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He visits the Apple offices and finds Steve Jobs’ spectacular motorcycle parked inside the reception. In the 80s, this had a clear objective.

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Imagine that we are in 1983. We are at the door of what would be the third official Apple campus, located in the busy area of ​​Bandley Drive in Cupertino. It’s spring, in California it looks a spectacular day. The building in front of us is bandley 3, a futuristic – for the time – space surrounded by green areas. It was in this place where the extravagances began, the follies. At this point Apple really started to be Apple, and Jobs was unleashed.

This building is the pure history of the brand, initially built to house the engineering teams, everything changed when in January 1983 Steve Jobs decided that the macintosh team It had to be different from the rest of the company’s equipment. They needed bigger rooms, a new space. Rather they turned it into a den. That place was far from any concept traditional known office.

Fortune dedicated its cover to the Macintosh computer with a photo of the Bösendorfer piano and the pirate flag created by Susan Kare that you would find as soon as you entered the building.

It seems that Fortune magazine was very clear about the differential of that site, and when in 1984 – coinciding with the launch of the Macintosh – they had to interview the team, one of the iconic photos was taken at the reception of the building. It features some of the creators of the Mac and two unique items in Apple mythology: the pirate flag created by designer Susan Kare and a Bosendorfer piano that you were just when you entered.

It was not the only thing you were going to find there.

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Steve Jobs and his pirates

Moto Apple Steve Jobs Bmw Aps 008

The mythical entrance to Bandley Three. All of Jobs’s eccentricities were made possible here.

Just during that year, a teenager Glenn Leibowitz – today a successful publicist and writer – asked him during a visit to his sister, to take him to see those Apple offices. They had no invitation and there was nothing to do there. Perhaps, being lucky enough to see the legend that that young man was beginning to be Steve Jobs.

They drove to Cupertino, and without thinking about it, they entered the Bandley 3 offices. Perhaps like someone looking curiously at a new planetthat kid hallucinated with what he saw there, just inside the lobby: two arcade machines, with the legendary video games Defender and Joust. In these machines you could perfectly find Wozniak or Steve Burrell playing a few games.

Moto Apple Steve Jobs Bmw Aps 003

Woz playing Defender at the reception of Bandley 3

The games were not chosen at random (Is there something randomly chosen at Apple?): Defender tries to defeat several waves of aliens on a fictional planet, where you have to protect at all costs a brave group of astronauts. Something like this was happening at Apple, against the Lisa team such a great rivalry was being established that they even stole the pirate flag and asked them for a ransom for it. The Macintosh computer was, like that teenager, it’s a strange new world full of attackers They still didn’t quite understand what they were doing.

Although Defender was a game where defense was learned, Joust was the opposite: it was one of the first collaborative games Two players where they must advance through enemy lines, mercilessly defeating dangerous vulture-riding adversaries. When Leibowitz wrote about seeing all this at the reception of a technology company like Apple, he was amazed: “How strange, I remember thinking. How cool.”

Steve Jobs’ motorcycle that everyone should see

Moto Apple Steve Jobs Bmw Aps 007

The first image of the most curious object in that hall appeared for the first time in a report from National Geographic of the time, where there was talk of the increasing migration to Silicon Valley of technology enthusiasts and how Apple was becoming “the Volkswagen of computing”.

It was common to see Jobs drive his BMW R60/2 instead of his Mercedes. For him, it was like flying through Cupertino.

Wearing Adidas trainers, jeans and a casual shirt, it was common to see Steve Jobs with one of his most prized possessions of the time: a BMW R60/2 motorcycle from 1966. Despite also having a late-model Mercedes, Jobs always preferred to get around in his BMW. It was like to fly For Cupertino, that feeling of freedom was not only a personal taste, it also seemed to be a source of inspiration for him.

Moto Apple Steve Jobs Bmw Aps 005

That motorcycle seemed a treasure of design and industrial construction: it’s one of BMW’s best-remembered classic bikes, and its imposing aesthetic also seemed to ooze style and strength. Jobs understood that, and that is why he left his motorcycle parked inside from the Bandley 3 lobby: to serve as an inspiration and curiosity to all who walk in to work at Apple each day – or come to visit.

Next to that piano that evoked the artistic part of the group. Of those arcade machines that warned of team fighting spirit. Under the pirate flag they invited to think differently. Many also thought that the idea was to impress Hartmut Esslinger, an industrial designer they wanted to hire to create the next generation of Macintosh after the original was introduced.

Moto Apple Steve Jobs Bmw Aps 001

With all this, Jobs’ goal was almost to build a still life of intentions, there, where any other company has its logo and everything is cold and corporate. The Jobs’ BMW motorbike parked in reception He was an icon of strength – also of power – and he had that rogue point that we liked so much about this madman, this genius.

He had little to do with other technology company leaders at the time, as his own friends at the time said: “It hasn’t changed. In a plaid shirt and jeans, he still prefers to drive his motorcycle to my house, sit down and drink wine together and talk about what we will do when we grow up. Doesn’t sound bad for someone who’s finished changing the world.

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Apple Maps: a flaw would have allowed applications to access the location of users without their knowledge

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Users with an iPhone or iPad can allow or deny access to their location, allowing or denying applications to have this data. A flaw (corrected with iOS 16.3) seems to have allowed any application to obtain the information, without the user’s consent.

iOS 16.3 corrects a flaw which has the identifier CVE-2023-23503, but whose technical details have not yet been revealed. Apple only advises that it relates to Maps, that an app may be able to bypass privacy preferences, and that a logic issue has been resolved with better state management.

It appears that the flaw in question allowed location tracking regardless of user preferences and, according to blogger Rodrigo Ghedin, at least one company has exploited the vulnerability. This is iFood, a Brazilian meal delivery company. A user, who had an iPhone under iOS 16.2, noticed that the iFood application was able to know his location, although he had not given his consent at the iOS level. This is no longer the case since he installed iOS 16.3.

A few questions can be asked: how long has this vulnerability existed? What other applications have used it? How much location data has been collected through it?

iFood did not comment, as did Apple. But it is unlikely that the iPhone manufacturer will discuss the subject because the technical details of the security flaw have not yet been disclosed. The band certainly expects most users to have iOS 16.3 installed.

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A green comet is visiting us. So you can locate it in the sky with your iPhone

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1675263727 840 560

You may have heard of the so-called ‘green comet’ that is passing close to Earth these days. Its scientific name is C/2022 E3 (ZTF), and it will be so striking that we can see it with the *text muted* eye in the night sky. The last time it “grazed” our planet was 50,000 years ago, when Neanderthals were the predominant human species. It has rained ever since.

If you want to take advantage of this unique opportunity to see a comet in greenish tones in our sky, you have to be clear about two things: the first is that you will have to get up early, because the best time to see it is before dawn. The second is that you will have to locate the quadrant in which it will appear, but that It is something that we can easily do with the iPhone.

Download, Accept and Aim

The trick is to download the Comet C/2022 E3 ZTF app, available for free on the App Store. Once you have it, you just have to press the first button that appears:

The application will ask you for permission to know your location (essential for it to work properly) and it will show you a map of the firmament with all the constellations adapted to your position. Point the iPhone towards the sky and turn until you find the red comet symbol:

search green kite iphone

Visibility is better from the northern hemisphere, it seems, although that doesn’t mean that it won’t be possible to locate it from the southern hemisphere.

The Galileo GPS is already the most accurate in the world: how to know if our iPhone is compatible

From here, being able to see it depends more on you and the weather conditions at the time. The maximum point of visibility is tonight and the following (February 2), so set a reminder on your devices if you don’t want to miss it. I don’t think we’ll be around when you next visit us in another 50,000 years.

Image | Comet NEOWISE (C/2020 F3), Guillermo Ferla

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Apple Arcade: all the news for February (Castle Crumble, Riptide GP: Renegade+, etc.)

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Riptide GP Renegade

The month of February has just started and as is now traditional, Apple presents us in advance with the new features of the month on Apple Arcade. We start the meal tour with Castle Crumble, a clone of Angry Birds in which you will have to destroy castles rather than bring down green pigs. Released February 3 in Apple Arcade.

We continue with Riptide GP: Renegade+, the very good racing game of hydro-jet racing which arrives in apple Arcade more than 6 years after its launch in the App Store. It will be possible to play it solo or up to 4 players online. Available in Apple Arcade on February 10.

Riptide GP Renegade

Comes next Farmside, a clone of Farmville, but produced all the same by the studio to which we owe the excellent What the golf?. We will therefore wait until February 17 before crying scam.


Finally, Lifeline+ is an entirely text-based sci-fi adventure game. The story is intriguing as an astronaut lost on a distant planet tries to communicate with you. The game even sends you notifications as if the astronaut was living his own life on his own! Released February 24 in Apple Arcade.


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