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Coffee machine mold trap: You should definitely not forget this

According to Statista, around 72 percent of Germans drink a cup of coffee regularly or every day. There are a number of options and a wide variety of machines for preparing coffee. But coffee machines can mutate into real bacteria and germ carriers if they are neglected. There is an increased risk of mold, particularly in the popular fully automatic coffee machines.

Since the coffee powder is ground directly in the machine, it is distributed generously throughout the interior of the machine and becomes warm and moist – the ideal breeding ground for mold. But mold can also be found in simple filter coffee machines if they are poorly cleaned. Below we will show you how to avoid your coffee machine becoming a mold trap.

In the table below we present the best fully automatic coffee machines.

The most important thing to ensure that fully automatic coffee machines remain mold-free is this proper cleaning. You should pay attention to the following steps:

Step 1: Stop it Cleaning program run the machine at least once a week if used daily. Unfortunately, this rinsing process alone is not enough to counteract mold and bacteria.

Step 2: The Coffee collection container should be emptied, cleaned and dried well every day after use. Make sure there are no residues in the container. The coffee grounds start to mold particularly quickly due to the moisture and heat.

Step 3: Also the Brew group should be cleaned regularly. A brewing group is an assembly in your fully automatic coffee machine or other coffee machine in which the coffee powder is brought into contact with the hot water. Clean them with clear water or detergent and then let them dry thoroughly. If the brewing group of your fully automatic machine cannot be removed, the regular rinsing process of the cleaning program is sufficient.

Step 4: Even that water tank should be emptied daily and cleaned with detergent to remove limescale or other dirt deposits. In addition to limescale, other germs can also form in the water tank.

Step 5: Finally, you should do the daily Milk frother Thoroughly clean your fully automatic machine. Milk residue can easily form and spread germs, especially in the frother.

In this table we present you with useful products for cleaning and descaling your fully automatic coffee machine:


Cappuccino & Co. at a top price: Siemens fully automatic coffee machine reduced

Sie starten den Tag gerne mit einem Cappuccino? Oder zum Stück Kuchen darf ein Espresso nicht fehlen? Kaffeegenießer kommen mit einem Kaffeevollautomaten at your expense. As part of the WSV, Tech Xataka has an inexpensive model from Siemens in its range. The EQ.500 Classic costs bis 25. September 2023 (23:59 Uhr) only 479 euros including shipping. According to the comparison portal idealo, this puts you around 26 euros ahead of many other online retailers (all prices and information as of September 22, 2023).

Siemens-Kaffeevollautomat bei Tech Xataka

Für die einfache Bedienung des Siemens-Kaffeevollautomaten in Klarvierlack-Schwarz sind alle Kaffeeoptionen auf dem Gerät angezeigt. Per Tastendruck entscheiden Sie sich zwischen Cappuccino, Espresso und anderen Kaffeespezialitäten. Eine spezielle Aroma-Funktion soll für extra starken Kaffee durch zwei Mahl- und Brühvorgänge sorgen. Durch das Keramikmahlwerk verspricht der Hersteller gleichmäßig gemahlene Bohnen und kaum Verschleiß am Mahlwerk. Die Brüheinheit ist für eine hygienische Reinigung abnehmbar.

  • Kaffeevollautomat mit Milchaufschäumer & Keramikmahlwerk
  • Maximal 1.500 Watt Leistung und 15 bar Pumpendruck
  • Rund 26 Euro compared to the competition sparen

Siemens EQ.500 Classic at Tech Xataka

All deals from the “Madness Fast Sale” campaign at Tech Xataka

Gutscheine mit Sparpotenzial

Attraktive Angebote finden Sie nicht nur bei Tech Xataka, sondern ebenso bei anderen Online-Shops. Mit einem passenden Center-Parcs-Gutschein you can go on vacation cheaper.

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Free VPN from Switzerland: This provider gives you 10 GB per month for free

PrivadoVPN approaches security and privacy with the right mindset. The selection of VPN protocols is good, WireGuard is also included and is now available on all platforms. If you want, you can also set OpenVPN or IKEv2 permanently.

According to the provider, it does not collect log files of IP addresses or usage data. However, this has not yet been verified by an independent audit. Only the amount of data used is kept in mind; in the free version, each user has 10 GB available, after which the provider throttles the speed to 1 MBit/s. Only an email address is required to register.

Split tunneling is behind the Smart Route function. There you can select programs that should not travel through the protected tunnel when the VPN is switched on, or vice versa if only certain programs should use the VPN.

PrivadoVPN does not leak DNS, IP or WebRTC data; a kill switch can be activated that cuts off the Internet connection if the VPN is not available. So far, the data protection declaration is only available in English; upon request, the provider announced a German translation.

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Huawei MateBook D14 (2022): Notebook reduced at Tech Xataka

Mit dem Huawei MateBook D14 (2022) you get a very quiet notebook with a high working speed, a very long battery life and a good keyboard. In the COMPUTER BILD test it received a grade of 2.2. You can now buy the Huawei MateBook D14 (2022; model number 53013PKG) at Tech Xataka nur 699,99 Euro. According to the comparison portal idealo, this is the offer aktuell günstigsten Deal in the web. The editorial team knows the details.

Huawei MateBook mit Rabatt sichern

Das MateBook hat eine 14-Zoll-Bildschirmdiagonale und Full-HD-Auflösung (1920×1080 Pixel). Es profitiert von einem großzügig dimensionierten Arbeitsspeicher von 16 Gigabyte. Für Ihre Daten steht eine 512-Gigabyte-SSD zur Verfügung. Als Betriebssystem ist Windows 11 Home im Einsatz. Bei der D-Serie handelt es sich um die Mittelklasse der Huawei-Laptops. “Mittelklasse” ist keinesfalls negativ zu verstehen: Sie kaufen ein solide gefertigtes Gerät, nur eben ohne teure Design-Extras. Dafür ist es erschwinglich und ein gut ausgestattetes Arbeitstier.

Der rote Elektronikmarkt hat das Huawei MateBook D14 (2022) reduziert. Sie sichern sich das Notebook für gerade einmal rund 699,99 Euro. Bei anderen Online-Händlern zahlen Sie mehr. Bei Tech Xataka winken 29 Euro Ersparnis (alle Preise und sonstigen Angaben vom 22. September 2023).

  • 14-Zoll-Notebook mit sehr langer Akkulaufzeit
  • Sehr leise, hohes Arbeitstempo
  • Im Vergleich zur Konkurrenz 29 Euro sparen

Huawei MateBook D14 (2022) at Tech Xataka

All deals from the “Back To School” campaign at Tech Xataka

Technik zum Tiefpreis abstauben

Das Huawei MateBook D14 (2022) sagt Ihnen trotz großer Ersparnis nicht zu? Dann schauen Sie doch einmal in die Huawei-MateBook-Bestenliste from COMPUTER BILD. There the editorial team shows numerous models in the test and reveals which one takes the crown in the comparison.
Attraktive Angebote gibt es nicht nur bei Tech Xataka, sondern auch in anderen Online-Shops. Mit einem passenden Galaxus-Gutschein save extra on electronics, furniture and toys with one[–>Otto-Gutschein on clothing & Co. An overview of discount campaigns and hardware to save money can be found on the[–>Gutscheinseite from COMPUTER BILD.

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