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batteries, stands and bases for Apple’s small “smart” speaker

Although Amazon and Google are at the forefront of more accessible home automation with their voice assistants and “smart” speakers, Apple also has its own system and software to make our home a little more “futuristic”. HomeKit, Siri and the HomePod mini are the building blocks for control lights, TVs and sensors with your voice.

The HomePod mini is the only “smart” speaker officially sold by Apple after discontinuing the original a few months ago. Although it does not have as powerful and rich a sound as the one announced in 2017, it is much cheaper, the sound experience is not bad at all and it has a quite elegant design available in multiple colors.

As is customary with most Apple products, there are several accessories available designed for the HomePod mini with which to adapt it to our tastes or needs. These are some of the most recommended accessories for the Apple speaker.

Accessories for HomePod mini

Mission Battery Base

Mission Homepod Mini Battery Base

The HomePod mini is a speaker that must be plugged into a power outlet to work. Apple has not provided it with a built-in battery to transport it around the house or take it outside (although it does require a Wi-Fi connection to work). However, with the Mission battery base (54.99 euros) you can enjoy music away from a power outlet for about nine hours. It features a built-in cable management system and quick, tool-less, seconds installation.

Mission Battery Base for HomePod Mini (Black)

Mission Battery Base for HomePod Mini (Black)

Spigen Silicone Fit Foundation

Spigen Silicone Fit Stand

If music is played at a high volume, it can cause nasty vibes. This Spigen base (14.99 euros) has been designed to absorb them and its finish is matte and smooth, available in both black and white. The HomePod mini is slightly angled to make it easier to control manually and has a cutout for cable access.

Spigen Silicone Fit Designed for HomePod Mini Stand Home Pod Mini Speaker Holder Mounting Bracket - Black

Spigen Silicone Fit Designed for HomePod Mini Stand Home Pod Mini Speaker Holder Mounting Bracket – Black

Case for HomePod mini

Homepod Mini Protective Case

The appearance of the HomePod mini is quite striking with its mesh exterior design. But if you are worried about possible blows and you don’t mind “hiding” it, this cover (16.19 euros) has been created to protect it from bumps and falls. It is made of silicone and the protection is complete, having a slight elevation at the top to be able to use the touch panel.

AWINNER Compatible with Homepod Mini Colorful Case (Orange)

AWINNER Compatible with Homepod Mini Colorful Case (Orange)


Wall mount for HomePod mini

Homepod Mini Wall Mount

If you would like to place the HomePod mini on the wall, this bracket (12.99 euros) allows it and is designed specifically for this “smart” speaker. Count with one cable management system: wrap the cable around the reel and hide it in the back of the mount, thus saving space and keeping everything well organized. Also, there is no need to drill holes or insert screws, since the weight is supported by the plug.

Molitececool Wall Mount for Homepod Mini, Sturdy, Space-Saving, Excellent Tangle-Free Cable Management

Molitececool Wall Mount for Homepod Mini, Sturdy, Space-Saving, Excellent Tangle-Free Cable Management

Travel Case for HomePod mini

Carrying Case For Homepod Mini

The HomePod mini is fairly compact in size compared to the original, making it easier to carry around. If you take it with you when you change residence or go on vacationthis travel bag (16.99 euros) is rigid on the outside and padded on the inside. With high quality EVA, it provides resistance to shocks and falls. The interior is made of soft white velvet to prevent scratches.

Travel Case for Apple HomePod Mini Smart Audio Dustproof Shockproof Hard EVA Case

Travel Case for Apple HomePod Mini Smart Audio Dustproof Shockproof Hard EVA Case

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macOS 13 Ventura MacBook Air iMac MacBook Pro

SMB sharing allows remote access to files on a Mac over a local network. For example, a user might have a Mac configured as a server and enable file sharing on that computer in order to remotely access files from their primary computer. This is convenient since it is not necessary to connect the two Macs via a cable. Just go to System Settings > General > Sharing to activate the option.

As said before, this system has been broken since macOS 13.2. We must therefore wait for macOS 13.3 for a fix. Apple distributed the update’s release candidate this week to both developers and public testers. This suggests that the availability for everyone will be next week, although the manufacturer has not yet communicated a specific availability date.

macOS 13.3 isn’t a big update on its own. It brings new emojis (like iOS 16.4), fixes an issue where trackpad gestures could occasionally become unresponsive, and other improvements. For some surprising reason, Apple does not list the fix for the SMB bug, although it is available.

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Apple Watch Alarm

In its notes, Apple explains that alarms are no longer muted by the gesture of covering the watch with your hand to prevent accidental cancellations while sleeping. As it stands, putting the palm of your hand on the Apple Watch screen for three seconds puts the alerts (including the alarm clock) on mute. It’s entirely possible that your hand lands on the screen while you sleep. This therefore deactivates the alarm, which is to say that it is annoying knowing that it was an accidental action.

With watchOS 9.4, this behavior will no longer be a reality. The alarm will still ring, even if your hand lands on your Apple Watch while you sleep.

Apple distributed the watchOS 9.4 release candidate this week to public developers and testers. The final version for everyone is expected to arrive next week, alongside iOS 16.4, iPadOS 16.4, macOS 13.3 and tvOS 16.4.

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