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from making it difficult for small streamers to driving big ones to flee

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The platform par excellence for streaming and consuming it is undoubtedly Twitch, thanks to the number of content creators that exist. But this is something that can end up changing, and the platform itself can be the trigger for this type of changesince it is causing the flight of viewers with an abusive ad policy, some even claiming that Twitch is losing touch with reality.

It is a fact that for the platform to be profitable it must have monetization systems such as ads. Until recently it was normal to find an ad while viewing the content, but now this it has changed to showing six ads in a row of 30 seconds each and many of them before entering streaming. And this is killing smaller creators above all.

Twitch continues to stifle smaller creators

It is a reality that in the world of streaming very few people succeed and live with a salary that exceeds 1,000 euros per month. Specifically, studies suggest that less than 5% of those who bet on this platform achieve this milestone, which It’s reserved for a lucky few. But even if the numbers do not match, users continue to try to succeed. The problem is that Twitch is hammering with its ad policy.

Until really recently, the platform was based on subscriptions in order to generate income although this has changed. They have wanted to do a 180º turn to give much more importance to ads, and make creators feel forced to increase them in order to generate a little more money.

The problem is that the fact of introducing five minutes of announcements at the beginning of a direct, without the possibility of skipping them as it happens in some of YouTube. According to different streamers, such as IlloJuan himself, he has stated that this is something that can create repulsion. This is because a person who wants to see content that is new from a small streamer, but finds a lot of ads that cannot be passed. Specifically, this fact will cause certain repulsion to the new channel is generated and I reject what ends up closing the browser tab before seeing a little what the creator offers.

What happens in this case is that the creator of small content aims to retain new viewers. But obviously if the door is not opened so that it can display some of the content they are offering and the new curious who want to see this creator being recommended will find an ad barrier causing migration.

Specifically, what is said regarding this by a reference streamer is Illojuan who states: “I see more ads than content. You’re kicking people out of your channel. The ones you have subscribed to and all, cool, but the ones you don’t, you’re crushing them and they don’t see what you do”.

The drop in viewers is also on the table

Another relevant point is the drop in viewers on most channels, including those that are larger such as Ibai or Auronplay. True, these people are not negatively affected, since they practically have life turns out. But those who are small or medium streamers, these drops are important. There are several hypotheses on the table. One of them is precisely the ad policy that affects those who are not subscribed or do not have Twitch Turbo.

This is precisely what Ibai has commented on in his streamings, also stating that the ad policy does not help with growth as we have discussed before. But he thinks you should also keep in mind that Twitch’s numbers were completely inflated before. Specifically, it said the following:


Every day that there were 50,000, 60,000 people seemed normal to us. We had 70,000 or 100,000 and it was like ‘ok, one more day on Twitch’. It was a time when Twitch was very bloated

You are partly right, since with the pandemic Twitch had a great growth and now it has to be regularized. And specifically we’re seeing this where the numbers are going down substantially, although it’s not alarming. In the end, two factors have come together that cause streamers to have a smaller audience and therefore fewer subscriptions. In the end this is something that Twitch can go very wrong over time.

@fl0wleyenda Ibai says what’s happening with TWITCH #ibai #memestiktok #clipstwitch #cannotbe #gameplayclips ♬ original sound – SEÑOR CLIP

Is a big migration to YouTube coming up?

With all these problems that have arisen on the platform, there are already many people who are considering switching to YouTube. Ibai himself has dropped that he may have an offer from the Google platform and that he would be tempted to accept it. All this will end up meeting in January 2023 which is when your contract with the purple platform ends.

But in addition to the fewer ads, you also have to remember the properties offered by the Google platform. One of the big drawbacks can be the quality of the broadcast that in Twitch is limited to 1080p, but you can get a 4K stream on YouTube. This is also added to the possibility of increasing the Bitrate, especially designed for games with a lot of action and movement where they cannot be viewed comfortably on YouTube.


It is for all these factors that YouTube is gaining more and more followers, being something totally paradoxical. If we look back a few years ago, this was not exactly the case and great repulsion was generated for the Google platform, but now it is dazzling many creators. Although, it should be remembered that some were faithful to this platform such as Willyrex or Vegetta777 who did not migrate to YouTube in any case.

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Make your life easier with these 11 ways to use ChatGPT on a daily basis

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Having ChatGPT available to everyone and also free (for the moment) not only means that you can tinker around to discover its potential, but also that you can (and should) incorporate it into your work routines. Some people fear that artificial intelligence will take away their work, but the reality is that it is a powerful tool that can become your best professional ally, as long as you know how to take advantage of it. Here we give you a lot of good ideas.

Of course, first of all we want to remind you that ChatGPT responses are not completely reliableso when in doubt, it is better to take your time to verify them.

ZAO, the Chinese MOBILE APP that through DEEPFAKE turns you into DICAPRIO in SECONDS

Let me write messages for you

You have an idea in your head: that your superior considers you for a promotion and you don’t know very well how to approach it, or you simply don’t want to spend time doing it. Also on the other side: you may have to craft a message to tell someone that their candidacy is out of the selection process. ChatGPT takes your order and wraps it in a suitable language for that conversation.

to suggest templates

You may want to write the document yourself, but you need to shape it, find the perfect structure that suits what you needfor example to write a report or for your CV.

Screenshot 2023 01 29 At 11 47 21

that corrects your style

One of the most amazing aspects of ChatGPT is its ability with language. Thus, she can prepare a sonnet for you, write to you like Gloria Fuertes or adapt a text to make it suitable for children or simplify it to make it easy to read.

He is able to write it autonomously, but also you can use it to pass your writing and let the magic work. Each person has their own style of writing: their inappropriate use of punctuation marks; the love for short sentences or, on the contrary, elaborately long ones; confusing compositions…this tool gives them a spin. There you.

Screenshot 2023 01 29 At 11 55 20

Fragment of the article by Pérez Reverte “Delighted to have met”

help you with spreadsheets

Excel (and by extension, the rest of spreadsheets) is much more than preparing a schedule using colors and fonts, but there are those who are unaware of the potential of formulas and pivot tables. The fastest way to remembering the structure or discovering new formulas is asking ChatGPT for them.

Screenshot 2023 01 29 At 12 10 23

This AI-powered ChatGPT extension for Google makes your life much easier for filling out spreadsheets


unleash your creativity

Have you always wanted to write a script but don’t know where to start? Perhaps you want to compose songs but need a hand with their structure, want to learn brushstroke techniques, or become someone who has mastered the art of donut making.

Screenshot 2023 01 29 At 12 02 31

Your custom tutorial

It is a law of life that we do not always know how to face what lies ahead. It can be something as mundane as changing a tire or preparing rice with things and not being clear about the proportions or something more important like knowing what you can deduct from your income statement. If you can google itbut each person has their particular characteristics.

Remember that more than “spitting” a question to receive an immediate response, with ChatGPT there is room for hold a conversation in which he is able to understand the context and clarify.

Screenshot 2023 01 29 At 11 15 14

start a new hobby

If you have ever considered starting an activity, ChatGPT can be your Cicero. Note that the more specific your question is, the better the answer will be. For example, if you want to ask him what paddle tennis racket to buy if you are going to start in this sport, it is better to ask What beginner’s racket is better to buy? that What paddle tennis racket to buy?

Screenshot 2023 01 29 At 11 21 21

Helps you program and find bugs

Although banned from StackOverflow for its poisonous ability to offer code that seems correct but then doesn’t work (something you should keep in mind to review it line by line), it can be useful for you. give you an idea about how to chop something or directly, that you write your program and it finds bugs Or give it a spin to make it look better.

Screenshot 2023 01 29 At 11 30 40

Personal questions

Incredible as it may seem, ChatGPT can also give you general guidance on physical and mental health. Of course, it will not replace medical professionals or a diagnosis that these people make, but at least it can serve as an alarm signal.

Screenshot 2023 01 29 At 11 33 59

Suggestions for movies, literature, games

How many times have I sat in front of the TV with a good half hour of time and wasted it rummaging through Netflix, HBO Max and other similar services in search of a series that I like?


Don’t waste time again: ChatGPT can make you the best recommendations. Remember the precision in the question for better results, well above the recommendations that these streaming platforms usually suggest.

Screenshot 2023 01 29 At 11 37 45

games on demand

A true classic: you dust off the Trivial, assemble it and start playing. The questions are too difficult or out of date. It’s okay, ChatGPT can generate a battery of questions on the topic you want.

Screenshot 2023 01 29 At 12 16 01
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What happened to Loquendo, that canned voice that Spanish-speaking youtubers turned into an Internet phenomenon

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In these times in which so many applications and platforms receive names in English or derived from it, ‘Loquendo’ is, on the contrary, a word derived directly from the Latin: it is the gerundive (future participle) of the verb ‘loquor’ (to speak), and can be translated as ‘what will be spoken’ or ‘what is speakable’. But don’t worry, the beginning of this story does not go back to Julius Caesar and Cicero, but only to the mid-70s. Although, yes, it is also located in Italy.

It was then that the CSELT (Centro Studi e Laboratori Telecomunicazioni), a research institution in Turin attached to the Institute for Industrial Reconstrution of Italy, created the first highly intelligible speech synthesizer capable of speaking (and singing) Italiancalled MUSE (MUltichannel Speaking Automaton), which used diphones (vowel and consonant combinations) pre-recorded to synthesize voices. The first practical application of it was to create the voices for the musical album ‘La voce del calcolatore’ (computer voice), released in 1978. And if you’re wondering… yes, we’ve come a long way since then:

That technology, however, became the basis for much more refined applications released during the 1990s, also by the CSELT, as ‘ELOQUENS’ or ‘ACTOR’. Finally, in 2001, Telecom Italia (successor to CSELT) created crazy as a commercial company intended to exploit all this speech synthesis technology. At that time, the new company was developing multiple tools for both home users and large call center servers.

The loquenders arrive

It would still be five years before, on May 22, 2006a user called ‘fingazzz’ (a Valencian named Mateo, who proclaims himself on Twitter “Father of loquenderos until proven otherwise”) uploaded to an almost newly created YouTube the first ‘loquender’ video in history, which immediately became a viral hit and started the fever for this kind of content. We are talking, of course, about ‘Still Dorito’:

A few months later, another Spanish user (MrCoucou) started a fashion that would eventually generate thousands of videos on YouTube, the video reviews with Loquendo. The funniest thing is that many users still took a while to find out where that characteristic voice that seemed to be present on multiple YouTube channels came from… even when youtubers began to add the word ‘Loquendo’ to the title or description of their videos , many comments implied that they thought he was a voice actor.

When it became clear what Loquendo was and what it allowed to be done, this phenomenon of videos with Loquendo, initially 100% Spanish, expanded with great success to Latin Americawhere it became fashionable to use this voice synthesis software to publish criticisms (when not mere successions of insults) against all kinds of groups (otakus, reggaeton, emos…).


The English Wikipedia itself stands out, despite the existence of successful English-speaking ‘loquenders’ such as loquendointeractivethat “Loquendo’s voice synthesis has become an Internet meme on YouTube, although it is more common in Spanish language videos“.


The most viewed videos in the history of YouTube that mention ‘Loquendo’

After that first wave of ‘loquenders’, another wave would arrive in 2009 focused on the publication parodic dubbing of gameplays, preferably from the game ‘Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas’), as well as anime reviews. Around this time, most of these dubbings were created using the free application TextAloud, which made it possible to synthesize speech from text.

Today it is possible to use a few seconds of recording of any voice and have an AI synthesize it


The ‘cracked’ packs of TextAloud and Loquendo voices were all the rage for a while…

Global interest in Loquendo peaked between the end of 2011 and the beginning of 2012., more or less at the time when Telecom Italia decided all its shares in Loquendo to Nuance, a company specializing in OCR and speech recognition systems that, a decade later, would end up being acquired by Microsoft. Nuance would close its doors in 2022, so Loquendo’s speech synthesis tools are now part of Microsoft’s portfolio of Technologys, just like other tech legends like Windows and Clippy.

screenshot 31

Worldwide searches for Loquendo since 2004.

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what it is, how to use it and everything you need to know about this Internet-connected AI search engine

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Faced with ChatGPT, there are those who have the same feeling as when they tried the internet for the first time, but the reality is that despite its great potential, OpenAI’s conversational chat has flaws and limitations, one of which is the lack of sources or that it does not connect to Internet to search for answers. But ChatGPT is not alone: ​​there are AI tools capable of looking face to face at OpenAI chat like Perplexity AI. If you are not sure what Perplexity AI is, what it can be useful for and how to starta good start can be reading this article. (more…)

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