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Belkin Launches iPhone Clamp on Studio Display

The firm Belkin has launched a new accessory that will make life easier for those who have a Studio Display and an iPhone, and who want to use said smartphone for enjoy the advantages offered by Continuity Cameraa function that allows us to use the iPhone as a high-quality webcam on our Mac.

It is important to remember a few things before starting to talk about this Belkin peripheral, and that is that Apple’s Continuity Camera function is available on macOS Venturawhich greatly limits the possibilities of use since not all Macs support this operating system.

Its operation is very simple, since we only have to mount the iPhone in the holder that will be adjusted on the back of the Mac and that’s it, the iPhone recognition process is carried out automatically and it will work completely wirelessly, so we can forget about cables and complicated configuration processes.

The mount that Belkin has launched has a simple design and allows you to hold the iPhone completely securely. It is also prepared so that we can enjoy all the advantages and possibilities that Continuity Camera offers, including the use in horizontal and vertical mode. This is compatible with most monitors, as well as standard 1/4-inch tripod screws.

It has already been officially listed in the Apple store with a price of $29.95, and is compatible with Magsafe, although Belkin has confirmed that the first shipments will not be produced until mid-January, so if you want to buy it you will still have to wait almost a month. Patience.

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