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Apple will ‘crush the metaverse’ or ‘reap all the benefits’, Epic Games boss says

Some companies really believe in the multiverse, this is particularly the case with Meta. Epic Games is also looking into the subject and its boss Tim Sweeney did not hesitate to tackle Apple by evoking the subject during an interview with GamesIndustry.

Will Apple bury the metaverse?

Epic Games wants a vision “unified” for the metaverse, but you still have to be able to get there. Tim Sweeney doesn’t want this to become “another walled garden”. He is referring here to iOS which is often considered a walled garden knowing that there are restrictions, such as the obligation to go through the App Store to download applications.

The leader says:

They [Apple] will either try to crush the metaverse or take full advantage of it. One or the other. Apple does not allow the use of a competing rendering engine for browsers. So they can do the same thing with the metaverse, they can say ‘you have to use Apple’s limited metaverse engine, you can’t make your own, you can’t use Unreal’. They could just change all the platform rules tomorrow to kill everything everyone else is doing, and that’s why we need really strong antitrust laws. That’s why we fight so hard.

Tim Sweeney continues on Apple by explaining that the manufacturer could totally dominate “this sector if they are allowed to use their market power and hardware to achieve this. So we are fighting against that.”.

Epic is taking a keen interest in the metaverse, with Tim Sweeney saying the company wants “compete in the field of engines with the Unreal Engine”with “server hosting in the future” And many more. “But in the future there will be an open economy for that. We want to have the best asset market”he explained.

He then tackles iOS: “We’re terribly frustrated with markets like iOS where you can’t build an Epic Games Store for iOS because Apple says, ‘You can’t compete with us’.

The Apple headset in a few months

Apple has no real plans to jump into the multiverse. Tim Cook himself said he does not believe that the general public knows what this word defines. “I always think it’s important for people to understand what something is”.

Apple will venture into the virtual and augmented reality market this year with its Reality Pro headset. It should be announced in June at WWDC.


iOS 17.1 beta 2: the list of new features

Apple has offered beta 2 of iOS 17.1 and there are some new features in the program. The version is currently reserved for developers. Public testers should benefit soon.

– The new iOS 17 ringtones that disappeared with the first beta of iOS 17.1 are back with today’s version. Beta 1 removed more than 20 ringtones and sounds, for no apparent reason. Here they are making their return today. There are also over 10 new tones that can be used for incoming messages, voicemails, incoming email alerts, callback alerts, and more.

– The “Standby” section in the settings has the right to a new subsection for the screen. It is possible to turn off the screen automatically after 20 seconds or leave it on.

– Apple has corrected its new function on the iPhone 15 which limits the smartphone’s charge by up to 80%. This didn’t work with beta 1, the setting was simply ignored. With beta 2, iOS 17.1 respects the limit.

– Double Tap is now available on Apple Watch with watchOS 10.1 Beta 2. You need an iPhone with watchOS 10.1 beta 2 to choose some settings.

Apple has already said that the final version of iOS 17.1 will arrive sometime in October. However, there is no specific date yet.

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Lessons in Chemistry: sponsored recipes inspired by the Apple TV+ series

We didn’t see this one coming: Apple TV+ joined forces with Instacart to offer sponsored “chemistry (shopping) carts” containing the ingredients needed to prepare the recipes featured in the next series Lessons in Chemistry (translation: Chemistry Lessons) with Brie Larson Featured. This dramatic adaptation of the bestselling novel is set to debut on Apple TV+ on October 13.

Instacart has created a dedicated web page featuring a selection of ingredients relating to the different recipes in the series, and more recipes are expected to be added as the episodes air (1 episode each Friday). These sponsored shopping carts aren’t exactly cheap: Preparing dishes like lasagna bolognese, “Galette du jardin” or “A-PIE-ogenesis” pie crust could cost a total of $50 or more, without count all the necessary kitchen utensils.

Apple rarely collaborates with external companies to promote Apple TV content, although there are several such partnerships for the series Ted Lasso.

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App Store: Russia rejects Cupertino’s appeal

A *text muted*n court has just confirmed a $12 million fine against Apple by rejecting the American company’s appeal request. This fine was initially imposed by the *text muted*n Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) last January for the alleged abuse of Apple’s dominant position in the market for apps and integrated payment systems. The FAS ruled that Apple had violated competition rules by forcing *text muted*n developers to use Apple’s only payment system in their apps.

The Cupertino company was also accused of preventing developers from directing users to external payment systems. The company was ordered to comply with *text muted*’s rules by September 2021, but a court ultimately filed a lawsuit in October after Apple failed to meet the compliance deadline.

Apple filed the appeal shortly after removing its anti-redirect features from the App Store. In April 2022, the court rejected Apple’s request for the first time, thus allowing the FAS to continue its antitrust investigation. It should be noted that the amount of the fine, reported in dollars, has significantly decreased due to the depreciation of the *text muted*n ruble since January.

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