be able to request the contributory pension that will have a higher amount, always depending on the common contingencies that have been found in the different payrolls. To do this, the following requirements must be met by the year 2022:

  • As a general rule, in 2022, It is required to be 66 years and two months old or 65 if you have contributed at least 37 years and 6 months. The age and years of contribution required are increasing temporarily until the year 2027. As of that year, 67 years or 65 will be required if 38 years and 6 months of contribution are accredited.

  • Usually, the minimum contribution period is 15 years (5,475) having contributed 2 years of that total in the last 15 years immediately prior to retirement.

Once you have all these requirements under control, you can start the process at the Social Security Electronic Office. It should be noted that in some cases It will be necessary that you have all the documentation in order of your employment situation and financial to be able to demonstrate before the SS that you can request it. Although, sometimes with your own authorization it will be possible to consult this information in the different administrations such as the Tax Agency.

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Also, you should know that when you are working retirement You will be able to request it with a maximum advance of 3 months with respect to the date on which the retirement is supposed to take place. This is something that also applies to when some type of benefit is being collected.

application process

The first thing to do is to access the Social Security Electronic Office. Next, in the upper part, place the mouse cursor over citizens and in the drop-down menu click on pensions.


A list will appear with all the procedures that have some kind of relationship with the retirement of citizens. In this case, the section that says National Retirement to act on your own behalf, but you can act on behalf of a third person by clicking on National Retirement (as representative).


Identify yourself with one of the systems that are offered, and that we have previously discussed. Your personal information will automatically be loaded in the Your Social Security space. It’s important to put attention on If you are not over 52 years old, you will not be able to start the process and the system will back you out before starting. All the personal data of the person who is going to retire must be filled in with the greatest precision (name, ID, social security affiliation number…).


Among all the windows that will appear in the system, a lot of information will be required. From the number of people in charge, such as their own children or other relatives, even labor data such as the last day worked and also the occupation and even the reason for retirement.


Something really interesting is the type of personal income tax that is going to want to be imposed on retirement by being contributory. This means that depending on the amount, it is possible that you are interested in a certain amount so that after the income statement you do not pay too much. Finally, you will have to enter the account number and sign the application. .

From that moment the administrative procedure will begin in the General Treasury of the Social Security, which it can take several weeks. Likewise, at the end of this procedure it will be resolved with a resolution that will arrive at your home with all the necessary data of the benefit that you will begin to pay.

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