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Have you been given something from Apple? Here are the best apps, games and tricks for your new iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch and much more

If you are reading this article, it is very likely that You have been given a new Apple product and you want to start enjoying it to the fullest. Nor is it exclusive for all those who have been here for a long time – you can always learn something new. Personally, almost 17 years after being in the day to day of the brand, I never stop discovering things.

Over time, each device becomes very personal. if you are new to the apple world, Welcome!. You will find many of the tricks that are enhanced by the ecosystem, since the connection and relationship between the different devices of the brand is one of its main values. Hardware and software built and designed with each other in mind.

Best apps and tricks for your new iPhone

let’s start with him principle: after so many years writing about the brand, in this article we tell you about the 13 things that Applesfera editors do when configuring an iPhone from scratch. It is important to know how to configure it, from scratch – and there are three ways: fast, comfortable or clean (in case you come from a previous iPhone).

Best apps tricks iPhone iPad Mac Apple Watch AirPods

Yes we already have it ready for action, the next thing is to install apps on it… but we don’t have to stop at that. There’s extra magic we can do to make it even better. We tell you here: the best tricks and apps to make the most of our new iPhone. If you want a reverse approach, we also reaffirm ourselves in some of the best apps counting which would be the 12 applications that never! we would remove from our iPhones.

Best apps tricks iPhone iPad Mac Apple Watch AirPods

Apple itself rewarded the best apps and games of 2022 at the end of November – which can also serve as inspiration when looking for downloads. If what you want is play with your iPhone, you can start with the three great games from Nada Studio, which we interviewed before the summer. Something more mental? Here’s an iPhone game that has broken download records this year, very Wordle-esque.

Best tricks and apps for iPad

Best apps tricks iPhone iPad Mac Apple Watch AirPods

The iPad has reached a level of power and refinement that goes far beyond the idea of ​​the original device, designed only to consume content. First, a good configuration of your new iPad with our advice, of course. With these 14 essential apps to launch your new iPad, you will surely find a bit of everything: office automation, photo retouching…

Best Apps Tricks Iphone Ipad Mac Apple Watch Airpods 007

Precisely because of this increase in power, the iPad can perfectly replace your usual computer – if your workflow allows it. To that end, we’ve got some great ideas on how to use iPad as a computer, and some great basic accessories (with our own list of productivity apps) to keep an eye on.

Undoubtedly one of the surprises of iOS 16.2 and iPadOS 16.2 has been Freeform, an Apple application for share and brainstorm It works great on the iPad. Do you dare to try it on your new device? We help you get the most out of it.

Best tricks and apps for Mac

Best apps tricks iPhone iPad Mac Apple Watch AirPods

We were not going to forget about the Mac, which this year – in the absence of Mac Pro – have made the transition to new processors created by Apple. This has allowed entry into a new golden age of Mac, with ultra-thin, very powerful and energy efficient devices. If you are enjoying one of them right now, in this article I told you everything I do when I launch a new Mac – after all these years of experience.

Best apps tricks iPhone iPad Mac Apple Watch AirPods

If you are new to the Mac, you should first catch up on how to install apps on the Mac. In Applesfera you will find guides of all kinds for your day to day, such as the use of the user folder or how to make a complete backup copy of the Mac in seconds.

do you want to sell your ancient computer now that you have a new one? Well we have one step by step guide to format a Mac computer. And without a doubt, an essential article that you have to read and know: nothing more and nothing less than 43 tricks and tutorials that will make your new Mac an unstoppable machine.

Tricks and apps for Apple Watch, HomePods and AirPods

Best apps tricks iPhone iPad Mac Apple Watch AirPods

As I said before, the apple ecosystem in vast. This year, with the arrival of the Apple Watch Ultra, the family is expanding, and it is convenient to review this list of the best apps and tricks for our new Apple Watch. Undoubtedly an important part of the Apple Watch are its “complications”: the little “widgets” that appear on the faces. Knowing them and taking advantage of them is starting to get the most out of the clock, so here are 13 applications to make the most of all the possibilities.

For all of you who are launching it for the first time, this article will be key: 23 essential tricks and settings to get the most out of your Apple Watch. If your gift is also an Apple Watch Ultra, you have to read this in-depth analysis of WorkOutDoors – the best app for training with the extreme Apple watch.

Best Apps Tricks Iphone Ipad Mac Apple Watch Airpods 008

If your gift is a HomePod mini, you can start by reading Miguel López’s ideas and learning from his advice. And watch out that he HomePod mini also has a huge number of accessories with which to enjoy it at home: like these batteries, supports and bases to complement it.

Best Apps Tricks Iphone Ipad Mac Apple Watch Airpods 005

are you right now enjoying of a new AirPods 3? Here are some first steps through Apple headphones. Maybe some new AirPods Pro or AirPods Max? Then, without a doubt, our 13 tricks will come in handy to get the most out of it.

Best apps tricks iPhone iPad Mac Apple Watch AirPods

Whatever product you are launching – or enjoying – today, it is always good to have these tips on hand to enjoy them to the fullest. At Applesfera we will accompany you day by day on your journey through the Apple world (as we have been doing since 2006) and remember that you can also listen to our two podcastswith more tips and information:

Now all that remains is to enjoy your new products: thank you for choosing us to share your adventures around the apple world with us – and for all those to come!

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