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Connected vehicles will exceed 367 million worldwide by 2027

As can be seen from a recent study by Juniper Research, the number of connected vehicles in service will reach 367 million worldwide by 2027. This will represent a growth of 91% compared to the 192 million that are expected to be in the future. end of this 2023.

The advancement of ADAS (advanced driver assistance systems) and the increased capabilities of infotainment systems in cars will drive the adoption of connected vehicles in the next five years.

According to the Juniper Research study, the high speed and low latency capabilities of 5G will greatly contribute to the adoption of these vehicles. This will require effective collaborations between OEMs of the automotive sector and operators to achieve it.

Connected vehicles are equipped with communication Technologys that allow the exchange of information between the different elements of the transport system and third-party services. Hence the importance of this collaboration and the key role of operators in making the most of 5G.

The report notes that operators are critical to unlocking new use cases, such as autonomous driving and infotainment, for which it is required. large amount of data through 5G. This represents a $3.6 billion opportunity to deliver 5G connectivity by 2027 globally.

According to research co-author Nick Maynard, 5G enables automotive OEMs to improve the in-vehicle experience.

“In a vehicle market transitioning to electric vehicles, improving the user experience is key. Operators have a critical role in enabling this with confidence, making them the preferred partner as their 5G networks expand rapidly.”

Improvements to implement in connected vehicles

Another of the highlights of the Juniper Research study points out that, in 2027, commercial vehicles will only represent 20% of all connected vehicles worldwide. This figure represents a small increase compared to the 16% that will be at the end of 2023.

Another aspect that this report highlights is that the design of Commercial Vehicles You’re not taking advantage of connectivity beyond simple emergency call features and basic connected infotainment systems.

OEMs should prioritize integrations with fleet tracking systems to optimize connectivity benefits

Little by little, however, this is beginning to change, as companies prioritize the tracking and logistics capabilities it allows them.

Consequently, the research recommends that OEMs in this automotive sector prioritize integrations with common fleet tracking to optimize the benefits of connectivity.

In this way, commercial fleet owners will be able to maximize the efficiency of their processes.

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Brazen copy or original? A new product from Aldi is causing a stir

Robert Flury of IP Law Firm first clarifies that the packaging is not a copy. The Aldi packaging is blue and rectangular, Toblerone is sold in the familiar yellow-beige, oblong boxes.

Mondelez could have more chances of success with a lawsuit regarding the name. Although the first syllable is different, the ending could be an argument for reputation exploitation, says Flury.

Swissone had already filed a lawsuit against the chocolate bar in 2020. The reason here was the “based on the shape of the Toblerone”, as lawyer Sebastian Saissi (also IP Law Firm) explains. However, the lawsuit was unsuccessful.

Note d. Editor: The lawyers argue here based on the legal situation in Switzerland. However, the Aldi product is only sold in Germany.

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Save almost 500 euros on a projector with Full HD & Dolby Audio from Nebula

Sie möchten einen Filmabend mit Klassikern auf der großen Leinwand genießen oder im Garten die Bundesliga verfolgen? Dann ist ein Beamer dafür wie gemacht. Die Geräte sind anders als Fernseher leichter transportierbar und projizieren das Bild in flexiblen Größen. Bei Amazon ist dieser Tage der Nebula Cosmos Laser 1080p für 1.099,99 Euro im Angebot. Durch einen direkt auf der Verkaufsseite aktivierbaren Coupon sinkt der Preis an der Kasse bis 24. September 2023 um 100 auf nur 999,99 Euro. According to the price comparison portal idealo, you save 33 percent compared to the Internet competition, which is around 488 euros. In addition, Amazon does not charge shipping costs (all prices and information as of September 22, 2023).

Nebula-Beamer bei Amazon im Preis reduziert

Der Nebula Cosmos Laser 1080p zeigt Bewegtbilder in Full-HD-Qualität auf einer Größe von 60 bis 150 Zoll auf der Beamer-Leinwand. Thanks to laser technology, films etc. with 1,840 ANSI lumens should be easily visible even in brightly lit rooms. According to Nebula, the projector adapts the image to the room as if by magic using automatic obstacle avoidance, auto-framing function, keystone correction and autofocus. According to the manufacturer, the Dolby Audio 3D sound creates a real 3D soundscape. Additional features include Android TV, HDR10, a carrying handle, WiFi, Bluetooth and various connections such as HDMI and AUX.
  • Beamer mit Laser und Full-HD für eine Bildfläche von 60 bis 150 Zoll
  • Mit Android TV, Tragegriff, WLAN und diversen Anschlüssen
  • Rund 488 Euro compared to the competitor sparen

Projector Nebula Cosmos Laser 1080p with coupon



9% savings

Amazon Prime: Jetzt 30 Tage gratis testen!

Wer noch keine Prime-Mitgliedschaft besitzt, kann alle Vorteile 30 Tage kostenlos ausprobieren. Neben Gratis-Premiumversand genießen Sie ebenfalls Prime Video, Amazon Music und mehr. Nach der Testphase kostet Amazon Prime monatlich 8,99 Euro.

Try Amazon Prime free for 30 days

Schnäppchenjäger aufgepasst: From October 10th to 11th, 2023 the “[–>Amazon Prime Deal Days” the second Prime Day is taking place – the first offers are already available. You can find attractive bargains not only on Amazon, but also in other online shops. With a suitable one[–>Galaxus-Gutschein save additionally on electronics, garden tools and toys.

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Dry skin: wind and weather creams tested

However, when purchasing such creams, parents can identify paraffins on the list of ingredients on the packaging or in the instructions leaflet. They are listed there as paraffinum, petrolatum, isohexadecane or cera microcristallina. This also applies to BHT – the substance can also be found in the list of ingredients for parents.

Two products in the test, including the Nivea cream, also contained zinc oxide, which also appears in the list of ingredients. What was missing, according to criticism from the ÖKO-TEST, was the addition “nano”. Since the risks of nanomaterials have not yet been clarified, according to the EU Cosmetics Regulation, this additive must be listed if more than half of the tiny particles are between 1 and 100 nanometers in size. This was the case with the analyzed products containing zinc oxide.

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