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from creating ChatGPT to running OpenAI

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Few can say they have worked in companies like Goldman Sachs, Tesla, Leap Motion or OpenAI. At 34 years old, Mira Murati Until recently, he was CTO of OpenAI, one of the companies that is making the most noise in the field of artificial intelligence. The hasty departure of Sam Altman of the company has seen Murati briefly promoted to interim CEO. But who is Mira Murati and why will we be hearing about her in the years to come?

Although her current profession is as a businesswoman, in training, Mira Murati She is an engineer. And among its greatest successes is ChatGPT, the ingenuity that made GPT AI known and that placed OpenAI in the center of the board in a sector as competitive as technology. However, the precipitous success of this company, anonymous until just over a year ago, has burst its seams. AND Microsoft He has not missed the opportunity.

Mira Murati He has a brief but intense biography. The media say that she is the most powerful woman in Silicon Valley, one of the thinking minds of OpenAI and, of course, one of the creators of ChatGPT, the great success of artificial intelligence that has popularized this technology to the point that anyone can use it even if they don’t know anything about programming. Precisely, one of his main tasks until now has been working on ChatGPT to be an independent product that reaches tens of millions of consumers.

Brief biography of Mira Murati

Leap Motion

As I said at the beginning, Mira Murati is of Albanian origin. She was born in Vlorë, Albania, on December 16, 1988. But she has made her life in America. We know little else about her personal life. Except she speaks Italian, Albanian and English. That she likes poetry, science fiction movies, especially 2001: A Space Odyssey of Stanley Kubrick, and rock bands. Or that his favorite song is Paranoid Android by Radiohead.

At the age of 16, he went to the prestigious international institute Pearson College in Vancouver, Canada. And then he studied at the Colby College of Maine and in the Dartmouth College of New Hampshire. After obtaining a bachelor’s degree in engineering from Thayer School of Engineering from Dartmouth, worked as an intern at Goldman Sachs in data analyst tasks.

From there, Murati made the leap to Zodiac Aerospace, a French aerospace company. He also worked for Tesla Motors in projects like the Model Leap Motion. Hence his experience in sectors such as aerospace, automotive, virtual reality and augmented reality. But his professional career has stood out for his time at OpenAI. After holding several positions, she ended up being appointed CTO of OpenAI. That is to say, Chief Technology Officer, the highest position responsible for the technical aspects of the company. And recently, she has been promoted to CEO of OpenAI to temporarily replace Sam Altman after his hasty departure.

As CTO of OpenAI, Mira Murati has worked on projects such as ChatGPT and Dall-E. Hence, the media consider her one of those responsible for ChatGPT and the company’s success. And according to what she recently published Wiredtheir role is also to “make sure those products don’t mislead people, show prejudice, or destroy humanity.”

Murati’s role at OpenAI

ChatGPT, the OpenAI chatbotChatGPT, the OpenAI chatbot

In several interviews, Mira Murati highlights her focus on artificial intelligence. Her impression is that AI is and will be one of the most important Technologys in the coming years. Hence she decided go to work at OpenAI in 2018 in the position of Vice President of Applied AI and Partnerships. “I started working on our supercomputing strategy and managing a couple of research teams.” But today, his work is more important. In an interview in Financial Timesstated that “our mission is to reach artificial general intelligence and find out how to implement it safely”.

The launch of ChatGPT in 2022 was a success. Especially if we take into account that OpenAI then had 375 employees. After five days, it reached its first million users. And, currently, it has 100 million monthly users. It is not surprising that Microsoft became interested in the project and integrated GPT into practically all of its products. Such has been the integration that Microsoft has not missed the opportunity to acquire two of OpenAI’s main executives after their departure. But returning to Murati, that same 2022 was promoted to CTO of OpenAI.

Since Murati’s arrival at OpenAI, this startup has gone from being an experimentation laboratory to a company with investors and a clear line of business. Furthermore, in his interviews he highlights his role in making his AI a safe and useful technology for the human being. And to put our minds at ease, in several statements he states that “progress is happening very quickly (…) But today, we use these systems more as assistance tools. We don’t trust them blindly, not at all.. They are more like tools that improve our productivity and our creativity”.

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