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Gaming notebooks: Alienware m16 and m18 mark the gaming end stage

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From the previous 15 and 17 inches, Alienware will have 16 and 18 inches for the CES 2023 in the strongest gaming notebooks. Alienware m16 and m18 rely on the latest and most powerful processors and graphics cards from Intel, Nvidia and AMD – the latter with later availability. The cooling concept has been adjusted accordingly.

16:10 and up to 480 Hz for gamers

After the business and consumer notebooks, Dell’s Alienware gaming brand is switching from the 16:9 to the 16:10 format for the m16 and m18 screens, which are correspondingly slightly larger than the previous m15 and m17 models. With FHD, the devices now offer 1,920 × 1,200 pixels, with QHD there are 2,560 × 1,600 pixels. There is no UHD version for the time being. All new displays come to 300 cd/m², depending on the variant 100 percent sRGB or DCI-P3 and are provided with an anti-glare coating. In addition to the resolution, differences can be found in the refresh rate, which ranges from 165 Hz to 240 Hz to 480 Hz.

Next-Gen GeForce RTX and Next-Gen Radeon

Unsurprisingly, the pixels are fueled by the latest and most powerful Intel, Nvidia and AMD components, although some of these have yet to be unveiled by the respective suppliers. Nvidia and AMD are currently only contributing their “Next-Gen GeForce RTX” and “Next-Gen Radeon” as well as “Next-Gen Ryzen Processors” without specific models. However, the use of Nvidia Ada Lovelace as well as AMD RDNA 3 and Zen 4 in notebooks is no longer a secret.

Alienware m16 (2023) (Image: Alienware)

Core i9-13980HX as Intel spearhead

At Intel, on the other hand, the variants are already known, with the Core i9-13900HX with 24 cores and up to 5.4 GHz turbo clock frequency in the m16 and the Core i9-13980HX with 24 cores and up to 5.6 GHz turbo clock frequency in the m18 represent the maximum. There are a number of other Core i7s to choose from, as can be seen from the table in detail. There are also a variety of configuration options for a maximum of 64 GB of RAM, which is distributed over two DIMM slots, as well as up to four interchangeable SSDs in M.2 format, which can total up to 9 TB.

Alienware redesigns cooling

So that the potent hardware can be kept in a cool temperature window, Alienware has revised or enlarged the cooling concept called “Cryo-tech”. According to this, the vapor chamber, which covers the CPU and GPU, has once again been more lavishly dimensioned, and the four fans in total are now supposed to blow 25 percent more warm air out of the case from seven heat pipes via five openings. The company’s own “Element 31” made of a “gallium silicon matrix” is now used not only for the CPU but also as thermal paste for the GPU.

330 watt power supply, also in a smaller format

If not powered by the battery, which is 86 Wh for the m16 and 97 Wh for the m18, the notebooks can be operated from the mains via a 330 watt power supply unit, with a compact GaN power supply unit being optionally available.

Alienware m18 (2023) (Image: Alienware)

There are three keyboards to choose from

There are again many options for the keyboards, which all have a key drop of 1.8 mm, but differ in the lighting and the keys used. In the base there is the AlienFX lighting with only one zone, above it is a variant with RGB lighting per button and the top is marked by ultra-low-profile MX buttons from Cherry, each with individual lighting.

Launching in Q1 2023 from $2,599

Alienware plans to release the m16 and m18 during the first quarter of 2023, initially in Intel and Nvidia configurations with prices starting at $2,599 and $2,899 before taxes. The AMD models are to follow in the second quarter of 2023 at as yet unknown prices. Lower-priced base models will also follow at a later date, with prices starting at $1,899 and starting at $2,099 before taxes.

ComputerBase has received information about this item from Alienware under an NDA. The only requirement was the earliest possible publication date.

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Familiados launches an app to search for and manage external accompaniments in residences

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thumbnail Mock Up App 2022 04

Familiados continues to innovate and has just launched a new service. The Spanish startup is committed to Familiados Sociosanitario, a special solution for residences and centers where Users need support.

Through it, centers can register their residents, find professionals in the area for accompaniments, facilitate payment to the resident through SEPA, manage extra expenses and have civil liability and accident insurance.

Offers to find companions are published on the map of Families and professionals sign up freely. Then the center chooses the most appropriate profile, and closes the accompaniment. All in less than 10 minutes. And with the confidence that the Familiados team makes a preflight of all the profiles of the platform, so trust is assured on the way out.

As a complement to the management of accompaniments, socio-health centers can also search for personnel to cover sick leave, contracts, etc. Familiarized allows them to find professional profiles such as nurses, nursing assistants or technicians in care for people in a situation of dependency, among others.

As Ernesto Bravo, CEO and founder of Familiados, explains: “When the time comes for a resident to go out for a medical visit, a diagnostic test, or just to run an errand, the normal thing is that no one can leave their job and accompany them. Precisely because of the shortage of personnel”.

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“In these cases, the residence has to find an external companion, and it is not always an easy task, for this reason we believe that Familiados Sociosanitario is a solution that can help regulate and professionalize this problem.”

double digit growth

The home care sector is in full bloom, and with it the companies that provide services related to it. In the specific case of Familiados, the Navarra startup reports that has doubled the published offers and the hours of care compared to 2021. Specifically, in Familiados, almost 35,000 job offers have been published this year, covering a total of 400,000 hours, a record for the platform.

The growth of Familiados is also noticeable in the number of care professionals who offer their services on its platform, which now reaches 6,000 throughout the national territory (50% more than in 2021). 30% of these caregivers are specialized exclusively in caring for children, 15% exclusively in caring for the elderly and the rest, 55%, are versatile: they can care for both children and the elderly.

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FI Group contributes to the launch of the third NextGenerationEU Guide

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Next Generation EU 03

The third edition of the report has already been published “NextGenerationEU Guide, for the industry to better understand and take advantage of its opportunities”. As usual, it has been published by the EAIC (European Association of Innovation Consultants), of which FI Group is a part.

The report, which once again included the participation of the FI Group, explains how each of the 24 European countries distributes the almost 326 billion European aid granted in their National Recovery and Resilience Plans.

The latest update of the report highlights the maximum financial contribution that corresponds to each Member State, calculated taking into account the growth in real GDP in 2020 and the accumulated growth in real GDP in the period 2020-2021.

Most Member States saw their maximum financial contribution in the aid component of their Recovery plans decrease, due to changes in the calculations made in June 2022, based on real GDP growth data. The only countries that saw their funds increased were Czech Republic, Germany, Spain, Italy, Austria Y Portugal.

Main updates and news reported by Member States

  • The implementation of the Recovery and Resilience Plans is in full swing: calls have been launched to receive proposals, projects are being evaluated and aid agreements are being signed.
  • Member States have started work on the review of plans, following the decision made on June 30, 2022 on the final distribution of funds; some of the new plans are still being evaluated (for example: more funds in Lithuania to boost energy independence, renewable energy and cybersecurity).
  • The report also highlights the main calls for proposals launched in each of the 24 Member States (for digitization, innovation, circular economy, etc.), both those active right now and those planned soon.
  • Some of the Member States (Finland for example) have already distributed all the funds allocated to them in their Recovery and Resilience Plans.

Alejandro Álvarez, Grants Director at FI Group, as well as a member of the EAIC Board and coordinator of this report, highlights that it is a unique initiative at a European level. “We have been following the development of the Recovery and Resilience Plans since the start of the negotiations and have managed to offer comprehensive information on the opportunities that are emerging across Europe. Building on the success of this pioneering initiative, we are looking to broaden the focus of the report to provide an even more valuable overview of the opportunities for all key players in the industry.” explains Alvarez.

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Hot and How?

Bring Your Own License is now part of the Nutanix on OVHcloud portfolio

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ovhcloud demanda microsoft ue

OVHcloud has recently included the option to use Bring Your Own License or BYOL in its portfolio of Nutanix on OVHcloud solutions.

The Nutanix users they can now bring their existing Nutanix Cloud Platform licenses to dedicated OVHcloud Hosted Private Cloud infrastructures, making it easier for them to transition to the cloud. OVHcloud, which recently received the Nutanix EMEA Service Provider of the Year award, continues to expand its offer of Nutanix on OVHcloud solutions with the addition of the BYOL offer to complement the existing pack offer.

Existing Nutanix customers and partners can now bring their Nutanix Cloud Platform licenses to Nutanix-certified High Grade HCI Intel dedicated servers, benefiting from license portability and application migration transparency. Customers’ Nutanix hyper-converged environment (HCI) is pre-installed in just hours and ready to use with their custom infrastructure.

The Nutanix on OVHcloud solution enables a faster migration of on-premises applications to the cloud, while benefiting from OVHcloud infrastructures. With a low carbon footprint and best-in-class PUE and WUE indices, the OVHcloud infrastructure stands out for its global sustainability, thanks to a circular group approach that allows for maximum optimization of the server’s life cycle. In addition, OVHcloud data centers meet high data protection and security standards.

“We are delighted to continue our strong partnership with Nutanix, addressing new use cases and providing new business opportunities for our ecosystem partners”says Sylvain Rouri, Chief Sales Officer at OVHcloud.

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User needs

This new offering allows OVHcloud to meet the needs of users, covering seasonal peaks in infrastructure demand and developing disaster recovery plans (DRPs), all while providing a cost-effective solution. Like the Nutanix on OVHcloud bundle offer, the BYOL offer consists of 27 variants of dedicated servers and Nutanix High Grade HCI certified servers based on Intel processors and includes inbound and outbound traffic, helping to improve OPEX for significant savings compared to non-hyperconverged infrastructure as a service (IaaS).

“As a company, we continually demonstrate the power of strong partnerships. OVHcloud already has an excellent understanding of our technology with its existing Nutanix on OVHcloud solution. For this reason, it makes sense for us to expand our relationship to include a BYOL offering.”says Dom Poloniecki, Worldwide Sales Chief of Staff and Head of Sales Strategy & Operations at Nutanix. “The real winners here are our common customers and partners who are looking for cost-effective ways to scale to an OPEX model in the cloud, but who, to date, have not yet made the switch from an on-premises environment. With OVHcloud and Nutanix, they have the best of both worlds.”

The Nutanix on OVHcloud solution is a scalable and ready HCI platform to use that is offered both as a pack and BYOL, and is based on a dedicated Hosted Private Cloud OVHcloud infrastructure certified by Nutanix. It is now available online in EMEA and Canada, with data centers located in Canada, France, Germany and the UK.

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