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Confirmed the sentence of 5 years without uploading videos for the youtuber ReSet for making fun of a beggar giving him cookies with toothpaste

A few years ago, a controversy arose with the content creator ReSet, who published a video in which he gave Oreo cookies filled with toothpaste to a beggar as a “joke”. The event escalated to the point where, in 2019, he was sentenced in a Barcelona court for morally humiliate the person.

The sentence consisted of the prohibition of not using the platform again for five years, 15 months in prison, and compensation of 20,000 euros to the person harmed in the video. Now, the plenary session of the Criminal Chamber of the Supreme Court has confirmed the convictionkeeping the charges.

A “joke” that has cost him

Kenghua Ren, known online as ReSet, had the brilliant idea in November 2016 to post a video in which he mocked a homeless person by giving him Oreo cookies filled with toothpaste. The video caused a great controversy in the networks, although the big thing for Ren came later. After the conviction in 2019, the Supreme Court has recently confirmed it, and in view of the final wording of the sentence, three magistrates could formulate individual votes.

According to the sentence, the victim felt “emotionally sad, crying”, and after the “joke”, it is indicated that it caused vomiting and dizziness. At the time, ReSet claimed that she did it “in a joking way” and that she meant no offense. The youtuber gave this person 20 euros for the challenge, an act that further denigrated the condition of the victim. ReSet earned 2,180 euros from the video.

Before the controversy, his channel accumulated more than 120 million views; in 2018 that figure fell to 4 million. His channel reached 1.1 million subscribers, although after the scandal, he decided to become another channel in which he has almost 270,000 subscribers. This video was one of many “challenges” that he uploaded to his channelvideos in which, according to the sentence, he harassed “defenseless and vulnerable” people.

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