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Every day I enter and leave work at the same time. This is how I program Windows to turn itself on and off, and save energy

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When you have perfectly defined office hours, and you always get in and out of work at the same time, you may want to come and meet your PC already turned on (for a matter of comfort and efficiency)and/or that you want to make sure that you never leave your PC on when you leaveand spends the night consuming energy (which is very expensive today).

Automation will allow you to solve both problems; we tell you how:


To power on: WakeupOnStandBy

WakeupOnStandBy It is free software (we can download it from its official website) and it has a single mission: to allow us to easily configure when our computer turns on, as long as it remains in a sleep or hibernation state (Obviously, if it’s completely turned off – or worse, unplugged – nothing can make it run any scheduled tasks.)

  1. Open the executable file with administrator permissions (.

  2. Make sure the date under ‘(1) Specify time to wake up computer’ is selected (should be by default). There we will select the first day on which this new ‘schedule’ will begin to be applied. Next, we will specify the time.

  3. Options (2) and (3) allow us to specify if we want to automatically open any program and what we want to do next, respectively. It will not be necessary to touch anything here.

  4. In point (4), we can specify which days of the week and which weeks of the month this task will be executed. The following configuration allows us to run the task every weekday of the month:

  1. Do click ‘Start’‘. Ready.

When you turn off your Windows 10 and 11 PC, you don't turn it off completely: this is how you can do it and these are its advantages

To Shut Down: Task Scheduler

Windows Task Scheduler is an unfairly unknown tool For most users, despite making it easy for us to automate certain aspects of system activity without resorting to third-party software: it comes pre-installed with the operating system. To run it, all you have to do is search for it from the taskbar.


The first time you open it, you will find that several (probably dozens) of scheduled tasks already exist. Don’t worry: it simply displays tasks created by other programs or by Windows itself based on your configuration.

  • What interests us now is to create our own task: for this click on ‘Action > Create basic task’ in the menu bar. Once we do that, a new window will be displayed that will allow us to put name (mandatory) and description (optional) to the task to identify it, in case we want to modify or delete it in the future: as a suggestion, you can choose ‘Automatic shutdown’. After that, click ‘Next’.

Homework 1
  • Now we must select the repetition period of said task: daily, weekly, monthly, once (i.e. without repetition)…

  • In the next step, you will be able to choose the time you want it to turn off the computer automatically. You can also choose the date it will start to apply this task, and every how many days you want the action linked to it to be repeated: if you put ‘1 day’ (default option), the PC will shut down every day at that time.

  • In the next step, we will choose the type of action that you want your Windows to trigger every day. you shall select the ‘Start program’ option‘, since the shutdown of the OS is carried out by an executable program in Windows. Press ‘Next’.

  • Now comes the important part: after pressing the browse button (next to the legend ‘Program or script’), Windows Explorer will open and we will have to select the application responsible for shutting down Windows. We will find it as ‘shutdown.exe’ in the folder ‘C:WindowsSystem32’. Double-click its icon to select it.

  • You have returned to the previous screen, but the text field with the address of the application to run will be filled: “C:WindowsSystem32shutdown.exe”. If everything is fine, click on ‘Next’ to confirm the information.

  • And… we are already in the last step! The Task Scheduler shows us** a summary with all the aspects that we have been configuring** for the task. If everything is in order, all that remains is the ‘Finish’ button to confirm the scheduled shutdown.

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These technological companies are looking for developers to telework with salaries of up to 135,000 euros

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As a developer you can have many job opportunities today, since telecommuting in this sector is working very well. That is why we have been able to detect that there are many offers that are available around the world or in Europe for this sector and with really interesting salaries. And to access them you only need a PC and an internet connection, in addition to your desire to work.

In this article we have compiled several offers that do not correspond to national companies, but It is focused on the international sector. This is something interesting, since they offer higher salaries and interesting working conditions.

Back-end developer

From the international Toggl they are looking for a new back-end developer to join the engineering team to cover production needs, as long as they reside in Europe. Minimally supervised work is promised that is intended build and maintain different products when it comes to scalability and security. It will also contribute to design and architecture with a view to growth.

Demonstrated experience in working with large databases, and specifically with Technologys Goland, PostgreSQL, GraphQL, Heroku, AWS, and CircleCI. What is really interesting is that they offer you a lot of equipment to be able to work and a salary of up to 66,000 euros a year, with a peculiarity: to access the offer you do not have to send your CV, but rather answer twelve questions.

PHP Developer

Transax is a startup that is comprised of an experienced leadership and development team. They are now looking for a PHP developer who can hold their own when it comes to doing system integrations. On a day-to-day basis, you will work with a variety of Technologys and platforms like PHP, Laravel, ElasticSearch postfresql, Vue.js and many more Technologys.

This position promises great flexibility to develop the work activity. is promised a Salary ranging from $50,000 to $120,000 per year and you can apply for this position from anywhere in the world. All you have to do is answer a series of questions and wait for them to contact you.

remote software engineer

Sticker Mule, may get laughs if his name is translated, but right now he is looking for a software engineer to join his team that operates in 17 different countries.. They offer flexible hours and it is required to have studies in a field of computer sciencehave excellent English speaking skills, and knowledge in Docker, NextJS, TypeScript, React, GraphSQL…

These are the best-paid teleworking positions of 2022: Spain, among the countries that pay the least

In the position they will face different challenges as an engineer such as API integrations and also the maintenance of the programs they offer in terms of desktop and mobile. The base salary will be $135,000 per year. and it can be increased depending on the experience offered.

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this streamer ruined 11 years of career on Twitch by a deepfake website of other streamers

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That a content creator ends up accidentally leaking some personal detail is something that happens more than it seems. However, when it involves and hurts other people, it is something that cannot be ignored. This is what has happened to Brandon “Atrioc” Ewing, a popular Twitch streamer who has been caught live with an open page of deepfakes of other streamers with pornographic content.

Atrioc has been active since it started in 2011 on YouTube. Since then it has been gaining more and more popularity, establishing a large community. Nevertheless, decided to throw it overboard at the time you clicked on that page.

Getting started on TWITCH How to set up OBS and PERSONALIZE your CHANNEL

The website has already been removed, but the damage has already been done

Although all the clips are being deleted, Dexerto was able to make a catch of this event, where you can see how the content creator has the web open in your desktop window list.

The page offers paid artificial intelligence montages of streamers with pornographic content. According to Kotaku, the website is similar in structure to OnlyFans, requiring the user to subscribe to access the content.

In his broadcast where he apologized to the public and to his partner for what happened, Atrioc affirms that he entered one night around 2 in the morning, clicking on an advertising banner that he had supposedly found on PornHub. His happy curiosity caused the web to end up leaking in one of his last live shows.

“It was 2am and I was reading so much shit about artificial intelligence, deepfake music, deepfake art and I’m on all those fucking Discord channels. It’s all so embarrassing. I was on fucking Pornhub, on a normal website, and there was an ad, it was that ad on every fucking video – so other people must be clicking on it because it was on every video.”

According to the content creator, in his community he has always campaigned against sexism, prohibiting any similar behavior at the moment. Atrioc insists that he is the “most normal” person and that he would “never do something like that again”.

Her partner, who was apologizing on her live broadcast, affirms that she does not feel like a victim, but that she deeply regrets the damage that this has caused to the streamers that appear on said website, since they echoed that they appeared on the page through this fact. Although disappointed, her partner accepts the apology.

Several content creators show their regret on the networks

The website has been withdrawn thanks to the impact caused by this commotion, but above all due to the work of QTCinderella, a streamer who was involved when she saw that there was explicit content about her on the web. In one of her last live shows, she deeply sore and disappointed, she mentioned that I would do everything possible to sue the author of the website. Atrioc also assured that he would be in charge of covering all the costs for the closure of the web and that he would offer financial help to all women who needed legal help.


Among those affected and who have publicly expressed their regret in addition to QTCinderella were other popular streamers such as Sweet Anita or adept.

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This map shows the profession with the most interest in each country. In Spain she is the influencer

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Remitly has published a global map that shows which are the most searched professions on Google, according to each country. And that map published in Various social networks have caused some controversy when seeing the most sought-after profession in Spain: is the influencer. Specifically, what is analyzed is the search “how to be a…”.

Although Spain is the only country in Europe interested in being an influencer (it must be said that in other countries like Hungary they are interested in knowing how to be YouTubers), in Brazil, Colombia, Argentina or Uruguay and in Central American countries.

‘’: when MICROSOFT launched ANTI-GOOGLE ads

Writers and developers


It is noteworthy that in many countries of the world, people look for information about being a writer. Especially in Eastern European countries, in South Asia, the Nordic countries and in Central and North Africa.

In Poland, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina people feel very interested in knowing how to be a developer or developer. Macedonian people show a lot of interest in being programmers. Of all Europe, only Italy shows interest in being an entrepreneur. In China, the profession that arouses the most interest is dietician.

Five Spanish developers tell their experience in the sector: from being without female references to a future that looks good

In the United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, the United States and Australia (i.e. the majority English-speaking countries) they have great interest in being airplane pilots.

Debate in networks about being an influencer

The fact that in Spain there is great interest in being an influencer has created a debate on various networks such as Twitter or Instagram. There are those who criticize the labor market is so precarious that people no longer want jobs that may have more value.

Others remember that We are not going to look for how to be a doctor or a lawyer because we already know what to dobeing a more traditional profession, but people may be interested in knowing how to be an influencer, since there is no university for it or professional training.

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