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How technology will advance to meet new expectations in the data age

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The advancement of technology continues to evolve to respond to the new needs that continue to arise in the new era of data. The rise of hyperconnectivity will drive the proliferation of data that will become especially relevant in the new cloud and Edge environments.

The data They have become a fundamental piece in all business strategies. That is why the technology adopted by organizations seeks to get the most out of the data and optimize performance to achieve the desired objectives.

For Dell Technologys vice president and co-chief operating officer Jeff Clarke, technology will move forward seeking to meet these new expectations based on data. Consequently, CIOs must take into account four trends that will mark the development of their businesses.

Technology will define the work experience

The future of work It is evolving, and as a hybrid world takes hold, technology will increasingly define the employee experience. This is a perfect opportunity to design what works best for each worker, their company, and their culture.

If at the beginning of the pandemic, work “from anywhere” was prioritized, in the next phase it is about improving the quality of work. We need the right tools, devices and workspaces that facilitate the colaboration for the job to work.

The walls of “closed” technological ecosystems will fall

In 2022 we have started to see a shift in the industry towards true multi-cloud architectures. These architectures use the services of whatever cloud is adopted, but will also make important capabilities “horizontal” across the multicloud environment.

A good example is storage and data as a common service that can be accessed by all clouds. Even the focus on Zero Trust security it should be about making sure that the multicloud security architecture is a common horizontal service, not a collection of silos.

The digital transformation of every company should benefit from greater openness and faster innovation in communication systems

Another interesting aspect is the digital transformation of telecommunications networks. Even wider adoption of virtualization, software-defined architectures, open systems, and open interfaces is anticipated with the early adoption of concepts such as OpenRAN.

In this way, the digital transformation of each company should benefit from greater openness and faster innovation in communication systems. With this, it is expected that, in 2023, innovation will focus on making the entire technological ecosystem work as a platform for digital transformation.

And there’s a good reason: no single solution, platform, or vendor will meet all of the technology’s expectations. That means that the “walls” of “closed” ecosystems will come crashing down.


Artificial Intelligence will reach a tipping point

we’ve been talking about Artificial Intelligence (AI) for years, and now, companies are making more and more use of these Technologys in their business. In 2023 the use of AI and machine learning will accelerate and we will begin to see more real impacts from their use.

This means that we will also need more infrastructure optimized for these highly demanding workloads. Advanced servers and storage to drive AI already do this, but by 2023 there will be an even wider range of acceleration chips on the market, bringing increased performance and efficiency.

Rise of Zero Trust architectures

The digital transformation of the global economy is significantly increasing the number of potential attack surfaces. Many companies around the world are transforming their security strategies and looking for Zero Trust architectures to better protect their environments.

The real challenge is that Zero Trust’s design and integration are too complex for most customers

The three fundamental principles of Zero Trust are based on universal continuous authentication of all, a firm and authoritative behavior driven by policies, and a very integrated threat management.

The real challenge is that the current state of the industry and technology makes Zero Trust design and integration too complex for most customers. That is why it is necessary to ease that burden and simplify the process.

This includes assessing the current state of an organization and providing actionable insights to mature its cybersecurity programs and align with Zero Trust. Through the continued development of roadmaps, best practices, and standardization, we can make adoption much faster and easier.

Ultimately, Zero Trust will become the foundation for a new level of data security and trust in a multicloud world highly distributed where everything is connected.

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Only allowed under certain circumstances: when you can take a single bottle from a six-pack

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GettyImages 1216000231.jpg wasser supermarkt einkaufen trinken 13bd1616a24064ae scaled

You can always tell whether you can buy a bottle from a pack of six individually by the price tag. If there is a second tag next to the total price for the price of a single bottle, you can open the six-pack.

If you only see the price for the whole pack, you are not allowed to open it in the store. If you do it anyway, there may be trouble at the checkout. Sometimes the barcode for scanning is only on the packaging and not on the individual bottles.

The same applies to yoghurts, by the way. If the product has two price tags, you can open the packaging and add individual cups to the shopping cart.

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Media Markt deal: Samsung convertible over 200 euros cheaper

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MM Produkt Samsung Galaxy Book2 Pro 360 Evo.jpeg 4dd9e7241895df81

Samsung recently introduced the notebooks of the new “Galaxy Book 3” series. The price of the “Book 3 Pro 360” starts at 1,799 euros. You can drive significantly cheaper with the previous models. The Samsung Galaxy Book 2 Pro 360 Evo is a 15-inch laptop with a 360-degree rotatable display. Media Markt is currently offering the convertible at a top price. The model costs you only 1,299 euros and according to the price comparison portal idealo around 201 euros less than the online competition! Plus: Shipping is free of charge (all prices and information as of February 2, 2023).
The Samsung Galaxy Book 2 Pro 360 Evo (grade 1.9) ranks fourth among the currently best convertibles that COMPUTER BILD has tested so far. Inside is the Intel Core i7-1260P chip with twelve cores, which are divided into four particularly powerful and eight particularly efficient cores. Together with 16 gigabytes of RAM, this ensures plenty of speed when working. A highlight is the built-in OLED display, which shone in the test with top image quality. The battery lasted up to nine hours at maximum brightness. In addition to a 3.5 millimeter jack and a card reader, the Samsung has three USB-C ports, one brings Thunderbolt 4 and DisplayPort.
You will not only find great offers at Media Markt, but also at other online shops. With a suitable memory PC voucher, you can also save on complete PCs, notebooks and more.
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Jeans from Diesel, Levi’s & Co.: well-known brands are disappointing in the test

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Jeans Levis GettyImages Rakop Tanyakam EyeEm 9c5d349703f32c4b

Men’s jeans tested

As already mentioned, the brand name and price of the pants have no real impact on the quality of the pants. Well-known brands of jeans only scored “unsatisfactory” in the test. Unlike here in Germany (grade 6), this corresponds to grade 4 in the system of the test procedure. The following trousers are not convincing:

  • Levi’s 501 Original for around 100 euros
  • Esprit jeans slim crafted quality for around 60 euros
  • D-Strukt Slim from Diesel for around 150 euros

But not all tested men’s jeans perform so poorly. test winner with the rating “very good” is the Jack & Jones Comfort Mike for around 50 euros (to AboutYou).

In second place is a real one price tip: the Slim & Denim Men from H&M from around 20 euros (to the shop).

Women’s jeans in the test

The picture is a bit more mixed for women’s jeans. Here, the first place is taken by a rather expensive branded pair of jeans, but not only brands but also fast fashion models do worse here. The following models are not convincing in the test:

  • Gen Jeans Mid Waist Straight by Pepe Jeans for around 90 euros
  • Denim Collection Mid Rise Skinny Fit from Zara for around 30 euros
  • Paris Jeans Skinny High Waist by Chicoreé

test winner with the rating “good” is the women’s model Lhana Skinny Jeans by G-Star Raw from around 30 euros (to Amazon).

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